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Secunia Advisories by Product

Below you will find a complete index of software and operating systems currently in the Secunia database. Our database currently includes 50,564 pieces of software and operating systems.

New software and operating systems are added to our database on a daily basis through software suggestions from customers and vulnerability reports affecting new software.

Operating Systems and Appliances (3,372)
Software (47,192)
0-9 (36)
A (249)
B (126)
C (510)
D (162)
E (74)
F (126)
G (22)
H (457)
I (164)
J (49)
K (19)
L (124)
M (136)
N (196)
O (68)
P (70)
Q (9)
R (117)
S (342)
T (106)
U (38)
V (35)
W (60)
X (43)
Y (10)
Z (24)
0-9 (292)
A (4,070)
B (1,646)
C (3,413)
D (2,493)
E (1,629)
F (1,874)
G (1,508)
H (1,602)
I (2,672)
J (723)
K (600)
L (1,049)
M (3,655)
N (1,599)
O (1,318)
P (3,278)
Q (418)
R (1,463)
S (4,541)
T (2,051)
U (548)
V (1,018)
W (2,509)
X (545)
Y (268)
Z (378)

All starting with "V" (1,018)

V 9.x
V CAST Media Manager 1.x
V Fileviewer 14.x
V-CMS 1.x
v-creator 1.x
V-ONE SmartPass 4.x
V-SpacePal 2.x
V-webmail 1.x
V3 Chat
V3 Chat Live Support 3.x
V3 Chat Profiles/Dating 3.x
V7Software Hide IP 2.x
V8.Net 1.x
v86d 0.x
Vaadin 6.x
Vaadin 7.x
Vacation 0.x (SquirrelMail plugin)
Vacation 2.x (Horde module)
Vacation Packages Listing 2.x
Vacation Rental Script 1.x
Vacation Rental Script 3.x
Vacation Rental Script 4.x
Vacation Rental Tracker 1.x
Vacation Script
Vagrant 1.x 0.x (extension for Firefox)
VALCam 9000-628P Enhanced Driver 1.x
Valdersoft Shopping Cart 3.x
ValidateAndDownload ActiveX Control 3.x
Validaty 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Vallen JPegger 4.x
Vallen Zipper 2.x
Vallheru 1.x
Valsana 5.x
Valuemation 3.x
Valve Source-Engine
Valvestar 7.x
VaM Shop 1.x
Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands 1.x
Vancouver Canucks Boom 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VanFcast ActiveX Control 1.x
VANFIND ActiveX Control 1.x
VANGRID ActiveX Control 1.x
Vanguard Administrator (VRA) 8.x
Vanilla 1.x
Vanilla Forums 2.x
Vanilla Forums AboutMe Plugin 1.x
Vanilla Forums FirstLastNames Plugin 1.x
Vanilla Forums kPoll Plugin 1.x
Vanilla Forums LatestComment Plugin 1.x
Vanilla Forums Poll Plugin 0.x
Vanilla Forums Tapatalk Plugin 1.x
Vanilla Forums Van2Shout Plugin 1.x
VanillaSoft Helpdesk Version 2005
VANPALLET ActiveX Control 1.x
VanPipeline ActiveX Control 1.x
Vantage Linguistics AnswerWorks 3.x
Vantage Linguistics AnswerWorks 4.x
Vantage Linguistics AnswerWorks 5.x
VANTREE ActiveX Control 1.x
VaporCD 1.x
Var scroll 0.x (extension for Firefox)
VariCAD 2.x
VariCAD Viewer 2.x
Varnish 1.x
Varnish 2.x
Varnish Cache 3.x
Varonis DatAdvantage 5.x
Varonis DataPrivilege 5.x
VarovisionPlayerX ActiveX Control 1.x
VASCO VACMAN Middleware 2.x
VASCO VACMAN Middleware 3.x
VASCO VACMAN RADIUS Client Simulator (RCS) 2.x
Vastal I-Tech Agent Zone
Vastal I-Tech Dating Zone
Vastal I-Tech DVD Zone
Vastal I-Tech Freelance Zone
Vastal I-Tech Jobs Zone
Vastal I-Tech Mag Zone
Vastal I-Tech MMORPG Zone
Vastal I-Tech Share Zone
Vastal I-Tech Toner Cart
VatDecoder ActiveX Control 1.x
vAuthenticate 3.x
Vavoom 1.x
VaxSIPUserAgentCAB ActiveX Control 7.x
VB2S Mannequin Virtuel ActiveX Control 1.X
VBA Key 7.x
Vba32 AntiRootkit 3.x
VBA32 Antivirus 3.x
vBActivity (module for vBulletin) 3.x
vBDownloads (module for vBulletin) 1.x
vbDrupal 4.x
vbDrupal 5.x
vBExperience 3.x (module for vBulletin)
vBExperience 4.x (module for vBulletin)
vBGallery 1.x
vBGallery 2.x
VBGooglemap 1.x (module for vBulletin)
VBIRDPlayer ActiveX Control 2.x
vbLOGIX Tutorials Script 1.x
VBook 2.x
vbox3 0.x
vbPortal 2.x
vbPortal 3.x
vBQuiz (module for vBulletin) 1.x
Vbs2Exe 3.x
VbsEdit 4.x
VbsEdit 5.x
vBSEO 3.x (module for vBulletin)
vBShop 2.x (module for vBulletin)
vBShout (module for vBulletin)
vBShout (module for vBulletin) 6.x
vBTube 1.x (module for vBulletin)
vBug Tracker 3.x (module for vBulletin)
vBulletin 2.x
vBulletin 3.x
vBulletin 4.x
vBulletin 5.x
vBulletin Publishing Suite 4.x
Vbuzzer 1.x
VBZooM 1.x
vCAP 1.x
vCard 2.x
vCard 3.x
vCard4J 1.x
vcart 3.x
VCD-db 0.x
VCDEasy 3.x
VCDGear 3.x
VCDS 10.x
VCDS 11.x
vCenter Orchestrator Client 10.x
VChat 1.x
VCOM PowerDesk Pro 5.x
VCOM PowerDesk Pro 6.x
VCOM Recovery Commander 2.x
VCOM Recovery Commander 3.x
VCOM System Suite 5.x
VCOM System Suite 7.x
VCOM System Suite 8.x
vCounter 1.x
VCW VicMans Photo Editor 8.x
Vcwin Pro 2.x
VDownloader 3.x
VDR 1.x
Vecmath 1.x
Vector 1.x
Vector CANoe 7.x
Vectoraster 4.x
Vectoraster Quicklook 1.x
Vectorian Giotto 3.x
VectorWorks 12.x
Vectorworks 2009
Vectorworks 2013
Vedit 6.x
Veeam FastSCP 3.x
Veetle TV 0.x
VeetleTV (NPAPI Plugin) 0.x
vefstikan 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VegaDNS 0.x
Vegas Forum 1.x
Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.x
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.x
VEGO Links Builder 2.x
VEGO Web Forum 1.x
Venafi TrustAuthority 14.x
Venafi TrustForce 14.x
Venalsur Booking Centre 2.x
Venda Language Pack 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Veno File Manager 1.x
VenomBoard 1.x
VentaFax 5.x
Ventelo SMS Office 1.x
Ventrilo Client 3.x
ventrilo client dist 3.x
Ventrilo Server 2.x
Ventrilo Server 3.x
Venture 2.x
Venturi Client 2.x
Veoh Video Compass 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VeraCrypt 1.x
Verax NMS 2.x
Verbatim Corporate Secure USB Flash Drive Software
Verbentrainer 1.x
Verbix 6.x
Verbix 7.x
Verdasys Digital Guardian 3.x
Verdict Free 1.x
Verdiem Surveyor 5.x
VeriAdmin 3.x
VeriAdmin 4.x
VeriAdmin 5.x
VeriAdmin 7.x
VeriCentre Web Console 2.x
Verifier 1.x
Verinice 1.x
VeriSign ConfigChk ActiveX Control 2.x
VeriSign EV Green Bar Extension 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VeriSign i-Nav Plug-In
VERITAS Backup Exec 10.x
VERITAS Backup Exec 7.x
VERITAS Backup Exec 8.x
VERITAS Backup Exec 9.x
VERITAS Backup Exec Remote Agent 10.x for Windows Servers
VERITAS Backup Exec Remote Agent 8.x for Windows Servers
VERITAS Backup Exec Remote Agent 9.x for Windows Servers
VERITAS Bare Metal Restore 3.1.x
VERITAS Bare Metal Restore 3.2.x
VERITAS Cluster Server 2.x
VERITAS Cluster Server 3.x
VERITAS Cluster Server 4.x
Veritas Cluster Server 5.x
VERITAS Cluster Server QuickStart
VERITAS Cluster Server Traffic Director
VERITAS CommandCentral Storage 4.x
VERITAS Database Edition / Advanced Cluster for Oracle9i
VERITAS Enterprise Administrator 3.x
VERITAS ExecView 2.x
VERITAS ExecView 3.x
VERITAS File System (VxFS) 3.x
Veritas File System 5.x
VERITAS Global Cluster Manager
VERITAS i3 7.x
VERITAS NetBackup Advanced Client 5.x
VERITAS Netbackup Advanced Client 6.x
VERITAS NetBackup BusinesServer 3.x
VERITAS NetBackup BusinesServer 4.x
VERITAS NetBackup DataCenter 3.x
VERITAS NetBackup DataCenter 4.x
VERITAS NetBackup Enterprise Server 5.x
VERITAS NetBackup Enterprise Server 6.x
VERITAS NetBackup Professional 3.x
VERITAS NetBackup Professional 5.x
VERITAS NetBackup Professional 6.x
VERITAS NetBackup Server 5.x
VERITAS NetBackup Server 6.x
VERITAS Replication Exec 3.x
VERITAS Storage Exec 5.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation 2.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation 3.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation Cluster File System 4.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Database (DB2, Oracle and Sybase) 3.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Database (DB2, Oracle and Sybase) 4.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 3.x
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 4.x
Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.x
VERITAS StorageCentral 5.x
VERITAS Volume Manager 3.x
VERITAS Volume Manager 4.x
Veritas Volume Manager 5.x
Verity K2 ToolKit 2.x
Verity KeyView Export SDK 7.x
Verity KeyView Export SDK 8.x
Verity KeyView Export SDK 9.x
Verity KeyView Filter SDK 7.x
Verity KeyView Filter SDK 8.x
Verity KeyView Filter SDK 9.x
Verity KeyView Viewer SDK 7.x
Verity KeyView Viewer SDK 8.x
Verity KeyView Viewer SDK 9.x
Verity Ultraseek 5.x
Verizon Call Assistant 2.x
Verizon In-Home Agent 4.x
Verizon In-Home Agent 9.x
Verizon Media Manager 9.x
Verizon TCP Config ActiveX Control 2.x
Verizon WiFiConnect 2.x
VerizonWirelessUploadControl ActiveX Control 1.x
VerliAdmin 0.x
Verlihub Control Panel 1.x
Vermeer 2 1.x
Versado CMS 1.x
VersaLex Trader (VLTrader) 2.x
Versant Object Database 7.x
Versata 2.x
Versata Process Logic Designer 5.x
versatileBulletinBoard 0.x
versatileBulletinBoard 1.x
VersePerfect 2.x
VerseQ 3.x
VersionBackup 2.x
VersionBackup 4.x
VersionChecker ActiveX Control 2.x
VersionTracker Pro 3.x for Windows
VersionTracker Pro 4.x for Mac
VersionTracker Pro 4.x for Windows
Versomatic 1.x
Vertica Analytics Platform 6.x
Vertical Tabbar 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Vertigo 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Vertippdich Search Toolbar 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VertrigoServ 2.x
VertTabbar 2.x (extension for Firefox)
VeryDOC PDF Viewer ActiveX Control 2.x
VeryPDF PDF Editor 2.x
Verzoek of wijziging voorlopige aanslag 2010 1.x
vespertalessmiliekiller 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Veusz 1.x
Vevo! CatalogBuilder 3.x
Vex Blocks free 1.x
Vfox3 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Vfox3-Basic 0.x (extension for Firefox)
VG Cats Forums Menu 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VGirl3D 2.x
VHCS 2.x
VHD Attach 3.x
VHD Web Pack 2.x
VHS to DVD Deluxe 3.x
Viamatic foXpose 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Viaplay for Android 3.x
ViArt CMS 3.x
ViArt HelpDesk 3.x
ViArt Shop 3.x
ViArt Shop 4.x
ViArt Shop Enterprise 2.x
ViArt Shop Free 2.x
ViArt Shop Free 3.x
Viber 2.x
Viber 3.x
Viber 4.x
Viber for Desktop 4.x
Viber for Windows 3.x
Vibration Monitoring 1.x
VicBlog 0.x
VICE 1.x
Vice 2.x
Vice Stats 1.x
ViceVersa PRO 1.x
ViceVersa PRO 2.x
VicFTPS 3.x
VicFTPS 5.x
ViciDial Asterisk GUI Client 2.x
Vicomsoft RapidCache Server 2.x
ViCon Reporter STD
ViCon ViFlow 2003 STD
Vidal CD 1.x
Vidalia 0.x
Vidamic Netlog 4.x
VidaOne Diet & Fitness 2.x
VidCoder 0.x
VidCoder 1.x
VidConvert 1.x
VidCrop Pro 1.x
Video Ads Blocker 2.x
Video Battle Script
Video Blaster WebCam Go 2.x
Video Bookmarks 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Video Booth 2.x
Video Card Stability Test 1.x
Video Chat for SayHi 2.x
Video Cleaner Pro 6.x
Video Community Portal
Video Converter Android 1.x
Video Converter Plus 3.x
Video Download Capture 4.x
Video Downloader 1.x
Video For Kik 1.x
Video Girls BiZ
Video mp3 Extractor 1.x
Video Search and Downloader 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Video Splitter 1.x
Video Thumbnails Maker 3.x
Video Thumbnails Maker 4.x
Video to Facebook 2.x
Video Workshop 1.x
Video X Converter 2.x
videoasesor Bankinter ActiveX Control 1.x
Videobox 3.x
VideoCache 1.x
VideoCacheView 2.x
VideoCanvas 2.x
VideoCharge 3.x
VideoCharge Studio 2.x
VideoCMS 3.x
VideoConverter 2.x
VideoDB 0.x (component for Mambo)
VideoDB 2.x
VideoDB 3.x
VideoDeviceControl ActiveX Control 1.x
VideoDrive 2.x
VideoGet 2.x
VideoInspector 2.x
VideoIsland 2.x
VideoJS 3.x
VideoLightbox 2.x
VideoLink Mail 3.x
VideoMakers Menu 0.x (extension for Firefox)
VideoMonkey 0.x
Videora 2.x
Videora 3.x
Videora 5.x
Videora YouTube Downloader 2.x
VideoReDo Plus 2.x
VideoReDo TV Suite 3.x
VideoReDo TVSuite 3.x
VideoReDo TVSuite 4.x
Videos Broadcast Yourself
Videos Tube
VideoScript 4.x
VideoSearchScript 3.x
VideoServerCom ActiveX Control 1.x
Videosmate Organizer 4.x
VideoSpirit Lite 1.x
VideoSpirit Pro 1.x
VideoSurf Videos at a Glance 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Videowave III 3.x
VideoWhisper Live Streaming
VideoWhisper PHP 2 Way Video Chat
VideoWhisper Video Conference
VideoWorks 6.x
VIDEOzilla 3.x
VIDITalk In-browser Video Capture ActiveX Control 4.x
VidLogo Application 3.x
VidShare Pro 1.x
Vidyo Desktop 2.x
Vienna 2.x
Vienna SoundFont Studio 1.x
Vienna SoundFont Studio 2.x
VieNuke VieBoard 2.x
Vietcong 2 1.x
Vietnamese Dictionary 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Vietnamese Language Pack 2.x (extension for Firefox)
View Cookies 1.x (extension for Firefox)
View Cookies CS 1.x (extension for Firefox)
View Dependencies 0.x (extension for Firefox)
View Headers Toggle Button 2.x (extension for Firefox)
View Image (Filename) 0.x (extension for Firefox)
View Page Source 0.x (extension for Firefox)
View Source Chart 2.x (extension for Firefox)
View Source Choice 0.x (extension for Firefox)
View Trace.axd 1.x (extension for Firefox)
View22RTEv4 ActiveX Control 3.x
Viewables Labeling System 2.x
Viewables Labeling System 3.x
ViewAbout 1.x (extension for Firefox)
ViewCompanion Pro 2.x
ViewCVS 0.x
Viewdw32 ActiveX Control 3.x
Viewer n5
Viewfinder 1.x
Viewglob 2.x
ViewMate 8.x
ViewMate 9.x
Viewpoint Manager 2.x
Viewpoint Media Player 3.x
Viewpoint Toolbar 2.x
Viewpoint Toolbar 3.x
ViewRanger Outdoors GPS 4.x
Viewstate Size 1.x (extension for Firefox)
ViewVC 1.x
Vignette 2013.x
Vignette Application Portal (VAP) 7.x
Vignette Business Collaboration Server 5.6.x
Vignette Story Server 4.x
Vignette Story Server 5.x
Vignette V6
Vignette V7
ViHor Design 1.x
Vijeo Citect 7.x
Vijeo Historian 4.x
Vik Real Estate 1.x (extension for Joomla!)
Vikingboard 0.x
Vilistextum 2.x
Vim 1.x
Vim 6.x
Vim 7.x
Vimperator 2.x (extension for Firefox)
VImpX 4.x
VinadeReminder 3.x
Vinagre 0.x
Vinagre 2.x
Vincent LECLERCQ News 5.x
Vindictus 1.x
Vine 1.x
Vine Server 3.x
Vine Viewer 3.x
Vineyard Vintage 3.x
Vineyard Vintage 4.x
Vinilator 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Vino 2.x
Vino 3.x
Vinoteka 2.x
Violations 0.x (plugin for Jenkins)
VIP Team To Do List 2.x
VIPRE Antivirus 2012 5.x
VIPRE Antivirus 3.x
VIPRE Antivirus Premium 4.x
VIPRE Internet Security 2012
VIPS 7.x
Vir.IT eXplorer 6.x
Viral DX 1 2.x
Viral Marketing Script
VirDir Manager 0.x
viRecruit 7.x
Virgil CGI Scanner 0.x
VirMedia ActiveX Control 2.x
ViRobot Advanced Server
ViRobot Expert 4.x
ViRobot Linux Server 2.x
virt-v2v 0.x
Virtools Web Player 3.x
Virtools Web Player 4.x
Virtu GPU Virtualization Software 1.x
Virtua Tennis Challenge FREE 2.x
VirtuaGirl HD 1.x
Virtual Access Client 5.x
Virtual Access Monitor 3.x
Virtual Access Point 2.x
Virtual Audio Cable 4.x
Virtual Calendar
Virtual CD 10.x
Virtual CD 6.x
Virtual CD 7.x
Virtual CD 8.x
Virtual CD 9.x
Virtual CD File Server 7.x
Virtual Civil Services (civserv) Extension for TYPO3 4.x
Virtual Dentist Story 2.x
Virtual Dentist Surgery 1.x
Virtual Dimension 0.x
Virtual DJ 1.x
Virtual DJ 3.x
Virtual DJ 5.x
Virtual DJ 6.x
Virtual DJ 7.x
Virtual Earth 3D 4.x
Virtual Floppy Drive 2.x
Virtual Identity 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Virtual Keyboard 1.x (plugin for SquirrelMail)
Virtual Knee Surgery 1.x
Virtual Law Office 1.x
Virtual Machine Remote ActiveX Control 1.x
Virtual Money 1.x (component for Joomla)
Virtual Path for phpBB 1.x
Virtual PDF Printer 1.x
Virtual Real Estate Manager 3.x
Virtual Router 1.x
Virtual Sound Canvas 3.x
Virtual Support Office-XP 2.x
Virtual Surgery Surgery Game 1.x
Virtual Vertex Muster 6.x
Virtual War 1.x
Virtual Weather Station 13.x
VirtualBox 1.5.x
VirtualBox Guest Additions 4.x
VirtualCDRW 1.x
VirtualCloneDrive 5.x
VirtualDJ 7.x
VirtualDrive Network 7.x
VirtualDrive Personal 7.x
VirtualDrive Personal 8.x
VirtualDrive Pro 11.x
VirtualDrive Pro 8.x
VirtualDub 1.x
VirtualDubMod 1.x
virtualenv 1.x
VirtualEyez 1.x
Virtualizor 2.x
VirtualLab 5.x
VirtualLab Data Recovery 4.x
Virtualmin 3.x
VirtuaNews 1.x
VirtuaWin 4.x
Virtue Book Store
Virtue Classifieds
Virtue News Manager
Virtue Online Test Generator
Virtue Shopping Mall
VirtueMart 1.x
Virtuemart 2 Multiple Customfields Filter 1.x (module for Joomla!)
VirtueMart 2.x (component for Joomla!)
VirtueMart Google Base 1.x (component for Joomla)
VirtueMart Joomla! eCommerce Edition 1.x
Virtuemart Shipping by State (component for Joomla!)
Virtuosa 5.x
VirusBarrier X5
VirusBarrier X6 10.x
VIRUSfighter 5.x
VirusKeeper 2008 Professional
VirusTotal 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Visale 1.x
Visan RocketLife
Viscacha 0.x Gold
Viscosity 1.x
Visibility Software Cyber Recruiter 8.x
Visiblox Charts 4.x
Visinia 1.x
Vision 1.x
Vision HelpDesk 3.x
Visionapp Application Center (vAC)
Visionapp Identity and Rights Management (vIRM) 2009
visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD) 1.x
visionapp Remote Desktop 2011
Visioneer OneTouch 3.x
VisionGate 2.x
VisionProject 3.x
VisiPics 1.x
Visitenkartenkarten-Druckerei 12
Visitor Web Stats 3.x (module for osCommerce)
VisitorBook LE 1.x
VisiWave Site Survey 2.x
Visma Business
Visma Contracting
Visma SalesOffice
VisNetic ActiveDefense 1.x
Visnetic AntiVirus Plug-in for MailServer 4.x
VisNetic FTPServer 2.x
VisNetic Mail Server 6.x
VisNetic Mail Server 8.x
VisNetic MailServer 5.x
VisNetic WebSite 3.x
Viso 2.x (module for eXV2)
VisoHotlink 1.x
Vispa 0.x
VisSie 2.x
Vista Codec Package 5.x
Vista Codec Package 6.x
Vista Firewall Control 1.x
Vista Mail 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Vista Manager 1.x
Vista MP3 Recorder 1.x
Vista Nature 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Vista on XP 2.x (extension for Firefox)
Vista PC Detector ActiveX Control 1.x
Vista Services Optimizer 1.x
Vista Shortcut Manager 2.x
Vista Start Menu 2.x
Vista Start menu 3.x
Vista-aero 3.x (extension for Firefox)
Vista/XP Virtual Desktops 0.x
Vista4Experts 1.x
VistaBB 2.x
VistaCockpit 2.x
VistaGlazz 1.x
VistaGlazz 2.x
VistaPortal Standard Edition 2.x
ViStart 1.x
VistaScan 3.x
VistaSwitcher 1.x
Vistumbler 10.x
Visual Arkiv 4.x
Visual Assist X 10.x
Visual BCD 0.x
Visual Bookmarks 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Visual CertExam Designer 1.x
Visual CertExam Manager 1.x
Visual CertExam Suite 1.x
VISUAL Enterprise
Visual Events Calendar 1.x
Visual IRC 2.x
Visual LANSA 11.x
Visual LightBox 4.x
Visual Mind 7.x
Visual Mind 8.x
Visual Paradigm Agilian 3.x
Visual PRO/5 2.x
Visual Prolog 7.x
Visual Slideshow 1.x
Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server
Visual Synapse HTTP Server 0.x
Visual Task Tips 1.x
Visual Task Tips 2.x
Visual Task Tips 3.x
Visual Tools VS 3.x
Visual Video Converter 4.x
Visual Watermark 1.x
Visual WhoIs 2004 1.x
Visual-Adress 6.x
VisualAge Smalltalk 6.x
VisualBoyAdvance 1.x
VisualDiffer 1.x
Visualization Library 2009
visualizeus 0.x (extension for Firefox)
VisualPulse Router Edition 5.x
VisualPulse Web Edition 5.x
VisualSoft Crypt 3.x
VisualSoft FTP 3.x
VisualSoft HTTP 3.x
VisualSVN Server 2.x
VisualVM 1.x
VisualZone 5.x
Visuplay CMS
Vit Registry Fix 12.x
Vit Registry Fix 9.x
Vita for Facebook 2.x
VitalQIP 7.x
VitalQIP 8.x
VitalSource Bookshelf 5.x
VitalSource Bookshelf 6.x
VitalSuite Network Performance Management Software 9.x
VitalTech IPCalculator 1.x
Vitamin D Video 1.x
Vitamin-R 1.x
VitaminCtrl ActiveX Control 3.x
Vitamio for Android 1.x
Vitech V3
Vitrax Premodded 1.x
Vivaty 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Viveza 2.x
Vivian Mail 3.x
Vivino for Android 6.x
Vivisimo Content Engine
Vivvo Article Management CMS 3.x
Vivvo CMS 4.x
ViX 2.x
Vixie Cron 1.x
Vixie Cron 2.x
Vixie Cron 3.x
Vixie Cron 4.x
VIXPA 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Viz EasyCut 4.x
Viz PreCut 4.x
Vizayn Haber
Vizayn Urun Tanitim Sitesi 0.x
Vizer Web Server 1.9.x
VJDEO 1.x (component for Joomla!)
VK for Android 3.x
vlbook 1.x
VLC media player 0.x
VLC media player 1.x
VLC Media Player 2.x
VLC Media Player Portable 1.x
VLC Streamer 1.x
Vlinks 1.x
vLite 1.x
Vlog System 1.x
VMLite Workstation 3.x
Vmmap 3.x
VMware ACE 1.x
VMware ACE 2.x
VMware Consolidated Backup
VMware Converter 3.x
VMware DRS
VMware Express 2.x
VMware Fusion 1.x
VMware Fusion 2.x
VMware Fusion 3.x
VMware Fusion 4.x
VMware Fusion 5.x
VMware Fusion 6.x
VMware GSX Server 1.x
VMware GSX Server 2.x
VMware GSX Server 3.x
VMware HA
VMware Horizon Mirage 4.x
VMware Horizon View 5.x
VMware Horizon View Client 2.x
VMware Horizon View Client 3.x
VMware Horizon View Client 4.x
VMware Horizon Workspace 1.x
VMware Infrastructure 2.x
VMware Infrastructure 3.x
VMware OVF Tool 2.x
VMware OVF Tool 3.x
VMware P2V Assistant 2.x
VMware Player 1.x
VMware Player 2.x
VMware Player 3.x
VMware Player 4.x
VMware Player 5.x
VMware Player 6.x
VMware Remote Console 2.x
VMware Server 1.x
VMware Server 2.x
VMware Studio 2.x
VMware ThinApp 4.x
VMware Tools 1.x
VMware Tools 2.x
VMware Tools 3.x
VMware Tools 7.x
VMware Tools 8.x
VMware Tools 9.x
VMware vCenter CapacityIQ 1.x
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager 1.x
VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager 2.x
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.x
VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.x
VMware vCenter Lab Manager 4.x
VMware vCenter Operations 1.x
VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps) 5.x
VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) 5.x
VMware vCenter Orchestrator 4.x
VMware vCenter Server 4.x
VMware vCenter Server 5.x
VMware vCenter Server Appliance 5.x
VMware vCenter Support Assistant 5.x
VMware vCloud Director 5.x
VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) 5.x
VMware vFabric Postgres 9.x
VMware View 3.x
VMware View 4.x
VMware View 5.x
VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) 2.x
VMware Virtual Disk Development Kit (VDDK) 5.x
vmware Virtual Disk Development Kit 1.x
VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client
VMware Virtual Machine Console 3.x
VMware Virtual SMP
VMware VirtualCenter 1.x
VMware VirtualCenter 2.x
VMware VIX API 1.x
VMware VIX API 5.x
VMware vMA 4.x
VMware vMA 5.x
VMware VMotion
VMware vShield Manager 4.x
VMware vSphere 4.x
VMware vSphere 5.x
VMware vSphere Client 4.x
VMware vSphere Client 5.x
VMware vSphere PowerCLI 4.x
VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.x
VMware vSphere SDK for Perl 5.x
VMware vSphere Update Manager 1.x
VMware vSphere Update Manager 4.x
VMware vSphere Update Manager 5.x
VMware Workstation 10.x
VMware Workstation 2.x
VMware Workstation 3.x
VMware Workstation 4.x
VMware Workstation 5.x
VMware Workstation 6.x
VMware Workstation 7.x
VMware Workstation 8.x
VMware Workstation 9.x
VMware Workstation Movie Decoder 6.x
VMware Workstation Movie Decoder 7.x
VNC Admin Console 1.x
VNC Admin Console 2.x
VNC Deployment Tool 1.x
VNC Enterprise Edition 4.x
VNC Viewer Plus
VNCon 0.x
VNCon 1.x
VNCScan Console .NET
vnDict - Vietnamese Dictionaries 1.x (extension for Firefox)
VNews 1.x
vobcopy 1.x
Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5.x
Vocup 1.x
Vodafone Cloud 1.x
Vodafone Mobile Broadband 10.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 3.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 4.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 5.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 6.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 7.x
Vodafone Mobile Connect 9.x
Voice Candy 1.x
Voidtools Everything Search Engine 1.x
Voila 3.x
VoipBuster 2.x
VoipBuster 4.x
VoipCheapCom 4.x
VoipDiscount 3.x
VoipDiscount 4.x
Voipraider 4.x
VoIPReady ActiveX Control 1.x
VoipStunt 3.x
VoipStunt 4.x
Vokabeltrainer 2.x
Vokabeltrainer 6.x
Vokabular 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Volo View 3.x
Volo View Express 2000
Volo View Express 2002
Voltage SecureMail 2.x
Volumouse 1.x
Volumouse 2.x
Volunteer Management System 2.x (component for Joomla)
VooDoo cIRCle 1.0.x
VooDoo cIRCle 1.1.x
VooDoo cIRCle XTelnet 0.x
VoodooPad 4.x
Vopt 8.x
Vopt 9.x
VoptXP 7.x
Vor und Rückwärts Auktions System
vorbis-tools 1.x
Vordel Gateway 6.x
VordelSecure 3.x
Vormetric File System Agent 5.x
Vortex Library 1.x
Vortex Portal 1.x
Vote! Pro 4.x
VoteBox 2.x
vowel2003 1.x
vowelXP 1.x
Vox populi (mv_vox_populi) Extension for TYPO3 0.x
Vox Studio 3.x
Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT 1.x
Voxofon - International Calls for Android 2.x
VoxsyncX ActiveX Control 1.x
Voxtron Communication Center Client 8.x
Voyager Flight Software System 4.x
VP-ASP Shopping Cart 3.x
VP-ASP Shopping Cart 4.x
VP-ASP Shopping Cart 5.x
VP-ASP Shopping Cart 6.x
VP-ASP Shopping Cart 7.x
VP-EYE 4.x
VP-EYE 5.x
VP-EYE 6.x
vpectrl3 ActiveX Control 3.x
vPing 1.x
VPMi (Virtual Program Management Intranet) Enterprise 3.x
VPNCheck Pro 1.x
VPOP3 2.x
VPOP3 Enterprise 3.x
vpopmail 5.x
VPOPMail Account Administration 0.x
vpopmail-CGIApps 0.x
VPortfolio 1.x (component for Joomla!)
VPSKeys 4.x
vqServer 1.x
VR GPub 4.x
VR-NetWorld Software 3.x
VR-NetWorld Software 4.x 1.x
vReveal 3.x
vRevealR 2.x
VrijeSchijfruimte 1.x
VRmall Viewer ActiveX Control 2.x
VS-Gaestebuch 1.x
VS-News-System 1.x
vSCAL 1.x
Vscertdel ActiveX Control 1.x
vsflex ActiveX Control 7.x
vsflex7L ActiveX Control 7.x
VSFlex8l ActiveX Control 8.x
VSFlexGrid 7.0 Pro ActiveX Control 7.x
VSFlexGrid Pro 7.x
VSFlexGrid8 ActiveX Control 8.x
vsftpd 1.2.x
vsftpd 2.0.x
vsftpd 2.3.x
Vsftpd Webmin Module 1.x
vShare YouTube Clone 2.x
VShell Secure Shell Server 2.x
VShell Secure Shell Server 3.x
VSNL Integrated Dialer 1.x
VSNS Lemon 3.x
VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate 1.x
VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate 3.x
VSO ConvertXtoDVD 5.x
VSO Downloader 2.x
VSO Downloader 4.x
VSO DVD Converter 1.x
VSO DVD Converter 3.x
VSO Image Resizer 1.x
VSO Image Resizer 2.x
VSO Image Resizer 4.x
VSO Inspector 1.x
VSO Media Player 0.x
VSO Media Player 1.x
VSO PhotoDVD 4.x
VSO Video Converter 1.x
VSOCKS Light 0.x
vSphere Big Data Extensions 1.x
vsprint7 ActiveX Control 7.x
vsREAL 1.x
VSRip 1.x
VStar Blog Engine 1.x
VT-Forum Lite System 1.x
VTech Explor Park Storio 3.x
VTFEdit 1.x
vtiger CRM 4.x
vtiger CRM 5.x
vtiger CRM 6.x
VTLS Web Gateway 48.x
VtPlus Teletext 2.x
vTuner 4.x
VTZilla (extension for Firefox) 1.x
Vu 2.x
VU Case Manager 3.x
VU Mass Mailer
VU Web Visitor Analyst 2.x
VUBB 0.x
Vue 8.x
VueMinder 9.x
VuePrint 8.x
VueScan 8.x
VueScan 9.x
VueScan 9.x
VulSearch 4.x
VundoFix 6.x
VUPlayer 2.x
Vuze (formerly Azureus) 3.x
Vuze (formerly Azureus) 4.x
Vuze (formerly Azureus) 5.x
VvWeb ActiveX Control 2.x
vWar 1.x (module for PHP-Nuke)
VXDate (component for Joomla)
VxEditor 0.x
vxFtpSrv for Windows CE and Pocket PC 0.x
vxTftpSrv for Windows CE 1.x
vxWeb for Windows CE 1.x
Vypínac na dobrou noc 2.x
Vypress Messenger 3.x
Vypress Tonecast 1.x
VyprVPN 2.x
Vz In Home Agent 4.x
VZAccess Manager 6.x
VZAccess Manager 7.x
vzTCPConfig ActiveX Control 2.x

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