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Mozilla Foundation is currently associated with 111 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Accessibar 0.x (extension for Firefox)
Add-on Collector 1.x (extension for Firefox)
Adhiyan 3.x (extension for Firefox)
BlueGriffon 1.x
Bugzilla 2.x
Bugzilla 3.x
Bugzilla 4.x
Camino 0.x
Flickr Uploader 3.x
KompoZer 0.x
Mozilla 0.x
Mozilla 1.0
Mozilla 1.1
Mozilla 1.2
Mozilla 1.3
Mozilla 1.4
Mozilla 1.5
Mozilla 1.6
Mozilla 1.7.x
Mozilla Firefox 0.x
Mozilla Firefox 1.x
Mozilla Firefox 10.x
Mozilla Firefox 11.x
Mozilla Firefox 12.x
Mozilla Firefox 13.x
Mozilla Firefox 14.x
Mozilla Firefox 15.x
Mozilla Firefox 16.x
Mozilla Firefox 17.x
Mozilla Firefox 18.x
Mozilla Firefox 19.x
Mozilla Firefox 2.0.x
Mozilla Firefox 20.x
Mozilla Firefox 21.x
Mozilla Firefox 22.x
Mozilla Firefox 23.x
Mozilla Firefox 24.x
Mozilla Firefox 25.x
Mozilla Firefox 26.x
Mozilla Firefox 27.x
Mozilla Firefox 28.x
Mozilla Firefox 29.x
Mozilla Firefox 3.0.x
Mozilla Firefox 3.5.x
Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x
Mozilla Firefox 30.x
Mozilla Firefox 31.x
Mozilla Firefox 32.x
Mozilla Firefox 4.x
Mozilla Firefox 5.x
Mozilla Firefox 6.x
Mozilla Firefox 7.x
Mozilla Firefox 8.x
Mozilla Firefox 9.x
Mozilla Firefox for Android 19.x
Mozilla Firefox for Android 28.x
Mozilla Firefox for Android 29.x
Mozilla Firefox Mobile 10.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 12.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 13.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 16.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 19.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 20.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 21.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 22.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 23.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 24.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 25.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 26.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 27.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 28.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 29.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 30.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 31.x
Mozilla Maintenance Service 32.x
Mozilla Rhino 1.x
Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.0.x
Mozilla SeaMonkey 1.1.x
Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 0.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 10.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 11.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 12.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 13.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 14.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 15.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 16.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 17.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 24.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 31.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 5.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 6.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 7.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 8.x
Mozilla Thunderbird 9.x
Mozilla Thunderbird ESR 10.x
MozTrap 1.x
NetScape Portable Runtime (NSPR) 4.x
Network Security Services (NSS) 3.x
Nvu 1.x
Personas 1.x (extension for Firefox)
SmtpSelect 1.x (extension for Thunderbird)
Songbird 1.x
Sunbird 0.x
Weave Sync 1.x (extension for Firefox)
XULRunner 17.x

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