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gitolite Security Bypass Weaknesses


Release Date:  2010-04-27    Last Update:  2010-05-05    Views:  3,406

Secunia Advisory SA39587


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Some weaknesses have been reported in gitolite, which can be exploited by malicious users to bypass certain security restrictions

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Subject: gitolite Security Bypass Weaknesses

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sitaramc RE: gitolite Security Bypass Weaknesses
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May I ask who sent in this advisory?

Item 1 in your list is *not yet* part of the stated purpose of gitolite. Originally there was no separation between admin and shell access and it is only recently that I have started slowly moving towards making that separation.

In short, only item 2 is valid, and therefore only is a *required* security fix.

I assume that the wording in *my* own commits is partly the reason. While I will be more careful in future, I still would like to know who sent this in so I can explain/elaborate on this issue if needed.

Put another way, there's a modest reward for security bugs in the README. Only the issue fixed by qualifies for that reward :-)



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