Vulnerability Report: 7-zip 9.x

This vulnerability report for 7-zip 9.x contains a complete overview of all Secunia advisories affecting it. You can use this vulnerability report to ensure that you are aware of all vulnerabilities, both patched and unpatched, affecting this product allowing you to take the necessary precautions.

If you have information about a new or an existing vulnerability in 7-zip 9.x then you are more than welcome to contact us.

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2.2. Statistics for 2014
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2.4. Statistics for 2012
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2.6. Statistics for 2010
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2.8. Statistics for 2008
2.9. Statistics for 2007
2.10. Statistics for 2006
2.11. Statistics for 2005
2.12. Statistics for 2004
2.13. Statistics for 2003

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3.1. List for 2015
3.2. List for 2014
3.3. List for 2013
3.4. List for 2012
3.5. List for 2011
3.6. List for 2010
3.7. List for 2009
3.8. List for 2008
3.9. List for 2007
3.10. List for 2006
3.11. List for 2005
3.12. List for 2004
3.13. List for 2003

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Subject: 7-zip 9.x 
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flamingotx RE: 7-zip 9.x
Member 26th Nov, 2011 06:53
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Last edited on 26th Nov, 2011 06:53
I ran into files compressed in 7-zip format with .7z as the file extension. 7-zip is a freeware program that seems to handle a number of compression formats. It doesn't seem to be malware though I have only used it once. I was surprised that it was not already listed in the Secunia database.
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Maurice Joyce RE: 7-zip 9.x
Handling Contributor 26th Nov, 2011 08:41
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Last edited on 26th Nov, 2011 09:13
The stable version 9.20 of 7Zip is listed by Secunia in PSI as secure.

If U are using 9.21 BETA or any other BETA releases they may/will not be registered. Details here:


The download link the the stable version is here:


Windows 7 SP1 64 Bit OS
HP Intel Pentium i7
IE 11 for Windows 7 SP1
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RE: 7-zip 9.x
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