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Mozilla Firefox 3 Multiple Vulnerabilities


Release Date:  2008-09-24    Last Update:  2008-11-13    Views:  15,642

Secunia Advisory SA32011


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Security Bypass, Exposure of system information, Exposure of sensitive information, DoS, System access

Solution Status:

Vendor Patch

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Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Mozilla Firefox, which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions, to disclose sensitive information, or to potentially compromise a user's system.

1) An error in the JavaScript move and resize functionality can be exploited to trick the user into clicking an unintended button and e.g. download a malicious file.

2) Multiple errors can be exploited to pollute "XPCNativeWrappers" and run arbitrary script code with Chrome privileges.

3) Multiple errors in "XSLT" and "document.loadBindingDocument()" while creating documents can be exploited to run arbitrary script code with Chrome privileges.

4) Multiple errors in the layout and JavaScript engines can be exploited to corrupt memory.

5) Two errors in the image rendering implementation can be exploited to cause a crash.

6) An error in the graphics rendering engine can be exploited to cause a crash.

7) An error in the processing of BOM characters included in JavaScript code can be exploited to potentially bypass script filters and facilitate cross-site scripting attacks.

8) Multiple errors in the implementation of the "resource:" protocol can be exploited to perform directory traversal attacks and disclose sensitive information.

Successful exploitation of vulnerabilities #4-#6 may allow execution of arbitrary code.

9) An error when locking a non-native object can be exploited to cause a crash and potentially execute arbitrary code via a web page assigning a specially crafted value to the "window.__proto__.__proto__" object.

The vulnerabilities are reported in versions prior to 3.0.2.

Update to version 3.0.2.

Provided and/or discovered by:
The vendor credits:
1) Paul Nickerson
2) moz_bug_r_a4
3) Olli Pettay and moz_bug_r_a4
4) Jesse Ruderman, Igor Bukanov, Philip Taylor, Georgi Guninski, Antoine Labour, Jesse Ruderman, Bob Clary, and Martijn Warger
5) Drew Yao of Apple Product Security
6) David Maciejak
7) Dave Reed, Microsoft
8) Boris Zbarsky and Georgi Guninski
9) Jesse Ruderman

Original Advisory:

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Subject: Mozilla Firefox 3 Multiple Vulnerabilities

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