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Microsoft Visual Studio Active Template Library Three Vulnerabilities


Release Date:  2009-07-28    Last Update:  2010-01-12    Views:  19,903

Secunia Advisory SA35967


From remote


Security Bypass, Exposure of sensitive information, System access

Solution Status:

Vendor Patch

CVE Reference(s):


Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Microsoft Visual Studio, which can be exploited by malicious people to potentially bypass security features, gain knowledge of sensitive information, or compromise applications built using ATL (Active Template Library).

1) An error in the ATL headers when handling persisted streams can be exploited to cause VariantClear() to be called on a VARIANT that has not been correctly initialised. This can e.g. be exploited to corrupt memory via a web page passing a specially crafted stream to a vulnerable control.

Successful exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code.

2) An error in the ATL headers when handling object instantiation from data streams may allow bypassing of security policies such as kill-bits in Internet Explorer if a control or component uses OleLoadFromStream() in an unsafe manner.

3) An error in ATL may result in a string being read without terminating NULL bytes, which can be exploited to disclose memory contents beyond the end of the string.

Apply patches.

Further details available to Secunia VIM customers

Provided and/or discovered by:
1) The vendor credits David Dewey, IBM ISS X-Force.
2-3) The vendor credit Ryan Smith, iDefense Labs.

Original Advisory:
MS09-035 (KB969706, KB971089, KB971090, KB971091, KB971092, KB973544, KB973551, KB973552, KB973830, KB973673, KB973674, KB973675):

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Subject: Microsoft Visual Studio Active Template Library Three Vulnerabilities

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jesbion RE: Microsoft Visual Studio Active Template Library Three Vulnerabilities
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Last edited on 2nd Aug, 2010 18:44
So, which of these downloads is applicable? There is no references as to which is what, and why? There are three on the solution page listed. I hope this is not the download solution I have heard about that makes all your icons blanked out.....??? If that is the case, think I'll just sit on it!
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