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phpThumb() "fltr[]" Command Injection Vulnerability


Release Date:  2010-04-21    Last Update:  2011-12-07    Views:  12,564

Secunia Advisory SA39556


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A vulnerability has been discovered in phpThumb(), which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system

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Subject: phpThumb() "fltr[]" Command Injection Vulnerability

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pulsorock RE: phpThumb() "fltr[]" Command Injection Vulnerability
Member 21st Dec, 2010 14:57
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Here you can find a solution:

You can fix this by editing a single file: phpThumb/phpthumb.functions.php (around line 443). You just need to add a couple filtering commands to the SafeExec function to filter its input before it sends it to the command line. Right after the function declaration, add lines that filter the $command input. I haven't tested this against all possible valid phpThumb input arguments, but this does prevent a "contained" hack.

function SafeExec($command) {

// Strip off any commands after the first semi-colon
// and prepare the data to be sent to the command line.
// EVERETT @ www.fireproofsocks.com 9/26/2010
$command = preg_replace('/;.*$/','',$command); // <-- *NIX only
$command = escapeshellcmd($command);

Link: http://modxcms.com/forums/index.php/topic,54874.ms...
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pkmtrkd RE: phpThumb() "fltr[]" Command Injection Vulnerability
Member 23rd Dec, 2011 04:25
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This is a fairly old thread, but please be aware that there was an uptick just today in the amount of scan activity trying to exploit this vulnerability. If anyone is still running vulnerable versions of phpthumb, you need to upgrade immediately.

Details of the activity seen today are at this link: http://foxtrot7security.blogspot.com/2011/12/new-a...
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