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Secunia Advisories by Product

Below you will find a complete index of software and operating systems currently in the Secunia database. Our database currently includes 50,580 pieces of software and operating systems.

New software and operating systems are added to our database on a daily basis through software suggestions from customers and vulnerability reports affecting new software.

Operating Systems and Appliances (3,369)
Software (47,211)
0-9 (36)
A (249)
B (126)
C (512)
D (162)
E (74)
F (126)
G (22)
H (457)
I (158)
J (49)
K (19)
L (124)
M (136)
N (196)
O (68)
P (70)
Q (9)
R (118)
S (342)
T (106)
U (38)
V (35)
W (60)
X (43)
Y (10)
Z (24)
0-9 (292)
A (4,071)
B (1,646)
C (3,416)
D (2,493)
E (1,630)
F (1,874)
G (1,508)
H (1,604)
I (2,673)
J (723)
K (600)
L (1,050)
M (3,656)
N (1,599)
O (1,318)
P (3,279)
Q (418)
R (1,464)
S (4,544)
T (2,052)
U (548)
V (1,019)
W (2,511)
X (545)
Y (268)
Z (378)

All starting with "F" (1,874)

F-22 Lightning 3 1.x
F-Prot Antivirus for Linux 3.x
F-Prot Antivirus for Linux 4.x
F-PROT Antivirus for Linux 6.x
F-Prot Antivirus for Windows 3.x
F-Prot Antivirus for Windows 6.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2004
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2006
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2007
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2008
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2009
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2010
F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011
F-Secure Anti-Virus 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security 6.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers 7.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers 8.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Citrix Servers 9.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Firewalls 6.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Internet Mail 6.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux 4.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux Gateways 4.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange 6.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange 7.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange 8.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange 9.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for MIMEsweeper 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Personal Edition
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Samba Servers 4.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 7.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 8.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 9.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 7.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 8.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 9.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Client Security 5.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Gateway 2.x
F-Secure Anti-Virus Linux Server Security 5.x
F-Secure BackWeb 6.x
F-Secure BlackLight 2.x
F-Secure Client Security 10.x
F-Secure Client Security 11.x
F-Secure Client Security 7.x
F-Secure Client Security 8.x
F-Secure Client Security 9.x
F-Secure Distributed Firewall 5.x
F-Secure E-mail and Server Security 10.x
F-Secure E-mail and Server Security 11.x
F-Secure Gadget Resource Handler ActiveX Control (fsresh.dll) 1.x
F-Secure Health Check ActiveX Control 1.x
F-Secure Home Server Security 2009
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper 6.x
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux 2.x
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux 3.x
F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper for Linux 4.x
F-Secure Internet Security 2004
F-Secure Internet Security 2005
F-Secure Internet Security 2006
F-Secure Internet Security 2007
F-Secure Internet Security 2008
F-Secure Internet Security 2009
F-Secure Internet Security 2010
F-Secure Internet Security 2011
F-Secure Internet Security 2013
F-Secure Internet Security 2014
F-Secure Linux Security 7.x
F-Secure Linux Security 9.x
F-Secure Management Agent 4.x
F-Secure Management Agent 5.x
F-Secure Management Agent 7.x
F-Secure Online Backup 2.x
F-Secure Online Scanner Launcher ActiveX Control 1.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 10.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 5.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 6.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 7.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 8.x
F-Secure Policy Manager 9.x
F-Secure Policy Manager for Linux 5.x
F-Secure Protection Service for Business Email and Server Security 10.x
F-Secure Protection Service for Business Server Security 10.x
F-Secure Protection Service for Business Workstation Security 10.x
F-Secure Safe Anywhere PC 12.x
F-Secure Safe Anywhere PC 13.x
F-Secure Safe Anywhere PC 14.x
F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS 2.x
F-Secure Server Security 10.x
F-Secure Server Security 11.x
F-Secure Server Security 9.x
F-Secure Service Platform for Service Providers (Personal Express) 6.x
F-Secure SSH for UNIX 3.x
F-Secure SSH for UNIX 4.x
F-Secure SSH for UNIX 5.x
F-Secure SSH for Windows 5.x
F-Secure VPN+ 5.x
F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault and Recon) 1.x
F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin 1.x
f.lux 3.x
F1 2010 1.x
F1 2013 Timing App - Premium 5.x
F1 Project Post Beautifier 1.x (extension for Firefox)
F10 Launch Studio 3.x
F2S2 Menu 0.x (extension for Firefox)
F3Site 2010
F5 BIG-IP Edge Client for iOS
F5 BIG-IQ Cloud 4.x
F5 BIG-IQ Device 4.x
F5 BIG-IQ Security 4.x
F5 Data Manager 2.x
F5 Networks Host Module 6030.x
f5certchk ActiveX Control 6030.x
F5ED_Downloadx Activex control 26.x
F@cile Interactive Web 0.x
Fa Name
Fa Persian Petition
Faad2 2.x
Fabasoft Folio Plugin 12.x
Faber Toys 2.x
Fabien Gauharou Explorer XP
Fable - The Lost Chapters 25.x
Fabrik 2.x (component for Joomla!)
FAC Guestbook 2.x
FAC Guestbook 3.x
Face Swap 1.x
Face Switch - Swap & Morph! 1.x
Facebar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Facebook 4 Mac 2.x
Facebook Camera for iOS 1.x
Facebook Contact Extractor ActiveX Control 1.x
Facebook for Android 12.x
Facebook for Android 13.x
Facebook for Android 2.x
Facebook for Android 3.x
Facebook Graph Connect 1.x (component for Joomla)
Facebook Home 1.x
Facebook Messenger 2.x
Facebook Messenger for Mobile 2.x
Facebook Messenger for Mobile 3.x
Facebook Photo Album Downloader 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Facebook Photo Uploader ActiveX Control 3.x
Facebook Photo Uploader ActiveX Control 4.x
Facebook Photo Uploader ActiveX Control 5.x
Facebook profile link on Postbit 2.x (plugin for MyBB)
Facebook Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Facebook Video Calling 1.x
facebooknotredamestyle 3.x (extension for Firefox)
facebookvideo 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FaceMorpher 1.x
FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Faces of War
faceStones personal 2.x
Faceted Search (ke_search) Extension for TYPO3 1.x
Facetime 1.x
Facil Helpdesk 2.x
FacileForms 1.x
FacilityOffice 4.x
FACSys Fax Messaging Gateway 4.x
Facter 2.x
FactorySoft OPC Server/Client Combination Toolkit 2.x
FactoryTalk Services Platform 2.x
Factux 1.x
Faculty Portal
FadeToBlack AVI Video Editor 2.x
FahrInfo Hamburg 3.x
Fahrtenbuch mmm/fb 2006
Fahrtenbuch mmm/fb 2008
FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) 2.x
FAI (Fully Automatic Installation) 3.x
Fail2ban 0.x
Fairmount 1.x
FairStars Audio Converter 1.x
FaJo TimeTool 1.x
Fake GPS 1.x
Fake Webcam 1.x
Fake Webcam 2.x
FakeBO 0.x
Falck Vejhjælp 1.x
Falcon 0.x
Falcon Series One 1.x
Falcon's Eye 1.x
Falk Navi-Manager 2.x
fallback-reboot 0.x
Fallout 3 1.x
FalloutNV 1.x
Falt4 CMS
Family Connections 0.x
Family Connections 1.x
Family Connections 2.x
Family Farm Seaside 1.x
Family Historian 4.x
Family Historian 5.x
Family Tree Builder 2.x
Family Tree Maker 10.x
Family Tree Maker 11.x
Family Tree Maker 2005
Family Tree Maker 2006
Family Tree Maker 2008
Family Tree Maker 2009
Family Tree Maker 2010
Family Tree Maker 2011
Family Tree Maker 2012
Family Tree Maker 2014
Family Tree Printery 1.x
FamilyProject 2.x
FamilySearch Indexing 3.x
Famp3 1.x
Fancy 2.x
Fancy Numbered Tabs 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FancyBox 1.x
FancyBox for WordPress 2.x
FancyBox for WordPress 3.x
FanFictionDownloader 0.x
FantaMorph 3.x
FantaMorph 5.x
Fantastic Guestbook 2.x
Fantastic News 2.x
Fantastical 1.x
Fantastico De Luxe 2.x (module for cPanel)
Fantasy Fishing Boom 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fantasy Phenoms Boom 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fantasy Tournament 2009.1.5 (component for Joomla)
FantaTennisActiveX ActiveX Control 1.x
Fantom CD 1.x
FanUpdate 2.x
FanUpdate 3.x
FAQ (module for OTRS) 2.x
Faq Administrator 2.x
FAQ Management Script
FAQ Manager 1.x
FAQ System 1.x
Faq-O-Matic 2.x
FAQEngine 4.x
FAQMasterFlex 1.x
FAQMasterFlexPlus 1.x
FAQRing 3.x
Faqs Manager 1.x
Far Cry 1.x
Far Cry 2 0.x
Far Cry 3 0.x
FAR Manager 1.x
FAR Manager 2.x
FAR Manager 3.x
Farabi - HostFront ActiveX Control 1.x
Farbwert.exe 2.x
FarCry Content Management System 3.x
Fargo DTC 550 2.x
Fark Tags 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Farkit 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Farkode(TM) 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Farky 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Farm Frenzy 2.x
Farm Story 1.x
Farm Town Hay Day 1.x
Farmers WIFE 4.x
Farming Simulator 1.x
FarPoint Spread ActiveX Controls 6.x
FarPoint Spread Controls ActiveX Control 6-x
FarsiNews 2.x 1.x
Fashion Salon - girls games 1.x
Fashion Story: Carnival 1.x
Fashion Story: Earth Day 1.x
FashionDashWeb ActiveX Control 1.x
Faslo Player 7.x
Fast & Furious 6: The Game 1.x
Fast Click SQL Lite 1.x
Fast Close Tabs 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FAST Compliance Manager 2.x
Fast Dial 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fast Duplicate File Finder 3.x
Fast Explorer 2006 2.x
Fast for Facebook 2.x
Fast Forward 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fast Guest Book
Fast Image Resizer 0.x
Fast Lexical Analyzer Generator (Flex) 2.x
Fast Mail Redirect 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fast Menu Restaurant Ordering 1.x
Fast MP3 Cutter Joiner 3.x
Fast n Furious DtDNS Updater 1.x
Fast Pro for Facebook 2.x
Fast Racing 3D 1.x
FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
Fast Video Converter 1.x
Fast Video Download 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fast Weather 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fastball 1.x (Component for Joomla)
FastCheck 2.x
FastCopy 1.x
FastCopy 2.x
FastCut 3.x
FastDic 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FastestFox 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FastestFox 4.x (extension for Firefox)
FastHash 0.x
Fastilo 2.x
FastJar 0.x
FastLynx 3.x
FastPictureViewer 1.x
Fastpublish CMS 1.x
Fastream NetFile FTP Client 5.x
Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server 6.x
Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server 7.x
FastResolver 1.x
FastSend 2.x
FastStone 4in1 Browser 1.x
FastStone Capture 6.x
FastStone Capture 7.x
FastStone Image Viewer 1.x
FastStone Image Viewer 2.x
FastStone Image Viewer 3.x
FastStone Image Viewer 5.x
FastSum 1.x
FastTrack P2P
Fastutil 6.x
FastYub! 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fat Cash 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fat Free CRM 0.x
Fat Player 0.x
FatBooth 2.x
Fatify 1.x
FatWire Content Server 5.x
FatWire Content Server 6.x
FatWire Content Server 7.x
FatWire UpdateEngine 6.x
FaultTree+ 11.x
Faved Toolbar V1 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Faves 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Favicon Picker 2 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Favicon Picker 3 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Faviconiac Search Engines 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FavIconizer 1.x
FaviconizeTab 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FavLoc 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FavOrg 1.x
Favorites Sweeper 2.x
Favorites Sweeper 3.x
FaxPress 8.x
FaxTools 1.x
FaxTools 5.x
FaxWare 7.x
FAYT 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FBackup 4.x
FBackup 5.x
FBC-Market 1.x
fbida 2.x
FBurl 1.x
FCGI 0.x (module for Perl)
FCheck 2.x
FCKeditor 2.x
FCKeditor.Java 2.x
FCleaner 1.x
FCompare 3.x
FcQInstall ActiveX Control 1.x
FCRing 1.x
Fcron 2.x
Fcron 3.x
FCS Remover 3.x
FD Script 1.x
FDclone 2.x
FDM - Min bil 1.x
FdWeb Espace Membre 2.x
FEBE 6.x (extension for Firefox)
Fedora Commons 2.x
Feed Me Links Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Feed Sidebar 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Feedback and Rating Script
feedbackfox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FeedBite Feed Me 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.x
FeedBurner Subscribers 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FeedDemon 1.x
FeedDemon 2.x
FeedDemon 3.x
FeedDemon 4.x
Feeder 2.x
FeedForAll 1.x
FeedForAll 2.x
FeedGhost Add-On 1.x (extension for Firefox)
feedly 1.x (extension for Firefox)
feedly 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Feedly for Android 16.x
FeedMe 0.x
feedparser 5.x (module for Python)
FeedReader 2.x
FeedReader 3.x
FeedStation 2.x
Feeling Lucky 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Feeling Lucky Fixer 1.x (extension for Firefox)
feh 1.x
femanager Extension for TYPO3 1.x
Femtolayer Planet 1.x
Fender FUSE 2.x
Fenestrae Faxination Server 4.x
Fenestrae Faxination Server 5.x
Fenestrae Faxination Server 6.x
Feng 0.x
Feng Office 1.x
Feng Office 2.x
Fenice 1.x
Ferdows CMS 9.x
Ferdows CMS Pro 1.x
Festalon 0.x
FestOS 2.x
Fetch 5.x
Fetch Text URL 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fetchmail 6.x
Fetion 2.x
Feurio 1.x
FEWatch4 ActiveX Control 1.x
feynmf 1.x
FfChrome 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FFcli 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FFClickOnce 0.x (extension for Firefox)
ffDiaporama 2.x
Ffdshow tryouts 1.x
FFHolic Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FFMail Module ActiveX Control 5.x
FFmpeg 0.x
FFmpeg 1.x
FFmpeg 2.x
FFmpeg codec for arm v7 neon 1.x
ffmpegX 0.x
FFMyIP 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FFSJ 3.x
FFTW 3.x
FFView 0.x
FFXI Finder 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FFXI Helper 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FFXI Mapper 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FG Display Builder 5.x
FhImage 1.x
fhs-Ping 2.x
Fiberlink Global Remote
Fiberlink Global Remote Client
Fiberlink MaaS360 2.x
FicHive 1.x
FICO Debt Manager 8.x
Fictional Daemon 3.x
Fictional Daemon 4.x
FIData ActiveX Control 1.x
Fiddler 2.x
Fiddler PowerToy 1.x
Fiddler PowerToy 2.x
Fidelis XPS 7.x
Fidelity Toolbar ActiveX Control 1.x
Fidelus Provisioning Manager Express 3.x
Fieldrunners 2 1.x
Fierr 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fiery VUE 1.x
FIFA 12 1.x
FIFA Manager 10 1.x
FIFA Manager 11 1.x
FIFA Online Web Launcher ActiveX Control 1.x
fig2vect 1.x
File & Image Uploader 6.x
file 4.x
file 5.x
File and Folder Shortcuts 1.x (extension for Firefox)
File Association Fixer 1.x
File Buddy 9.x
File Encrypter 6.x
File Encryption XP 1.x
File Expert 5.x
File Iterator 1.x
File Joiner 2.x
File Juicer 4.x
File Lock 5.x
File Recover 5.x
File Recover 6.x
File Renamer 2.x
File Renamer 3.x
File Renamer 4.x
File Renamer 5.x
File Renamer 6.x
File Repair 2.x
File Roller 3.x
File Scavenger 2.x
File Scavenger 3.x
File Scavenger 3.x
File Search Assistant 1.x
File Search Assistant 2.x
File Search Assistant 3.x
File Sharing Wizard 1.x
File Shredder 1.x
File Shredder 2.x
File Thingie 2.x
File Title 1.x (extension for Firefox)
File Transfer 1.x
File Uploader 1.x Search 0.x
File-Sharing for NET 1.x
File::ExtAttr 0.x
FileAlyzer 1.x
FileAlyzer 2.x
FileAnt 2005
FileApp 1.x (iPhone/iPod touch)
FileApp 2.x (iPhone/iPod touch)
Fileaze 1.x
FileBank UpDnManager Launcher ActiveX Control 1.x
Filebased guestbook 1.x
FileBound On-Site 6.x
FileBox eXtender 2.x
FilebusWebControl ActiveX Control 1.x
FileCarrier 1.x
FileCloset 1.x
FileCOPA 1.x
FileCOPA 5.x
FileCOPA 6.x
FileDownload 2.x (snippet for MODx)
FileEncryptor 1.x
FileHamster 1.x Update Checker 1.x
FileHold 12.x
FileLister 0.x
FileLocator Lite 5.x
FileLocator Pro 4.x
FileLocator Pro 5.x
FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced 10.x
FileMaker Pro 10.x
FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced 11.x
FileMaker Pro 11.x
FileMaker Pro 12.x
FileMaker Pro 3.x
FileMaker Pro 4.x
FileMaker Pro 5.x
FileMaker Pro 6.x
FileMaker Pro 7.x
FileMaker Pro 8.x
FileMaker Pro 8.x Advanced
FileMaker Pro 9.x
FileMaker Pro 9.x Advanced
FileMaker Server 11.x
FileMaker Server 13.x
FileMaker Server 5.x
FileMaker Server 7.x
FileMaker Server 7.x Advanced
FileMaker Server 8.x
FileMaker Server 8.x Advanced
FileMaker Server 9.x
FileMaker Server 9.x Advanced
FileMenu Tools 5.x
FileMenu Tools 6.x
FileMerlin 1.x
FILEminimizer 3.x
FILEminimizer 5.x
FILEminimizer Pictures 6.x
Filemon Enterprise Edition 2.x
FileNet IDM Desktop 3.x
FileNet P8 Platform
FileNet P8 Process Analyzer 3.5.x
fileNice 1.x
FileOpen WebPublisher Plugin 7.x
FileOpen WebPublisher Plugin 9.x
FilePlanet Download ActiveX Control 2.x
FilePlanet Download Manager 2.x
FILERECOVERY 2011 Standard 5.x
FilerFrog 1.x
FilerFrog 2.x
FileRW ActiveX Control 1.x
Files By Email Helper 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FileSalvage 7.x
FileSearchEX 1.x
FileServe File Manager 1.x
Filespecs for Ad-Aware 1.x
FileSync 2.x
Filesys::SmbClientParser 2.x
FileTransferControl ActiveX Control 5.x
FileTypesMan 1.x
FileUpload 1.x
FileUploader 3.x
FileUploader ActiceX Control 2.x
FileWare FileSync 1.x
FileWare FileSync 2.x
FileWare FTPSync 2.x
FileZilla 2.x
FileZilla 3.x
FileZilla FTP Client 3.x
FileZilla Server 0.x
Film Factory 1.x
Film Factory 3.x
Filmmanager 3.x
Filseclab Personal Firewall Professional Edition 3.x
Filter Button Thunderbird 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Filter Extensions 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Filter Forge 2.x
FilterFTP 2.x
FilterGate 5.x
Filzip 2.x
Filzip 3.x
Final Cut Pro 7.x
Final Draft 8.x
Final Media Player 2012
Final Vinyl 2.x
Finale 2007
Finale 2008a for Windows 13.x
Finale NotePad 2005 for Windows 7.x
Finale NotePad 2007 for Windows 9.x
Finale Reader 2011.x
Finale SongWriter 15.x
FinallySecure Enterprise 9.x
FinalRecovery 1.x
FinalRecovery 2.x
FinancePlayer ActiveX Control 4.x
Financial Calculators 1.x
FinanzmanagerV8 10.x
Find All 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Find Any File 1.x
Find As You Type for Internet Explorer 1.x
Find in Frame Hack 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Find In Numbers 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Find In Tabs 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Find My Friends 5.x
Find on XING 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Find Toolbar Tweaks 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Find-it 4.x
FindBugs 2.x
FinderFacade 1.x
FindLinks 1.x
FindOnClick 2.x
FindThatBand 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Findur 8.x
FinePixViewer 1.x
FinePixViewer 3.x
FinePixViewer 4.x
FinePixViewer 5.x
FinePrint 5.x
Fineprint 6.x
Finetuna 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fing - Network Tools 2.x
FingerAuth Password Manager 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fingerboard HD Skateboarding 2.x
Fingerfox (SE) 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fingerfox 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FingerPrint 2.x
Finjan Secure Browsing 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Finjan SurfinGate 5.x
Finjan SurfinGate 6.x
Finjan SurfinGate 7.x
Finjan SurfinGuard Pro 5.x
Finjan Vital Security for Web 8.x
Fink Commander 0.x
FinKit 3.x
FINN 1.x
Finnish Bank Payment (module for osCommerce)
fipsCMS 4.x
fipsCMS 5.x
fipsCMS light 2.x
fipsForum 2.x
fipsGallery 1.x
fipsGuestbook 1.x
fipsShop 5.x
FIR ActiveX Control 1.x
Fire & Forget Final Assault 1.x
Fire 1.x
Fire Eagle Updater Add-on 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fire Encrypter 4.x (extension for Firefox)
Fire Soft Board 2.x
Fire-Mouse Toplist 1.x 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireAnt 1.x
Firebird 1.x
Firebird 2.x
Firebook 3.x
Firebug (Extension for Firefox) 1.x
Firebug Japanese 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fireburn2 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firebux 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FireCal 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fireclip 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireColour 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firecookie 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireDaemon 1.x
FireDictionary 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fireev OLE ActiveX Control 1.x
FireEye Web Malware Protection System 6.x
FireFileCopy 4.x
Firefinder for Firebug 0.x (extension for Firefox)
firefix 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireFlier 1.x
Fireflix 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefly 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefly Media Server 0.x
FireFly Media Server 1.x
fireform 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox (oc) 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Accessibility Extension 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Backup 2011 2.x
Firefox Companion for eBay 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Default for Vista 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Futurama 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Preloader 1.x
Firefox Search Sidebar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Showcase 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Sync (extension for Firefox) 1.x
FireFox U 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox Universal Uploader (fireuploader) 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firefox-Plus 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FirefoxAdKiller 0.x (extension for Firefox)
firefoxfalagalego 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FirefoxView 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireFTP 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireFTP 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireFTP button 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireGen for PIX Log Analyzer 1.x
FireGen for PIX Log Analyzer 2.x
FireGestures 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireGPG 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireHawke 3D 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireHOL 1.x
Fireinput 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FireLogXP 1.x
Firemacs 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FireMobileSimulator 1.x (extension for firefox)
FireMon Security Manager 7.x
FireMule 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FirePath 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FirePHP 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireShot 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firesizer 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireStats 1.x
Firestorm 8.x
Firestorm Viewer 4.x
FireStox 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FireTitle 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firetongue OrangeCD Catalog 6.x
Firetongue OrangeCD Player 5.x
Firetongue OrangeCD Player 6.x
FireTray 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FireTune 1.x for Mozilla Firefox
Firevine Toolbar 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Firewall Builder 2.x
Firewall Builder 3.x
FirewallNow! 2.x
FirmaX4gvaPr ActiveX Control 1.x
First Page 2006 3.x
First Response 1.x
First4Internet XCP Content Management
FirstClass 7.x
FirstClass 8.x
FirstClass 9.x
FirstClass Client 10.x
FirstClass Client 11.x
FirstClass Client 7.x
FirstClass Client 8.x
FirstClass Client 9.x
FirstVwr ActiveX Control 8.x
FiSH 1.x
Fish Live 1.x
fish-shell 2.x
FishCart 3.x
FishEyeTabs 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fishyshoop 0.x
Fission 1.x
Fit Bookmark Icon 0.x (extension for Firefox)
fit@work 3.x
Fitbit Connect 1.x
FitVids.js (plugin for jQuery) 1.x
Five Dollar Scripts Drinks Script
Five Star Review Script
Fix Accesskeys 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fix And Chips CMS System 1.x
Fix Tb Titlebar Extension 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fix-It Utilities 12 Professional 12.x
Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional 15.x
Fix-It Utilities 6 Professional 6.x
Fix-It Utilities 8 Professional 8.x
FixCleaner 2.x
FixFoto 2.x
FixItControl ActiveX Control 1.x
Fiyo CMS 1.x
Fizmez Web Server 1.x
Fizzle 0.x (extension for Firefox)
fizzMedia 1.x
Fjalori drejtshkrimor i gjuhës shqip 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FL Studio 5.x
FL Studio 9.x
FL Studio Mobile 1.x
FLAC 1.x
FLAC frontend 1.x
FLAC MP3 Converter 2.x
Flagfox 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Flagfox 4.x (extension for Firefox)
FlagTab 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Flame 0.x
Flamereader 5 16.x
Flamethrower 0.x
flaminglow 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Flare 0.x
Flarq 4.x
Flash Alerts Pro 1.x
Flash Cookie Cleaner 1.x
Flash Cookie Cop 1.x
Flash Decompiler Trillix 4.x
Flash FTP Server 1.x
Flash Image Gallery 1.x (component for Joomla)
Flash Intro Banner Maker 4.x
Flash Killer 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Flash Magazine Deluxe (component for Joomla!)
Flash Magazine Deluxe 2.x (component for Joomla!)
Flash Messaging 5.x
Flash Movie Player 1.x
Flash Player Pro 3.x
Flash Player Pro 4.x
Flash Renamer 4.x
Flash Sideshow Maker Professional 4.x
Flash Slideshow Maker 5.x
Flash Systems Disk Optimizer 1.x
Flash Tag Cloud control for ASP.NET
Flash Tree Gallery 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Flash Video Downloader2 2.x
Flash Video E-Cards
Flash Video Resources Downloader 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Flashback Menu 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FlashBB 1.x
Flashblock 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FlashBoot 1.x
FlashCanvas 1.x
FlashCard 2.x
FlashCard 3.x
FlashCatch 1.x
FlashChat 3.x
FlashChat 4.x
FlashChat 5.x
Flashden Guestbook
FlashDevelop 3.x
FlashDevelop 4.x
FlashFXP 1.x
FlashFXP 2.x
FlashFXP 3.x
FlashFXP 4.x
Flashgames 1.x (module for XOOPS)
FlashGameScript 1.x
FlashGet (formerly JetCar) 0.x
FlashGet (formerly JetCar) 1.x
FlashGet 2.x
FlashGet 3.x
FlashGot 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Flashkicker 2.x
Flashlight HD LED 1.x
FlashNet ActiveX Control 1.x
FlashPeak Slim Browser 6.x
FlashPeak SlimBoat 1.x
FlashTracer 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FlasKMPEG 0.x
Flat Chat 2.x
Flat Manager (flatmgr) Extension for TYPO3 1.x
Flat Manager (flatmgr) Extension for TYPO3 2.x
Flatcast Viewer ActiveX Control 5.x
Flatchat 3.x
FlatNuke 2.x
FlatNuke 3.x
FlatnuX CMS
FlatOut3 1.x
FlatPress 0.x
FlatPress 1.x
Flatster 1.x
FlatStyle 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FlatStyle for Thunderbird 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FlatView ActiveX Control 3.x
Flax Article Manager 1.x
Fldigi 3.x
Fleck 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Flex MySQL Connector
Flexbackup 1.x
FlexBB 0.x
FlexCast Audio Video Streaming Server 1.x
FlexCell Grid ActiveX Control 5.x
FlexChat 2.x
FlexCMS 2.x
FlexCMS 3.x
Flexcustomer 0.0.x
Flexible Renamer 8.x
FlexibleOptionGroup for Vaadin 2.x
FLEXIcontent 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Fleximage DVD TO SVCD Converter 2.x
Flexinfo Pro 1.x
FLEXnet AdminStudio 6.x
FLEXnet AdminStudio 7.x
FlexNet Publisher 11.x
FlexPaper Zine 1.x
FlexPHPDirectory 0.x
FlexPHPic 0.x
FlexPHPLink Pro 0.x
FlexPHPNews 0.x
FlexPHPSite 0.x
FlexWiki 1.x
Flick Golf! 1.x
Flick Note 5.x
Flick Shoot 3.x
Flickr 2.x
Flickr Buddy 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Flickr Downloadr 2.x
Flickr Gallery Plus! 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Flickr Sidebar 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Flickr Uploader 2.x
Flickr Uploader 3.x
FlickrFox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
flickrgethighrez 2007 (extension for Firefox)
Flight Simulator Boeing Hawaii 1.x
Flightcheck 5.x
FlightGear 2.x
Flightradar24 Free 3.x
Flightradar24 Pro 3.x
FLIM 1.x
fLImageUploader ActiveX Control 1.x
FLIP 0.x
Flip Book Maker 2.x
Flip Wall 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Flip4Mac Windows Media Components for QuickTime 2.x
Flip4Mac WMV 2.x
Flipboard 2.x
Flipper Poll 1.x
FlippingBook Publisher 2.x
FlipShare 5.x
FlipShare 6.x
FlipViewer 4.x
FlipviewerX ActiveX Control 2.x
Flirt Matching SMS System
Flirt-Projekt 4.x
Flix Pro 8.x
FloatLED 1.x
Flock 1.x
Flock 2.x
Flock 3.x
Flogr 2.x
Flook Theme 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Floppy image 2.x
FloSites Blog
Flow Free 1.x
Flow Free 2.x
Flow Free: Bridges 1.x
FlowCalc32 3.x
Flowplayer 3.x
Fluent CFD Search 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FluentCMS 4.x
Fluid 1.x
Fluid Mask 3.x
FluidOps eCloudManager 5.x
Fluke 0.x
FlushCMS 1.x
FlusiFix 5.x
Flussonic 4.x
FluxBB 1.x
Flv Crunch 1.x
FLV Direct player 1.x
FLV Extract 1.x
FLV MetaData Viewer 1.x
FLV Player 2.x
FLV Player 3.x
Flv Recorder 2.x
FLV Service for Freecorder 4.x
FLV-Media Player 1.x
FLVPlayer 1.x
FlvPlayer4Free 3.x
FlvPlayer4Free 4.x
FlyAKite 2.x
Flying Saucer R8
FlyingBit Password Keeper 1.x
Flyingcode NFO-Viewer 1.x
FlyLoader ActiveX Control 1.x
Flynax Auto Classifieds 3.x
Flynax General Classifieds 3.x
Flynax General Classifieds 4.x
Flynax Pets Classifieds 3.x
Flynax Real Estate Classifieds 3.x
FlySketch 1.x
Flyspray 0.x
Flyspray ME 1.x (component for Mambo)
FlyVPN 2.x
FM Modifier 2.x
FMA 2.x
FMDeluxe 2.x
fMoblog 2.x (plugin for WordPress)
FMOD Ex 4.x
FMyClone 2.x
FnacmusicDnl ActiveX Control 1.x
FNISPrintControl ActiveX Control 1.x
FNNActivexProChart ActiveX Control 5.x
Fo File Manager 1.x
FOAFgen 0.x
FOAFox 0.x (extension for Firefox) Driver 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fobuc Guestbook 0.x
FOCA Free 2.x
Focalmedia Quick Polls 1.x
Focus All CD DVD Burner 2.x
Focus Audio Converter 3.x
Focus Effect Special 1.x
Focus MP3 Recorder Pro 3.x
Focus Mp3 Recorder Pro 4.x
Focus MP3 Recorder Splitter 3.x
Focus Options 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Focus/SIS 1.x
Focus/SIS 2.x
FocusingFrame 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FOG 0.x
FOG Forum 0.x
FogBugz 4.x
Foglight Experience Monitor 5.x
Foglight for SQL Server 5.x
Foglight for Virtualization Standard Edition 6.x
Foglight Performance Analysis for SQL Server 7.x
foing 0.x (phpBB module)
Folder Access 2.x
Folder Account 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Folder Extension Wizard 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Folder Lock 6.x
Folder Marker 1.x
Folder Marker 3.x
Folder Selection (Thunderbird) 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Folder Size 2.x
Folder Size for Windows 2.x
FolderCheck 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FolderClone 1.x
FolderCrypt 3.x
FolderFlags 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Folderico 4.x
FolderMagic 2.x
FolderMatch 3.x
Folderpane Tools 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FolderPrint Plus 3.x
Folders 2 2.x
Folders Synchronizer 4.x
FolderSizes 3.x
FolderSizes 5.x
FolderSplitter 1.x
FolderSync 2.x
FolderTeint 1.x
FolderView ActiveX Control 6.x
FolderVisualizer 1.x
folkd 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Follet WebCollection 5.x
Follow That Page 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Follower User 1.x (plugin for MyBB)
Folx 1.x
Font Awesome 4.x
Font Browser 1.x
Font Creator 4.x
Font Creator 5.x
Font Finagler 1.x
Font Finder 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Font Manager 3.x
Font Mate 1.x
Font resizer (fontsizer) Extension for TYPO3 2.x
Font Size 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Font Sleuth 2.x
Font Xplorer 1.x
FontAgent Pro 4.x
FontBook 4.x
Fontcase 1.x
FontCat 5.x
Fontconfig 2.x
FontDoctor 8.x
FontForge 2x
FontList 1.x
FontNuke 1.x
Fontographer 5
FontRange DSM 7.x
FontSmooth ActiveX Control 1.x
FontThing 1.x
FontViewer 2.x
FontXChange 3.x
Foobar Controls 0.x (extension for Firefox)
foobar2000 0.x
foobar2000 1.x
foobla RSS Feed Creator for Joomla (component for Joomla)
foobla Suggestions for Joomla 1.x (component for Joomla)
Foodspotting 3.x
Foojan WMS 1.x
FoolProof Security 3.x
FoolProof Security 4.x
FoolProof Security 5.x
Foomatic 3.x
Foomatic 4.x
Foot Spa - Kids games 1.x
Football Manager 2005 1.x
Football Manager 2006 1.x
Football Manager Handheld 2013 4.x
Football Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FootballFox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FootieFox 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fopydo 2.x
ForbesDownloader ActiveX Control 1.x
Forbrugsforeningen 1.x
Force Content-Type 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Forced Matrix Script
ForceVision 3.x
Forecastbar Enhanced 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Forecastfox 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Foreign Legion 1.x
Foreman 1.x
foresite CMS
Forest HD 1.x
Forever Lost: Episode 1 SD 1.x
Forex Currency Converter 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Forex Trade Log 1.x
ForgeRock OpenAM 9.x
Fork CMS 3.x
ForkLift 2.x
Form Mail Script 2.x
Form Processor Pro 4.x
Form Saver 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FormalGnome 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FormalGnome Big 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FormalGnome Jumbo 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FormatFactory 1.x
FormatFactory 2.x
FormatFactory 3.x
Formatwandler 4.x
Formatwandler 5.x
Formbankserver 1.x
FormEncode 1.x
Formfiller 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FormFox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Formhandler (formhandler) Extension for TYPO3 1.x
FormMax 3.x
FormPipe W3D3
FormPrinter 2.x
FormPrinter 3.x
Forms Player 1.x
Formscape V3
Formspring 1.x
FormTool 7.x
Formular-Maker 1.x
FormulatePro 0.x
Foro Domus 2.x
Foros 1.x
Forsaken World 1.x
Forte Agent 5.x
Forte Agent 6.x
Forte Agent 7.x
Fortibus CMS 4.x
FortiCacheCleaner ActiveX Control 3.x
Fortinet FortiClient 2.x
Fortinet FortiClient 3.x
Fortinet FortiClient 4.x
Fortinet FortiClient 5.x
Fortinet FortiReporter 3.x
Fortinet FortiReporter 4.x
Fortinet SSL VPN 3.x
Fortis Bank Money Manager 1.x
Fortitude HTTP 1.x
Fortora Fresh Finance 1.x
Fortress Desktop 4.x
Forum 1.x (component for SolarCMS)
Forum 2.x (plugin for Geeklog)
Forum Additive 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fórum AWP Menu 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Forum Rank System 1.x (module for PHP-Fusion)
Forum Russian Board 4.x
Forum Web Server 1.x Forum Meni 0.x (extension for Firefox) Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
forum51 2.x
Forum82 2.x
ForumApp 3.x
Forumon RPG (module for vBulletin) 1.x
ForumPal 1.x
ForumPal FE 1.x
Forumsigs Image Uploader 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Forwards 2.x (Horde module)
FossaMail 24.x
FOSUserBundle 1.x
Foswiki 1.x
Fotki Uploader ActiveX Control 3.x
Foto Fusion Platinum 3.x
Foto Mosaik Edda 6.x
Foto Quiz: hvad er ordet? 1.x
Foto-Mosaik-Edda 5.x SpeedUploader ActiveX Control 3.x
FotoAlbum 3.x
Fotobook Editor 5.x
Fotofox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fotografix 1.x
Fotokasten 3.x
Fotolabo Uploader ActiveX Control 2.x
Fotolr Photo Studio 3.x
FotoMix 7.x
FotoMix 8.x
FotoMorph 11.x
FotoMorph 13.x
Fotopholder 2.x
Fotoservice 4.x
fotoshow pro
Fotosizer 1.x
Fotosizer 2.x
FotoSketcher 2.x
FotoSlate 3.x
FotoSlate 4.x
FotoStation Easy 4.x
FotoStation Pro 4.x
FotoStation Pro 5.x
FotoWeb 6.x
FotoWire Print Service 3.x
FoundScan 3.x
Foundstone 7.x
Foundstone HackPack 1.x
Foundstone SiteScope 1.x
Foursquare 2013
Fownce 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Fox!Box 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxboro I/A Series Batch 8.x
Foxcart (Firefox 2.0 edition) 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxClocks 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxdie (Blue) 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxdie (Graphite) 3.x (extension for Firefox)
foxdoc 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxFilter 7.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxFon 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxGame 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxieWire 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxit PDF Editor 1.x
Foxit PDF Editor 2.x
Foxit PDF IFilter 1.x
Foxit PDF SDK DLL 3.x
Foxit Phantom PDF 5.x
Foxit Phantom PDF 6.x
Foxit Phantom PDF 7.x
Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 1.x
Foxit Phantom PDF Suite 2.x
Foxit PhantomPDF 5.x
Foxit Reader 1.x
Foxit Reader 2.x
Foxit Reader 3.x
Foxit Reader 4.x
Foxit Reader 5.x
Foxit Reader 6.x
Foxit Reader ActiveX Control 2.x
Foxit Reader JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder Add-On 2.x
Foxit Reader Plugin 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxit Reader Plugin 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxit Reader Portable 2.x
Foxit Reader Pro 1.x
Foxit WAC Server 2.x
Foxkeh Theme 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxLingo 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxmail 4.x
Foxmail 5.x
Foxmail 6.x
Foxmail Server 2.x
FoxPlayer 2.x
FoxReplace 0.x (extension for Firefox)
foxrum 4.x
FoxSaver 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FOXSCAPE 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxT ServerControl 6.x
FoxTab 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxTor 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxTorrent 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxWeb 2.x
FoXWiki 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxy URL 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Foxylicious 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxyMeter 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxyProxy 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxyQuotes 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxyTunes 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FoxyTunes for IE 1.x
fping 3.x
fprobe 1.x
Fractal Mapper 8.x
FragExt 2.x
FramafoxPortable 3.x
FrameByFrame 1.x
Framesoft Contract Repository 1.x GÀstebuch 1.x
FranklinCovey PlanPlus for Microsoft Outlook 3.x
Fraps 2.x
Fraps 3.x
fre:ac 1.x
Free 3D Photo Maker 2.x
Free 3D Video Maker 1.x
Free 3GP Video Converter 3.x
Free 3GP Video Converter 5.x
Free Antivirus and Security 3.x
Free Arcade Script 1.x
Free Arcade Script 2.x
Free Articles Directory
Free Audio CD Burner 1.x
Free Audio CD Burner 2.x
Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter 1.x
Free Audio Converter 2.x
Free Audio Converter 3.x
Free Audio Converter 5.x
Free Audio Dub 1.x
Free Audio to Flash Converter 1.x
Free Audio to Flash Converter 5.x
Free AVI Video Converter 5.x
Free Bible Search PHP Script 1.x
Free Blog Creator 1.x
FREE Calls with magicJack 2.x
Free CD Ripper 1.x
Free CD to MP3 Converter 3.x
Free Countdown Timer 2.x
Free Countdown Timer 3.x
Free Dictionary 6.x
Free Directory Script 1.x
Free Disc Burner 2.x
Free Disc Burner 3.x
Free Disks Monitoring Software 1.x
Free Download Manager (FDM) 3.x
Free Download Manager 1.x
Free Download Manager 2.x
Free DVD Creator 2.x
Free DVD Decrypter 1.x
Free DVD Video Burner 2.x
Free DVD Video Burner 3.x
Free DVD Video Converter 1.x
Free DVD Video Converter 2.x
Free DWG Viewer 5.x
Free DWG Viewer 7.x
Free Easy Burner 5.x
Free Easy CD DVD Burner 3.x
Free Easy CD DVD Burner 4.x
Free eBook Search 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Free Extended Task Manager 1.x
Free File Hosting 1.x
Free File Opener 2011.x
Free File Viewer 2011
Free FLV Converter 1.x
Free FLV Converter 4.x
Free FLV Converter 5.x
Free FLV Converter 6.x
Free FLV Converter 7.x
Free Full Movies 1.x
Free Google Page Ranks 1.x
Free Help Desk 1.x
Free Help Desk 2.x
Free Hex Editor Neo 3.x
Free Hex Editor Neo 4.x
FREE Hi-Q Recorder 1.x
Free Hide IP 3.x
Free Hosting Manager 2.x
Free HTML5 Video Player and Converter 5.x
Free Image Convert and Resize 2.x
Free Image Hosting 1.x
Free iPod Video Converter 1.x
Free ISO Creator 1.x
Free Joke Script 1.x
Free Language Translator 2.x
Free Links Directory Script 1.x
Free Monitor for Google 2.x
Free MP3 CD Ripper 2.x
Free Mp3 Wma Converter 1.x
Free Mp3 Wma Converter 2.x
Free MP4 Video Converter 5.x
Free Online TV Player 2.x
Free Opener 2.x
Free PC Audit 1.x
Free PDF to Word converter 4.x
Free PDF to Word converter 5.x
Free Photo Converter 1.x
Free PHP message board 1.x
Free PHP Petition Signing Script 1.x
Free PHP VX Guestbook 1.x
Free Play Club 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Free Port Scanner 2.x
free QBoard 1.x
Free RAR Extract Frog 4.x
Free Realty 2.x
Free Registry Defrag 3.x
Free Screen Video Recorder 2.x
Free Simple CMS 1.x
Free SMTP Server 2.x
Free Studio Manager 2.x
Free Studio Manager 3.x
Free Studio Manager 4.x
Free Studio Manager 5.x
Free Studio Manager 6.x
Free SWF & FLV Player 3.x
FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security 3.x
Free Translate! 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Free Uploader for Facebook 1.x
Free Uploader for Facebook 1.x
Free Video Converter 1.x
Free Video Converter 2.x
Free Video Converter 3.x
Free Video Dub 1.x
Free Video Dub 2.x
Free Video Editor 1.x
Free Video Flip and Rotate 1.x
Free Video Flip and Rotate 2.x
Free Video to Android Converter 5.x
Free Video to Apple TV Converter 5.x
Free Video to BlackBerry Converter 5.x
Free Video to DVD Converter 1.x
Free Video to DVD Converter 5.x
Free Video to Flash Converter 4.x
Free Video to Flash Converter 5.x
Free Video to HTC Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to iPad Converter 5.x
Free Video to iPhone Converter 3.x
Free Video to iPhone Converter 5.x
Free Video to iPod Converter 4.x
Free Video to iPod Converter 5.x
Free Video to JPG Converter 1.x
Free Video to JPG Converter 2.x
Free Video to JPG Converter 5.x
Free Video to LG Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to Motorola Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to MP3 Converter 2.x
Free Video to MP3 Converter 3.x
Free Video to MP3 Converter 4.x
Free Video to MP3 Converter 5.x
Free Video to Nintendo Converter 5.x
Free Video to Nokia Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to Samsung Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to Sony Phones Converter 5.x
Free Video to Sony PlayStation Converter 5.x
Free Video to Sony PSP Converter 5.x
Free Video to Tablet PC Converter 5.x
Free Video to Xbox Converter 5.x
Free Viewer 2.x
Free Visual Ping 0.x
Free Visual Trace Route 0.x
Free WebM Video Converter 5.x
Free Window Registry Repair 2.x
Free Windows Tuner 2.x
Free WMA MP3 Converter 1.x
Free Word Excel Password Recovery 2.x
Free YouTube Download 2.x
Free YouTube Download 3.x
Free YouTube MP3 Converter 3.x
Free YouTube to DVD Converter 2.x
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter 2.x
Free YouTube to iPod Converter 3.x
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter 3.x
Free YouTube Uploader 2.x
Free YouTube Uploader 3.x
Free-PayPal-Shopping-Cart 1.x
FreeAccess Plus! 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FreeBee 1.x
Freebie Notes 3.x
FreeCAD 0.x
FreeCall 4.x
FreeCap 3.x
freeCap CAPTCHA (sr_freecap) Extension for TYPO3 1.x
Freecell 2.x
Freeciv 2.x
freeCommander 2004
freeCommander 2005
freeCommander 2006
freeCommander 2007
FreeCommander 2008
FreeCommander 2009
FreeCommander 2011
FreeCommander XE 2014.x
FreeConferenceCall 1.x
Freecorder Toolbar 3.x
freecycleedinburgh 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FreeDigital Download Manager ActiveX Control 1.x
FreeDMG 0.x
FreeFileSync 3.x
FreeFileSync 4.x
FreeFileSync 5.x
FreeFileSync 6.x
FreeFixer 0.x
FreeFixer 1.x
Freefloat FTP Server 1.x
FreeForum 0.x
freeForum 1.x
FreeFTPd 1.x
FreeImage 3.x
FreeIPA 2.x
FreeIPA 3.x
Freekot 1.x
Freelance Auction Script
Freelancer 1.x
Freelancer calendar 1.x
FreeLyrics 1.x
Freemake Audio Converter 1.x
Freemake Music Box 1.x
Freemake Video Converter 1.x
Freemake Video Converter 2.x
Freemake Video Converter 3.x
Freemake Video Converter 4.x
Freemake Video Downloader 3.x
Freemake Video YoutubeMp3Converter 2.x
Freemake YouTube To MP3 Boom 1.x
FreeMarker 2.x
FreeMED 0.x
FreeMem 4.x
FreeMem 5.x
FreeMemory 1.x
FreeMeter 2.x
FreeMind 0.8.x
FreeMind 0.9.x
FreeMind 1.0.x
Freemind plugin for Confluence 0.x
Freemium Free Driver Scout 1.x
Freemium TubeBox 3.x SMS 1.x
Freenews 1.x
Freenews 2.x
FreeNX 0.x
FreeOCR 1.x
FreeOCR 4.x
FreePBX 2.x
FreePDF 4.x
FreePDF XP 1.x
FreePDF XP 3.x
FreePDF XP MultiDoc 0.x
FreePHPBlogSoftware 1.x
freePHPgallery 0.x
FREEping 1.x
Freeplane 1.x
FreeProxy 3.x
FreeRADIUS 0.x
FreeRADIUS 1.x
FreeRADIUS 2.x
FreeRADIUS 3.x
FreeRAM XP Pro 1.x
FreeRapid Downloader 0.x
FreeRDP 0.x
FreeRealmsInstaller ActiveX Control 1.x
FreeRealty 3.x
FreeRIP 2.x
FreeRIP 3.x
FreeRIP 4.x
FreeS/WAN 1.x
FreeS/WAN 2.x
FreeSchool 1.x
FreeSeat 1.x
FreeShare Image Uploader 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Freeside 1.x
FreeSnmp 1.x
freeSSHd 1.x
Freestyle FAQ Lite 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Freestyle FAQs 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Freestyle Support 1.x (component for Joomla!)
Freestyle Testimonials 1.x (component for Joomla!)
FreeStyle Wiki 3.x
FreeStyler 3.x
Freetag 2.x (plugin for Serendipity)
Freetag 3.x (plugin for Serendipity)
freeTDS 0.x
FreeTranslate 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FreeTranslator 2.x
FreeType 2.x
FreeUndelete 1.x
FreeUndelete 2.x
FreeVimager 4.x
Freeware Hash & CRC 3.x
Freeway 1.x
FreeWebScriptz Freelancers 1.x
FreeWebScriptz Honest Traffic 1.x
FreeWebScriptz HUBScript 1.x Script 2.x
FreeWebStat 1.x
FreeWnn 1.x
FreeWPS 2.x
FreeWRL 1.x
FreeZ Online TV 1.x
Freeze! 1.x
FreeZip 1.x
Frei-Chat 2.x (component for Joomla)
Frei-Chat 7.x
FreiChat 9.x (component for Joomla!)
French Language Pack for phpBB Prillian
Fresh Diagnose 7.x
Fresh Diagnose 8.x
Fresh Download 7.x
Fresh Download 8.x
Fresh Email Script 1.x
Fresh FTP 2.x
Fresh FTP 3.x
Fresh FTP 5.x
Fresh News (theme for ExpressionEngine)
Fresh RAM 5.x
Fresh View 7.x
Fresh View 8.x
FreshGID 8.x
FreshReader 1.x
FreshUI 7.x
FreshUI 8.x
FretPet 1.x
Fretsweb 1.x
FreznoShop 1.x
Frhed 1.x
FriarFox 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Friendbar 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Friendcaster Free 5.x
Friendcaster Pro 5.x
Friendly Fire 1.x
Friendly Technologies fwRemoteConfig (fwDialerTechTool.dll) 3.x
Friends Birthday Reminder 2.x
Friendz 4.x
FriendzForLife ForumNavigator 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Frigate 3.x
FRITZ!32 3.x
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 3.x
FRITZ!Box Monitor 1.x
Fritz!BoxDial 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FRITZ!DSL Internet 3.x
Fritz!DSL Software 2.x
FRITZ!Fernzugang 1.x
FRITZ!Powerline 1.x
Frizzix 1.x
Frog CMS 0.x
Frogatto 1.x
Froggr 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Front Arena ADS3.x
Front Arena AMB 3.x
Front Arena AMBA 3.x
Front Arena APH 1.x
Front Arena ATS for Prime/Solaris 1.x
Front Arena ATS for Subledger 1.x
Front Arena track 2.x
Front End User Registration (sr_feuser_register) 2.x Extension for TYPO3
FrontAccounting 1.x
FrontAccounting 2.x
FrontBase Relational Database Server 4.x
FrontdoorAU ActiveX Control 3.x
FrontEnd MP3 Player (fe_mp3player) 0.x (Extension for TYPO3)
FrontEnd SAP GUI for Windows 7.x
Frontend User Registration (ke_userregister) Extension for TYPO3 0.x
Frontend User Registration 2.x (extension for TYPO3)
Frontend-User-Access 2.x (component for Joomla!)
Fronter OES2 ActiveX control 1.x
Frontis 3.x
FrontMotion Firefox Community Edition 20.x
FrontRange HEAT 8.x
FrontRange iHEAT 8.x
Froq 2.x
Frostbow Home Inventory 5.x
FrostWire 4.x
FrostWire 5.x
Frox 0.x
Froxlor 0.x
Fruit Ninja 1.x
Fruit Ninja Free 1.x
Fruits Blast 2 1.x
Frysk Wurdboek 2.x (extension for Firefox)
FS Addon Manager 3.x
FS Pro 4.x
FSCAPIATL ActiveX Control 1.x
FSCrack 1.x
FSD 2.x
fseventer 2.x
FSFlying School 2.x
FSINT9 ActiveX Control 1.x
FSL Launcher 1.x
FSP Suite 2.x
FsPHPGallery 1.x
fsplib 0.x
FSReader 1.x
FStream 1.x
FSU 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FSWikiLite 0.x
fTalk 1.x
FTD 3.x
FTE Text Editor 0.x
FTGate 4 Groupware Mail server 4.x
FTGateOffice 1.x
FTGatePro 1.x
FTK Imager 2.x
FTLS Guestbook 1.x
FTP Admin 0.x
FTP Broker 6.1.x
FTP Commander 7.x
FTP Commander 8.x
FTP Commander Deluxe 9.x
FTP Control 4.x
FTP Desktop 3.x
FTP Explorer 1.x
FTP Explorer 10.x
FTP Now 2.x
FTP On The Go 2.x (iPhone/iPod Touch)
FTP Surfer 1.0.x
FTP Synchronizer 4.x
FTP Voyager 10.x
FTP Voyager 11.x
FTP Voyager 12.x
FTP Voyager 15.x
FTP Voyager 16.x
FTP Voyager 8.x
FTP Voyager 9.x
ftp-cloudfs 0.x
ftpcopy 0.x
ftpd gem for Ruby 2.x
FtpDisc 1.x (iPhone/iPod touch)
FtpDisc Lite 1.x (iPhone/iPod touch)
FTPGetter 3.x
FTPGlide 2.x
FtpLocate 1.x
FtpLocate 2.x
FTPPad 1.x
FTPRush 1.x
FTPRush 2.x
FTPServer for Android 1.x
FTPServer/X 1.x
FTPShell Client 4.x
FTPShell Client 5.x
FTPshell Server 3.x
FTPShell Server 4.x
FtpXQ Server 3.x
FtrainSoft Fast Click 2.x
FTTSS A Free Text-To-Speech System 2.x
FubarForum 1.x
FUDforum 2.x
FUDforum 3.x
Fuego 4 Activity Monitor
Fuego 4 Integration Facility
Fuego 4 Orchestration Engine
Fuego 4 Process Designer
Fuego 4 Work Portal
Fuel Easyedit CMS
Fugu 1.x
Fujifilm E-Systems Uploader ActiveX Control 1.x
Fujifilm MyFinePix Studio 3.x
Fujifilm MyFinePix Studio 4.x
Fujitsu ATLAS 14.x
Fujitsu CardMinder 4.x
Fujitsu CDView 8.x
Fujitsu DeskUpdate 4.x
Fujitsu DeskUpdate Activex Control 3.x
Fujitsu Enhanced Support Facility 3.x
Fujitsu FENCE-Pro 2.x
Fujitsu FENCE-Pro 3.x
Fujitsu FENCE-Pro 4.x
Fujitsu IntelligentSearch 2.x
Fujitsu Jasmine2000 Enterprise Edition
Fujitsu MyWeb Citizen Edition 3.x
Fujitsu MyWeb Light Edition
Fujitsu MyWeb Medical Edition 4.x
Fujitsu MyWeb Portal Office
Fujitsu MyWeb Public Edition
Fujitsu MyWeb School Edition
Fujitsu MyWeb Standard Edition
Fujitsu Navigware e-Learning Pack 9.x
Fujitsu Navigware Enterprise LMS Server 9.x
Fujitsu Navigware Server 8.x
Fujitsu OASYS 8.x
Fujitsu ProjectWEB Library ActiveX Control 2.x
Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager 5.x
Fujitsu ScanSnap Organizer 4.x
Fujitsu ServerView Operations Manager 6.x
Fujitsu Siemens FlexFrame 4.x
Fujitsu Siemens FlexFrame 5.x
Fujitsu Symfoware Server 12.x
Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite 1.x
Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite 2.x
Fujitsu SystemDiagnostics 2.x
Fujitsu-Siemens WebTransactions 7.x
Fuju News 1.x
Full Audio Converter 4.x
Full Cal 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Full DVD Ripper 9 Free 1.x
Full Flat 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Full Fullscreen 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Full Map 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Full Screen 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Full Screen Homestar Runner 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Full Speed 2.x
Full Tilt Poker Client 4.x
Full Uninstall 2.x
Fullerscreen 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Fullshot 9.x
Fully Modded phpBB
Fun Face Changer Extreme Free 1.x
Fun Run 1.x
functions for keyconfig (Thunderbird) 1.x (extension for Firefox)
functions for keyconfig 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fund Manager 12.x
Fund Manager 2014.x
Fund Manager 8.x
Fundanemt 2.x
Funeral Script PHP
Funk Software Proxy Host 4.x
Funk Software Proxy Host 5.x
Funk Software Proxy Master 3.x
Funk Software Proxy Master 4.x
Funk Software Proxy Master 5.x
Funk Software Proxy Remote Control 4.x
Funk Software Proxy Remote Control Gateway
FunkBoard 0.x
FunkGallery 0.x
FunkyASP AD System 1.x
FunkyASP Glossary 1.x
Funnel Web Analyzer 5.x
Funny SMS Ringtones 2.x
FurAffinity Extender 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Furigana Injector 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Furjournal Extension 2006 (extension for Firefox)
Furkan Tastan Blog
Furl Tools 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Furlan Language Pack 3.x (extension for Firefox)
FurMark 1.x
Furnish Pro 1.x
FUSE 2.x
Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.x
Fuse Management Console 1.x
Fuse MQ Enterprise 7.x
Fusebox 4.x
Fusebox 5 Reload 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Fusebox 5.x
FuseTalk 2.x
FuseTalk 3.x
FuseTalk 4.x
Fusion News 3.x
Fusion SBX 1.x
FusionCharts 2.x
FusionForge 5.x
FusionHDTV 3.x
FusionReactor Enterprise 5.x
FuskerClientPlus 3.x
Futility Forum 1.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe Analysis of High-Performance Access CGI 4.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe Analysis of High-Performance Access Standard 3.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe MP Form Mail CGI eCommerce 1.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe MP Form Mail CGI Professional 3.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe RevoCounter CGI 1.x
Futomi's CGI Cafe Search CGI 1.x
Futurama 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FuturixImager 5.x
Fuze Meeting 1.x
Fuzzball MUCK 6.x
Fuzzy Time 1.x (extension for Firefox)
FuzzyDupes 4.x
fuzzylime (cms) 3.x
fuzzylime (forum) 1.x
FVWM 2.x
FWD.Communicator 1.x
fwknop 2.x
Fx Audio Editor 4.x
Fx Audio Tools 7.x
Fx ConCat Audio Joiner 1.x
Fx Joiner & Splitter 6.x
Fx Magic Music 5.x
Fx Movie Joiner 6.x
Fx Movie Splitter 6.x
Fx New Sound 5.x
Fx Video Converter 7.x
FxCop 1.x
FxFoto 6.x
FxIF 0.x (extension for Firefox)
FXOA_V06 ActiveX Control 6.x
fzami 1.x (extension for Firefox)

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