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Vendor Overview: Apple

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Apple is currently associated with 142 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Operating Systems and Appliances

Apple Airport Express
Apple Airport Extreme
Apple AirPort Time Capsule
Apple iOS 4.x for iPhone 3GS and later
Apple iOS 4.x for iPhone 4 (CDMA)
Apple iOS 5.x for iPhone 3GS and later
Apple iOS 6.x for iPhone 3GS and later
Apple iOS 7.x for iPhone 4 and later
Apple iOS for iPad 3.x
Apple iOS for iPad 4.x
Apple iOS for iPad 5.x
Apple iOS for iPad 6.x
Apple iOS for iPad 7.x
Apple iOS for iPod touch 4.x
Apple iOS for iPod touch 5.x
Apple iOS for iPod touch 6.x
Apple iOS for iPod touch 7.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) 1.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) 2.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) 3.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) for iPod touch 1.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) for iPod touch 2.x
Apple iPhone OS (iOS) for iPod touch 3.x
Apple Macintosh OS 9
Apple Macintosh OS X
Apple Time Capsule
Apple TV 1.x
Apple TV 2.x
Apple TV 4.x
Apple TV 5.x
Apple TV 6.x


AirPort Utility 5.x
Aperture 3.x
Apple AirPort Utility 4.x
Apple AirPort Utility 5.x
Apple Aperture 1.x
Apple Aperture 2.x
Apple Bonjour for Windows 1.x
Apple Bonjour for Windows 2.x
Apple Bonjour for Windows 3.x
Apple Bonjour Printer Wizard 1.x
Apple Boot Camp 3.x
Apple Boot Camp 4.x
Apple Boot Camp 5.x
Apple GarageBand 5.x
Apple iCal 1.x
Apple iLife 8.x
Apple iLife iPhoto 6.x
Apple iLife iPhoto 7.x
Apple iLife iPhoto 8.x
Apple iLife iPhoto 9.x
Apple iPod Software for Windows 2.x
Apple iTunes 10.x
Apple iTunes 11.x
Apple iTunes 4.x
Apple iTunes 5.x
Apple iTunes 6.x
Apple iTunes 7.x
Apple iTunes 8.x
Apple iTunes 9.x
Apple iWork 9.x
Apple Keynote 2.x
Apple Motion 5.x
Apple Numbers for iOS 1.x
Apple OS X Server 2.x
Apple OS X Server 3.x
Apple Pages 5.x
Apple Pages for iOS 1.x
Apple Pages for iOS 2.x
Apple Quicktime 2.x
Apple Quicktime 3.x
Apple Quicktime 4.x
Apple Quicktime 5.x
Apple Quicktime 6.x
Apple QuickTime 7.x
Apple QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component 7.x
Apple QuickTime X 10.x
Apple Remote Desktop 1.x
Apple Remote Desktop 2.x
Apple Remote Desktop 3.x
Apple Safari 1.x
Apple Safari 2.x
Apple Safari 3.x
Apple Safari 4.x
Apple Safari 5.x
Apple Safari 6.x
Apple Safari 7.x
Apple Software Update 1.x
Apple Software Update 2.x
Apple WiFi Scanner 1.x
Apple Xcode 2.x
Apple Xcode 3.x
Apple Xcode 4.x
Apple Xcode 6.x
Apple Xsan 2.x
Apple Xserve Lights-Out Management Firmware
AppleWorks 5.x
Automator 2.x
Captain FTP 6.x
ColorSync Utility 4.x
Compressor 4.x
Darwin Streaming Server 4.x
Darwin Streaming Server 5.x
DVD Studio Pro 4.x
Facetime 1.x
Final Cut Pro 7.x
GarageBand 6.x
iBooks Author 1.x
iBooks Author 2.x
iCal 4.x
iChat 6.x
iCloud 1.x
iCloud Control Panel 3.x
iDisk Utility 1.x
iDVD 7.x
iMovie 9.x
Instruments 2.x
iPhone Configuration Utility 3.1 for Windows 3.x
iPhone Configuration Utility for windows 2.x
iPhone Configuration Web Utility for Windows 1.x
iPod iTunes 4.x
iSync 3.x
ITDetector ActiveX Control 2.x
iWeb 3.x
Keynote 09 5.x
Lion Recovery Disk Assistant 1.x
Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.2.x
Numbers 09 2.x
PackageMaker 2.x
PackageMaker 3.x
Pages 09 4.x
Photo Booth 3.x
Photo Booth 4.x
Photo Booth 5.x
Protector Suite 2012
Quicktime Streaming Server 4.x
Quicktime Streaming Server 5.x
Safari for Windows 3.x
Screenshot Plus 3.x
textedit 1.x
Xsan Filesystem 1.x

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