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Vendor Overview: Corel

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Corel is currently associated with 87 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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ActiveCGM 7.x
Bibble 5.x
Corel Barcode Wizard X4 14.x
Corel Barcode Wizard X5 15.x
Corel Barcode Wizard X6 16.x
Corel Bitstream Font Navigator 16.x
Corel Bitstream Font Navigator 6.x
Corel CAD 2011.x
Corel Capture X4 14.x
Corel Capture X5 15.x
Corel Capture X6 16.x
Corel Connect X5 15.x
Corel Connect X6 3.x
Corel Designer 9.x
Corel Designer Technical Suite 12.x
Corel DRAW 10
Corel DRAW 6
Corel DRAW 7
Corel DRAW 8
Corel DRAW 9
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite 10
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite 11
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite 12
Corel Duplexing Wizard X4 14.x
Corel Duplexing Wizard X5 15.x
Corel Duplexing Wizard X6 16.x
Corel getPlus Download Manager 1.x
Corel Grafigo 1.x
Corel Grafigo 2.x
Corel Home Office 1.x
Corel KnockOut 2.x
Corel MediaOne 2.x
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 12.x
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI 11.x
Corel Paint Shop Pro X 10.x
Corel Painter 11.x
Corel Painter 12.x
Corel Painter 13.x
Corel Painter Essentials 4.x
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 13.x
Corel PaintShop Pro X4 14.x
Corel PaintShop Pro X5 15.x
Corel PaintShop Pro X6 16.x
Corel PDF Fusion 1.x
Corel Photo Album 6.x
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X3 13.x
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 14.x
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 15.x
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 16.x
Corel Print Office 2000 5.x
Corel SB Profiler X4 14.x
Corel Snapfire 1.x
Corel SVG Viewer 2.x
Corel VideoStudio 12.x
Corel VideoStudio 14.x
Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 15.x
Corel VideoStudio Pro X6
Corel WordPerfect Office X3
Corel WordPerfect Office X5
Corel WordPerfect Office X6 16.x
Corel WordPerfect Suite 8.x
CorelDRAW 8.x
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 8.x
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 13.x
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 14.x
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 15.x
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 16.x
CorelDRAW X3 13.x
CorelDRAW X4 14.x
CorelDRAW X5 15.x
CorelDRAW X6 16.x
DVD MovieFactory 7.x
InterVideo WinDVD Media Center
Micrografx Picture Publisher 10
Micrografx Picture Publisher 7.x
Micrografx Picture Publisher 8.x
Sonic RecordNow 5.x
WinDVD 10.x
WinDVD 11.x
WinDVD 8.x
WinDVD 9.x
WordPerfect 11.x
WordPerfect Office 12.x
WordPerfect Office 13.x
WordPerfect Office 14.x
WordPerfect Office 9.x
WordPerfect Office X5 15.x

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