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Microsoft is currently associated with 1,088 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Operating Systems and Appliances

Microsoft MN-500
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 98
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows CE .NET 4.x
Microsoft Windows CE 3.x
Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Microsoft Windows CE 6.0
Microsoft Windows Millenium
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003
Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.x
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.x
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server, Terminal Server Edition
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
Microsoft Windows Phone 7
Microsoft Windows Phone 8
Microsoft Windows RT
Microsoft Windows RT 8.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows XP Embedded
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Microsoft Windows XP Professional


Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) for Windows7 6.x
Active Directory Migration Tool 3.x
Active Directory Migration Tool version 3.2
Age of Empires 1.x
Age of Empires 2.x
Age of Empires Expansion 2.x
Age of Empires III 4.x
Age of Empires, the Rise of Rome 1.x
Age of Mythology 3.x
ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit 4.x
ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
ASP.NET Web Pages 2.x
Autoruns for Windows 12.x
axwebdeploy ActiveX Control 3.x
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 1
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2
BerbCln ActiveX Control 1.x
Bing Bar 7.x
Bing Bar Installer 5.x
Bing Bar Installer 6.x
Bing Desktop 1.x
Cabinet Tool 1.x
Calculator for Tablet PC 1.x
CheckersZPA ActiveX Control 9.x
Chess Titans 6.x
CLR Profiler for .NET Framework 1.x
CLR Profiler for .NET Framework 2.0 1.x
CLR Profiler for .NET Framework 4 1.x
Cluster Server Recovery Utility 1.x
comdlg32 ActiveX Control 6.x
Common Service Locator 1.x
Component Checker 2.x
Conferencing Add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook 8.x
Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) 7.x
Connectix Virtual PC for Windows 4.x
Connectix Virtual PC for Windows 5.x
Creature House Expression 3.x
CRL Download ActiveX Control 1.x
CryptoRSA ActiveX Control 2.x
Debug Diagnostic Tool 1.x
Deep Zoom Composer 1.x
DIB Bitmap file format import filter ActiveX Control 4.x
DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) Checker 2.x
DoomChk ActiveX Control 1.x
DoomCln ActiveX Control 1.x
DotNetZip 1.x
Driver Package Installer (DPInst) 2.x
Dynamics AX 2012
Expression Blend 2.x
Expression Encoder 4 Pro 4.x
FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint
Fiddler PowerToy 1.x
Fiddler PowerToy 2.x
FixItControl ActiveX Control 1.x
Freelancer 1.x
FxCop 1.x
Games for Windows - LIVE 3.x
GAME_UNO1 MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 1.x
GIF file format import filter ActiveX Control 1.x
HDView ActiveX Control 1.x
HighMAT Extension to Microsoft Windows XP CD Writing Wizard
Hoop Strategy Game for Tablet PC 1.x
Hotmail Attachments ActiveX Control 1.x
Hotmail for Android 7.x
Html Agility Pack 1.x
ielabel ActiveX Control 4.x
IIS MetaEdit 2.x
ImportAx ActiveX Control 13.x
Interix SDK for Microsoft Service for Unix 3
Internationalized Domain Names Mitigation APIs 1.x
Internet Explorer 5.x for Mac
Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar 1.x
iView MediaPro 3.x
LifeCam 1.x
Live Mesh 0.x
Live Search Maps for Outlook 3.x
lrniehlp ActiveX Control 1.x
Maze Game for Tablet PC 1.x
MBFWebBehaviors ActiveX Control 1.x
MCPTranscriptPrint ActiveX Control 2.x
MCSiMenu ActiveX Control 1.x
MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries
Messenger Play! 0.x
MessengerStatsPAClient ActiveX Control 9.x
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 Redistributable
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 Redistributable
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.x
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.x
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.x
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x
Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Microsoft Access 2000
Microsoft Access 2002
Microsoft Access 2003
Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft Access 2013
Microsoft Access 97.x
Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer
Microsoft AccessEnum 1.x
Microsoft ActiveSync 3.x
Microsoft ActiveSync 4.x
Microsoft Ajax Minifier 4.x
Microsoft Antigen 9.x
Microsoft AntiXSS Library 3.x
Microsoft AntiXSS Library 4.x
Microsoft Application Center 2000
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.x
Microsoft Application Request Routing 3.x
Microsoft Application Verifier 3.x
Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.x
Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.x
Microsoft AppLocale Utility 1.x
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 2.0
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 3.0
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4.0
Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5.x
Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 8.x
Microsoft AutoCollage 2008 1.x
Microsoft AutoRoute 2001
Microsoft AutoRoute 2002
Microsoft AutoRoute 2004
Microsoft AutoRoute 2005
Microsoft AutoRoute 2006
Microsoft AutoRoute 2007
Microsoft AutoRoute 2010
Microsoft AutoRoute 2013
Microsoft AutoRuns 10.x
Microsoft AutoRuns 11.x
Microsoft AutoRuns 8.x
Microsoft AutoRuns 9.x
Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync 1.x
Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider Package 6.x
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 1.x
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.x
Microsoft Best Practices Analyzer Tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 1.x
Microsoft BgInfo 3.x
Microsoft BGInfo 4.x
Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring 2.x
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010
Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft Bootvis 1.x
Microsoft Brochure Machine ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Browser Client Context Tool (W3Who.dll)
Microsoft Business Contact Manager 2.x for Outlook 2003
Microsoft Business Solutions CRM 1.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics 6.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics 7.x
Microsoft Business Solutions eEnterprise 6.x
Microsoft Business Solutions eEnterprise 7.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains 7.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains 8.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon 4.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon 5.x
Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon 6.x
Microsoft Business Solutions-Attain (Navision)
Microsoft Calculator Plus 1.x
Microsoft Carioca Rummy 1.x
Microsoft Chart Control for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft ClearAdjust ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Codename Max 1.x
Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP 1.x
Microsoft Command Shell 1.x
Microsoft Commerce Server 2000
Microsoft Commerce Server 2002
Microsoft Commerce Server 2007
Microsoft Commerce Server 2009
Microsoft Communicator 2011
Microsoft Content Management Server 2001
Microsoft Content Management Server 2002
Microsoft Contig 1.x
Microsoft CRL Download Control Active Control 1.x
Microsoft Dashboard Services Component ActiveX Control 2000x
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.x
Microsoft Data Analyzer 3.x
Microsoft Data Analyzer ActiveX Control
Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) 1.0
Microsoft Debugging Tools for Windows 6.x
Microsoft DebugView 4.x
Microsoft Dependency Walker 2.x
Microsoft Desktops 1.x
Microsoft Desktops 2.x
Microsoft Device Emulator 9.x
Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 6.x
Microsoft Digital Image 2006 11.x
Microsoft Digital Image Pro 7.x
Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9.x
Microsoft Digital Image Suite 9.x
Microsoft DigWebX2 ActiveX Control 10.x
Microsoft DirectShow 4.x
Microsoft DirectX 10.x
Microsoft DirectX 11.x
Microsoft DirectX 5.x
Microsoft DirectX 6.x
Microsoft DirectX 7.x
Microsoft DirectX 8.x
Microsoft DirectX 9.x
Microsoft DirectX Media SDK 6.x
Microsoft DirectX SDK
Microsoft Disk Usage 1.x
Microsoft DiskMon 2.x
Microsoft DiskView 2.x
Microsoft Download Manager 1.x
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.x
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.x
Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.x
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.x
Microsoft Easy Assist 8.x
Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.x
Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) 2.x
Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) 3.x
Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) 4.x
Microsoft EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) 5.x
Microsoft Encarta 16.x
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2003
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2004
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2005
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2006
Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2007
Microsoft Encarta World Atlas 2001
Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.x
Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2000
Microsoft Excel 2002
Microsoft Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2010
Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2013
Microsoft Excel 2013 RT
Microsoft Excel 97
Microsoft Excel Viewer 97
Microsoft Exchange 2000 Enterprise Server
Microsoft Exchange 5
Microsoft Exchange 5.5
Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filter 6.x
Microsoft Exchange Server 2000
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync Web Administration Tool 8.x
Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool 6.x
Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects 1.2.1
Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access Web Administration
Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor 6.x
Microsoft Experience Pack 1.x
Microsoft Expression Blend 3.x
Microsoft Expression Blend 4
Microsoft Expression Design 1
Microsoft Expression Design 2
Microsoft Expression Design 3
Microsoft Expression Design 4
Microsoft Expression Encoder 2.x
Microsoft Expression Encoder 3.x
Microsoft Expression Encoder 4
Microsoft Expression Media 1.x
Microsoft Expression Media 2.x
Microsoft Expression Web 1.x
Microsoft Expression Web 2.x
Microsoft Expression Web 3.x
Microsoft Expression Web 4
Microsoft Expression Web 4 SuperPreview 4.x
Microsoft F# Runtime 2.0
Microsoft File Transfer Control ActiveX Control 5.x
Microsoft File Transfer Manager 5.x
Microsoft Filemon 4.x
Microsoft Filemon 6.x
Microsoft Filemon 7.x
Microsoft Firewall Client for ISA Server 1.x
Microsoft Firewall Client Tool 4.x for ISA Server 2004
Microsoft Fix it Center 1.x
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Microsoft Font properties editor 1.x
Microsoft Forefront Client Security
Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server
Microsoft Forefront Security for Exchange Server
Microsoft Forefront Security for SharePoint
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Client 2010
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 (TMG) 7.x
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway Medium Business Edition
Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) 2010
Microsoft Frontpage 2000
Microsoft Frontpage 2002
Microsoft Frontpage 2003
Microsoft Frontpage 98.x
Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions 2000
Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions 2002
Microsoft Fundelete 2.x
Microsoft Game Voice 1.x
Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft GIF Animator 1.x
Microsoft Greetings 2002
Microsoft Groove Server 2010
Microsoft Group Policy Management Console 1.x
Microsoft Handle 3.x
Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 SDK
Microsoft Help Workshop 4.x
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 Administrator Client
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2004 (Client)
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2006
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2009
Microsoft Host Integration Server 2010
Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2
Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 4.x
Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Resource Tool Kit
Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 Scenarios
Microsoft Image Composer 1.x
Microsoft Image Composite Editor 1.x
Microsoft InfoPath 2003
Microsoft InfoPath 2010
Microsoft Ink Desktop 1.x
Microsoft IntelliPoint 6.x
Microsoft IntelliPoint 7.x
Microsoft IntelliPoint 8.x
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 6.x
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 7.x
Microsoft IntelliType Pro 8.x
Microsoft Interactive Training 3.x
Microsoft Interix 2.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 5.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 6.x
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4.0
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.x
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.x
Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.x
Microsoft Internet Transfer ActiveX Control 6.x
Microsoft InteropForms Toolkit 2.x
Microsoft ISA Server 2000
Microsoft ISA Server 2004
Microsoft ISA Server 2006
Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Supportability Update
Microsoft ISA Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool 6.x
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine 5.x
Microsoft Junction 1.x
Microsoft KB 824146 Scanner 1.x
Microsoft LifeCam 3.x
Microsoft LifeCam 4.x
Microsoft LifeChat 1.x
Microsoft ListDLLs 2.x
Microsoft ListDLLs 3.x
Microsoft Live Meeting 2007
Microsoft Location Finder 2.x
Microsoft Log Parser 2.x
Microsoft Lync 2010
Microsoft Lync 2010 Attendee 4.x
Microsoft Lync 2013
Microsoft Lync Basic 2013
Microsoft Lync Server 2010
Microsoft Lync Server 2013
Microsoft Mail Service 3.x
Microsoft Malware Protection 1.x
Microsoft MapPoint 2002
Microsoft MapPoint 2004
Microsoft MapPoint Europe 2006 13.x
Microsoft Match-Up! 1.x
Microsoft Mathematics 4.x
Microsoft Messenger 7.x
Microsoft Messenger 8.x
Microsoft Money 2005
Microsoft Money 2006 15.x
Microsoft Money 2007 16.x
Microsoft Money 7.x
Microsoft Money 8.x
Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe 12.x
Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe 17.x
Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center 1.x
Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.x
Microsoft MoveFile 1.x
Microsoft Movie Maker 1.x
Microsoft Movie Maker 2.x
Microsoft MSDE 7.x
Microsoft MSDN Library for Visual Studio .NET 2003
Microsoft MSN Messenger 6.x
Microsoft MSN Messenger 7.x
Microsoft MSN Messenger Setup Downloader ActiveX
Microsoft MSN Photo Upload Tool 10.x
Microsoft MSN Search Toolbar 2.x
Microsoft National Language Support Downlevel APIs 1.x
Microsoft Navision Axapta 2.x
Microsoft Navision Axapta 3.x
Microsoft Navision XAL 3.x
Microsoft Network Monitor 3.x
Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2003 component 11.x
Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition
Microsoft Office 2003 Proofing Tools
Microsoft Office 2003 Resource Kit 11.x
Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition
Microsoft Office 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition
Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components
Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS 1.x
Microsoft Office 2007 system (NPAPI Plugin) 12.x
Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack
Microsoft Office 2013
Microsoft Office 2013 RT
Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007
Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005
Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007
Microsoft Office Communicator 2005
Microsoft Office Communicator 2007
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats
Microsoft Office Excel 2007
Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003
Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2007
Microsoft Office File Converter Pack
Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in 14.x
Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007
Microsoft Office Groove 2007
Microsoft Office Groove Server 2007
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003
Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005
Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005 7.x
Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 8.x
Microsoft Office Live Workspace ActiveX Control 2.x
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.x
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino 1.x
Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Office Picture Manager 12.x
Microsoft Office Pinyin SimpleFast/New Experience Style 2010
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2010
Microsoft Office Project 2003
Microsoft Office Project 2007
Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2007
Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2010
Microsoft Office Publisher 2000
Microsoft Office Publisher 2002
Microsoft Office Publisher 2003
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Workspace 2010 (formerly Microsoft Office Groove)
Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006
Microsoft Office Template and Media Control ActiveX Control 12.x
Microsoft Office Template Gallery ActiveZ Control 1.x
Microsoft Office Tools on the Web ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Office Visio Connector for the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) 2.x
Microsoft Office Web Apps
Microsoft Office Web Components 2000
Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML Viewer
Microsoft Office Word 2007
Microsoft Office Word Viewer
Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003
Microsoft Office X for Mac
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft Office XP Resource Kit 10.x
Microsoft Office XP Web Components
Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) 17.x
Microsoft OneDrive for Business 2013
Microsoft OneNote 2003
Microsoft OneNote 2010
Microsoft OneNote 2013
Microsoft Online Services Sign In 1.x
Microsoft Open Command Window Here 1.x
Microsoft Open XML File Format Converter for Mac
Microsoft OpenType Extension 2.x
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Agent 2005
Microsoft Organization Chart 2.x
Microsoft Outlook 2000
Microsoft Outlook 2002
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Business Contact Manager 1.x
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Outlook 97.x
Microsoft Outlook 98.x
Microsoft Outlook Express 4
Microsoft Outlook Express 5
Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5
Microsoft Outlook Express 6
Microsoft Outlook View ActiveX Control 10.x
Microsoft Outlook Web Access S/Mime 6.x
Microsoft PageDefrag 2.x
Microsoft PC Advisor 2.x
Microsoft PendMoves 1.x
Microsoft Photo Editor 3.x
Microsoft Photo Story 3.x
Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000
Microsoft Physics Illustrator 3.x
Microsoft Picture It! 10.x
Microsoft Picture It! 2002
Microsoft Picture It! 3.x
Microsoft Picture It! 7.x
Microsoft Picture It! 9.x
Microsoft Pinyin IME 2010
Microsoft Platform SDK 5.x
Microsoft Platform SDK Redistributable: GDI+
Microsoft Plus! Alarm Clock 1.x
Microsoft Plus! Audio Converter 1.x
Microsoft Plus! Dancer 1.x
Microsoft Plus! Photo Story 2.x
Microsoft Portmon 3.x
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Microsoft Powerpoint 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Powerpoint 2008 for Mac
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Microsoft Powerpoint 2011 for Mac
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Microsoft PowerPoint 97.x
Microsoft PowerPoint Web App
Microsoft Powershell 6.x
Microsoft Pro Photo Tools 2.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 10.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 11.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 12.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 14.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 15.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 16.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 5.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 8.x
Microsoft Process Explorer 9.x
Microsoft Process Monitor 1.x
Microsoft Process Monitor 2.x
Microsoft Process Monitor 3.x
Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft Project 2000
Microsoft Project 2002
Microsoft Project 2010
Microsoft Project 2013
Microsoft Project 97
Microsoft Project 98
Microsoft Project Calendar ActiveX Control 11.x
Microsoft Project Central Server
Microsoft Project Offline Support ActiveX Control 11.x
Microsoft Project Outlook Integration Object ActiveX Control 11.x
Microsoft Project Professional 2002
Microsoft Project Professional 2003
Microsoft Project Query ActiveX Control 11.x
Microsoft Project Server 2002
Microsoft Project Server 2003
Microsoft Project Update ActiveX Control 11.x
Microsoft Proxy Server 2.x
Microsoft PsExec 1.x
Microsoft PsFile 1.x
Microsoft PsGetSid 1.x
Microsoft PsInfo 1.x
Microsoft PsKill 1.x
Microsoft PsList 1.x
Microsoft PsLoggedOn 1.x
Microsoft PsLogList 2.x
Microsoft PsPasswd 1.x
Microsoft PsPing 1.x
Microsoft PsService 2.x
Microsoft PsShutdown 2.x
Microsoft PsSuspend 1.x
Microsoft PsSuspend 2.x
Microsoft Publisher 2.x
Microsoft Publisher 2003
Microsoft Publisher 2010
Microsoft Publisher 2013
Microsoft Publisher 98 5.x
Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer 1.x
Microsoft Reader 2.x
Microsoft RegDelNull 1.x
Microsoft Registry Usage (RU) 1.x
Microsoft Regmon 2.x
Microsoft Regmon 4.x
Microsoft Regmon 6.x
Microsoft Regmon 7.x
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2.x
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 3.x
Microsoft Remote Server Verwaltungstool 6.x
Microsoft Removal Tool: Blaster/Nachi
Microsoft Remove Hidden Data Tool 1.x
Microsoft Report Viewer 2005
Microsoft Report Viewer 2008
Microsoft Report Viewer 2010
Microsoft Research Cliplets 1.x
Microsoft RichCopy 4.x
Microsoft Rootkitrevealer 1.x
Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.x
Microsoft Script Debugger 1.x
Microsoft SDelete 1.x
Microsoft Search Server 2008
Microsoft Search Settings ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Security Assessment Tool 4.x
Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM) 3.x
Microsoft Security Compliance Manager 1.x
Microsoft Security Essentials 2.x
Microsoft Security Essentials 4.x
Microsoft Server Performance Advisor 1.x
Microsoft Service Bus 1.x
Microsoft Shared View 8.x
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013
Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013
Microsoft SharePoint Team Services
Microsoft Sigcheck 1.x
Microsoft Silverlight 1.x
Microsoft Silverlight 2.x
Microsoft Silverlight 3.x
Microsoft Silverlight 4.x
Microsoft Silverlight 5.x
Microsoft Site Server 3.0
Microsoft SkyDrive 16.x
Microsoft Small Basic 1.x
Microsoft Small Business Server 2000
Microsoft SMS Sender 1.x
Microsoft SNA Server 4
Microsoft SNARF 1.x
Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 3.x
Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer (MSIA) 4.x
Microsoft Speech Platform - Server Runtime 10.x
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000)
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition 3.x
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 BI Development Studio
Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express
Microsoft SQL Server 2014
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5.x
Microsoft SQL Server 7.x
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 8.x
Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine 8.x
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 9.x
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005
Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access 5.x
Microsoft Standard User Analyzer 1.x
Microsoft Streams 1.x
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2001
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2005
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010
Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013
Microsoft Strings 2.x
Microsoft SubInACL 5.x
Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool ActiveX Control 2.x
Microsoft Sync 2.x
Microsoft Sync Framework 2.x
Microsoft Sync Framework v1.0
Microsoft SyncToy 1.x
Microsoft SyncToy 2.x
Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012
Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007
Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012
Microsoft System Center Orchestrator 2012
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012
Microsoft Systems Management Server 1.x
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.x
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003
Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003 Tool Kit 2.x
Microsoft TCPView 2.x
Microsoft TCPView 3.x
Microsoft Terminal Services Advanced Client
Microsoft Terminal Services Client 6.x
Microsoft Time Zone 2.x
Microsoft Train Simulator 1.x
Microsoft Treemapper 1.x
Microsoft Tweak UI 2.x
Microsoft Unity 2.x
Microsoft Update Catalog ActiveX Control 7.x
Microsoft Urlscan Filter v3.1 (x86)
Microsoft User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) 2.x
Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service 1.x
Microsoft Virtual PC 2004
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 6.x
Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.x
Microsoft Virtual Server 2005
Microsoft Visio 2000
Microsoft Visio 2002
Microsoft Visio 2002 Viewer
Microsoft Visio 2003
Microsoft Visio 2003 Viewer
Microsoft Visio 2007
Microsoft Visio 2007 Viewer
Microsoft Visio 2010
Microsoft Visio 2010 Viewer
Microsoft Visio 2013 Viewer
Microsoft Visio Converter 15.x
Microsoft Visual 2000
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.x
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6.x
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications SDK 5.x
Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications SDK 6.x
Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x64)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.x
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.x
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 8.x
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.x
Microsoft Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver
Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.x
Microsoft Visual J# .NET 1.x
Microsoft Visual J# .NET Version 1.1 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual J# .NET Version 2.0 Redistributable Package
Microsoft Visual J++ 6.x
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.x
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 64-bit Hosted Visual C++ Tools
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Remote Debugger 9.x
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Enterprise
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Professional
Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Standard
Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 Express 10.x
Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2010 Express 10.x
Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop 11.x
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Office system 3.0 Runtime 9.x
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition
Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition
Microsoft WCF RIA Services 4.x
Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool 1.x
Microsoft Web Deploy 2.x
Microsoft Web Deployment Tool 1.x
Microsoft Web Farm Framework 2.x
Microsoft Web Platform Installer 7.x
Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard 1.x
Microsoft WebMatrix 2.x
Microsoft WebMatrix 3.x
Microsoft Whale Communications Intelligent Application Gateway 2007 3.x
Microsoft Whoami 5.x
Microsoft Whois 1.x
Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Migration Tool 2.x
Microsoft Windows 2000 Administration Tools
Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit
Microsoft Windows 2000 Support Tools 5.x
Microsoft Windows Defender
Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 2.x
Microsoft Windows Desktop Search 3.x
Microsoft Windows Essentials 2012
Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Windows Installer 4.x
Microsoft Windows Intune
Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer 1.x
Microsoft Windows Live OneCare
Microsoft Windows Live Toolbar 3.x
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 4.x
Microsoft Windows Media Connect 1.x
Microsoft Windows Media Connect 2.x
Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9.x
Microsoft Windows Media Format Runtime 11.x
Microsoft Windows Media Format Runtime 7.x
Microsoft Windows Media Format Runtime 9.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 10.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 11.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 12.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 5.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 8.x
Microsoft Windows Media Player 9.x
Microsoft Windows Media Services 2008
Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.x
Microsoft Windows Media Services 9.x
Microsoft Windows Messenger 3.x
Microsoft Windows Messenger 4.x
Microsoft Windows Messenger 5.x
Microsoft Windows Mobile-Gerätecenter 6.x
Microsoft Windows Rights Management Client 1.x
Microsoft Windows Script Control 1.x
Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 7.x
Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 6.x
Microsoft Windows Search 4.x
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Support Tools 5.x
Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 2.x
Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.x
Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 2.x
Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.x
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.x
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.x
Microsoft Windows XP Support Tools 5.x
Microsoft WinObj 2.x
Microsoft WinSock ActiveX Control 5.x
Microsoft WMI Administrative Tools 1.x
Microsoft WMI Object Viewer ActiveX Control 1.x
Microsoft Word 2000
Microsoft Word 2002
Microsoft Word 2003
Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac
Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Word 2013
Microsoft Word 97
Microsoft Word 97 Viewer
Microsoft Word 98(J)
Microsoft Word Web App
Microsoft Workflow Manager 1.x
Microsoft Works 4.x
Microsoft Works 6-9 File Converter 1.x
Microsoft Works 6.x
Microsoft Works 7.x
Microsoft Works 8.x
Microsoft Works 9.x
Microsoft Works Suite 2001
Microsoft Works Suite 2002
Microsoft Works Suite 2003
Microsoft Works Suite 2004
Microsoft Works Suite 2005
Microsoft Works Suite 2006
Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories 1.x
Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 3.x
Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 4.x
Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 5.x
Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) 6.x
Microsoft XML Parser 2.x
Microsoft XML Parser 6.x
Microsoft XPS Viewer EP 1.x
Microsoft XPS-Viewer 6.x
Microsoft ZoomIt 1.x
Microsoft ZoomIt 4.x
Mircosoft Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging
Mobile Information Server (MIS) 2002
Mouse without Borders 2.x
MSCOMCT2 ActiveX Control 6.x
MSDCode ActiveX Control 2.x
MSN Chat ActiveX Control 4.x
MSN Explorer 10.x
MSN Explorer 7.x
MSN Gaming Zone Heartbeat ActiveX Control 6.x
Msn Installer ActiveX Control 11.x
MSN Toolbar 1.x
MsnPPick ActiveX Control 10.x
msrdp ActiveX Control 5.x
MUI Pack for Microsoft Office 2003
MUI Pack for Windows XP 5.x
Navision Financials DK
Navision Stat 3.x
NetMeeting Resource Kit 3.x
Networking Setup Helper ActiveX Control 5.x
nshelp ActiveX Control 5.x
Office 2003 Add-In: International Character Toolbar 11.x
Office Mobile for Office 365 15.x
olTFACL ActiveX Control 1.x
OneDrive for Android 2.x
Orca 1.x
Orca 3.x
Orca 5.x 7.x
OWCHelper ActiveX Control 1.x
Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) 2.x
Photo Pick and Convert Module for MSN ActiveX Control 10.x
Photosynth ActiveX Control 1.x
PipPPush ActiveX Control 7.x
PJ12enuC ActiveX Control 12.x
PJGRID ActiveX Control 12.x
PJGRID ActiveX Control 12.x
Platform SDK Redistributable: CAPICOM 2.x
ProcDump 3.x
ProcDump 6.x
ProductIDGatherer ActiveX Control 1.x
PromqryUI 1.x
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7
Robocopy 4.x
RS Client Print ActiveX Control 9.x
Salesforce for Outlook 1.x
Salesforce for Outlook 2.x
SassCln ActiveX Control 1.x
scrdenrl ActiveX Control 5.x
SCrdEnrl ActiveX Control 5.x
Security Guidance Kit 1.x
Setupctl ActiveX Control 1.x
SharePoint Server 2013 Client Components SDK
SkyDrive for Android 1.x
SolitaireShowdown ActiveX Control 9.x
SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC
SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
SQL Server 2008 R2 Books Online
SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
SQL Server Manager Studio 10.x
SSL Diagnostics 1.x
StagingUI ActiveX Control 9.x
StProxy ActiveX Control 9.x
Systems Management Server 2.x
tabctl32 ActiveX Control 6.x
Terminal Services ActiveX Client 5.x
Terminal Services ActiveX Control 0.x
Threat Modeling Tool 1.x
Tic Tac Toe 1.x
Ultrasound 1.x
Uno Messenger ActiveX Control 1.x
URLScan Security Tool 2.x
Virtual Earth 3D 4.x
Virtual Machine Remote ActiveX Control 1.x
Vista PC Detector ActiveX Control 1.x
Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server
Webcam Timershot 1.x
Webster HTTP Server
Windows 2000 Terminal Services
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor 2.x
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool 1.x
Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK)
Windows Azure SDK 1.x
Windows DVD Maker 6.x
Windows Genuine Advantage 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Windows Home Server Console 6.x
Windows Imaging Component 1.x
Windows Installer 3.x
Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 2.x
Windows Live Call 14.x
Windows Live Companion 15.x
Windows Live Devices 15.x
Windows Live Essentials 2011
Windows Live Family Safety 2011 15.x
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mesh 15.x
Windows Live Messenger 14.x
Windows Live Messenger 15.x
Windows Live Messenger 16.x
Windows Live Messenger 8.x
Windows Live Movie Maker 14.x
Windows Live Movie Maker 16.x
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011 15.x
Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner Active Control 1.x
Windows Live Photo Download ActiveX Control 12.x
Windows Live Photo Gallery 14.x
Windows Live Photo Gallery 16.x
Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 15.x
Windows Live Safety Center Base Module ActiveX Control 1.x
Windows Live SkyDrive Upload Tool ActiveX Control 12.x
Windows Live Sync 14.x
Windows Live Writer 14.x
Windows Live Writer 15.x
Windows Live Writer 16.x
Windows Live Writer 2011 15.x
Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool ActiveX Control 1.x
Windows Media Center 6.x
Windows Media Center TV Pack for Windows Vista
Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Windows Media Player skin import utility 1.x
Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Pocket PC 5.x
Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK for Smartphone 5.x
Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits Refresh 1.x
Windows Mobile Device Center 6.x
Windows NetMeeting 3.x
Windows PowerShell 1.x
Windows PowerShell 2.x
Windows PowerShell 3.x
Windows PowerShell 4.x
Windows Reg Clean 4.x
Windows Script for Windows Server 2003 5.x
Windows Scripting Host
Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
Windows Speech Recognition Macros 1.x
Windows SteadyState 5.x
Windows Support Tools File version 5.x
Windows Virtual PC 6.x
Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor 1.x
WorldWide Telescope (WWT) 2.x
WorldWide Telescope 5.x
wrc32 ActiveX Control 14.x
Writing Recognition Game 1.x
XEnroll ActiveX Control 5.x
XML Notepad 2007 2.x
XMLParser ActiveX Control 1.x
ZAxRcMgr ActiveX Control 9.x
ZBuddy ActiveX Control 9.x
Zone Intro ActiveX Control 9.x Checkers for MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 9.x Chess for MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 9.x Instant Games Jigsaw Too for MSN Messenger Activex Control 9.x Minesweeper Flags for MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 7.x Minesweeper Flags for MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 9.x Solitaire Showdown for MSN Messenger Activex Control 9.x Stats Client for MSN Messenger ActiveX Control 9.x
ZPA Backgammon ActiveX Control 9.x
zpa hrtz ActiveX Control 9.x
zpa shvl ActiveX Control 9.x
ZPAChat ActiveX Control 9.x
zpa_dmno ActiveX Control 1.x
ZPA_KQRP ActiveX Control 1.x
zpa_txhe 9.x
Zune 1.x
Zune 2.x
Zune 3.x
Zune 4.x

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