Vulnerability Report: Teletekst Browser 3.x

This vulnerability report for Teletekst Browser 3.x contains a complete overview of all Secunia advisories affecting it. You can use this vulnerability report to ensure that you are aware of all vulnerabilities, both patched and unpatched, affecting this product allowing you to take the necessary precautions.

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2.2. Statistics for 2014
2.3. Statistics for 2013
2.4. Statistics for 2012
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2.6. Statistics for 2010
2.7. Statistics for 2009
2.8. Statistics for 2008
2.9. Statistics for 2007
2.10. Statistics for 2006
2.11. Statistics for 2005
2.12. Statistics for 2004
2.13. Statistics for 2003

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3.1. List for 2015
3.2. List for 2014
3.3. List for 2013
3.4. List for 2012
3.5. List for 2011
3.6. List for 2010
3.7. List for 2009
3.8. List for 2008
3.9. List for 2007
3.10. List for 2006
3.11. List for 2005
3.12. List for 2004
3.13. List for 2003

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Subject: Teletekst Browser 3.x 
User Message
Indicium Description of NOS Teletekstbrowser.
Member 30th Oct, 2010 02:20
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The "NOS Teletekst Browser en Screensaver" has been developed by the "Nederlandse Omroep Stichting" (NOS) [English: Dutch Broadcasting Foundation], which is (currently) one of the broadcasters in the Dutch public broadcasting system ["Nederlandse Publieke Omroep" (NPO) (English: Netherlands Public Broadcasting)], in cooperation with xBase Software Ontwikkeling B.V. and offers a range of text-based information (including national, international and sporting news, weather and TV schedules).

Kind regards.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x (MS IE 8.x) and/or Mozilla Firefox 26.x (Mozilla FF 26.x)
Microsoft Windows XP Home SP 3 (MS WinXP SP3)
Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3.x (PSI 3.x)
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