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Vendor Overview: Nortel Networks

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Nortel Networks is currently associated with 97 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Operating Systems and Appliances

Nortel Access Stack Node (ASN) Router
Nortel Advanced Remote Node (ARN) Router (formerly Passport)
Nortel Alteon Content Cache
Nortel Alteon Content Director
Nortel Alteon Content Manager
Nortel Alteon iSD SSL Accelerator 2.x
Nortel Alteon Link Optimizer
Nortel Alteon SSL Accelerator 3.x
Nortel Alteon SSL Accelerator 4.x
Nortel Alteon SSL VPN
Nortel Alteon Web Switch Series
Nortel Application Gateway 2000 (AG2000) 6.x
Nortel Application Switches (formerly Alteon)
Nortel Audio Conference Phone 2033
Nortel Backbone Concentrator Node (BCN) Router
Nortel Backbone Link Node (BLN) Router
Nortel Business Communications Manager 2.x
Nortel Business Communications Manager 3.x
Nortel Business Communications Manager 4.x
Nortel Business Communications Manager 50
Nortel Business Policy Switch 2000 Series
Nortel CallPilot 4.x
Nortel Centrex IP Client Manager (CICM)
Nortel Contivity VPN Switches
Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 5510 (formerly BayStack)
Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 5520 (formerly BayStack)
Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 5530
Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8300 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Ethernet Switch 380 (formerly BayStack)
Nortel Ethernet Switch 420-24T (formerly BayStack)
Nortel Ethernet Switch 425 (formerly BayStack)
Nortel Ethernet Switch 450
Nortel Ethernet Switch 470 (formerly BayStack)
Nortel IP Phone 1100 Series
Nortel IP Phone 2000 Series
Nortel Media Processing Server (MPS)
Nortel Metro Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100
Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5200
Nortel Multiprotocol Router 2430 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiprotocol Router 5430 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiservice Access Switch 4400 Series (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiservice Switch 15000 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiservice Switch 20000 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiservice Switch 6400 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Multiservice Switch 7400 (formerly Passport)
Nortel Networks Periphonics VPS/is9500
Nortel Passport 1150 Routing Switch
Nortel Passport 1424T Routing Switch
Nortel Passport 1600 Routing Switch
Nortel Passport 4120
Nortel Passport 8100 Edge Switch
Nortel Passport Packet Voice Gateway (PVG)
Nortel Services Edge Router 5500 (formerly Shasta)
Nortel Switched Firewall 5000 Series
Nortel Switched Firewall 5100 Series
Nortel Switched Firewall 6000 Series
Nortel Threat Protection Systems 4.1.x
Nortel Threat Protection Systems 4.5.x
Nortel Threat Protection Systems 4.6.x
Nortel VPN Gateway 3050
Nortel VPN Gateway 3070
Nortel VPN Router 1750
Nortel VPN Routers
Nortel Wireless Gateway 7250
Nortel WLAN 2200 Series
Nortel WLAN Security Switch 2300 Series
Succession Communication Server 2000


Nortel Alteon 8661 SSL Acceleration Module
Nortel Alteon Security Manager
Nortel Alteon Web OS Traffic Control Software
Nortel Alteon Web Switching Module
Nortel Contact Center Manager Administration 6.x
Nortel Contact Recording 6.x
Nortel Contivity Configuration Manager
Nortel Contivity VPN Client
Nortel CS1000 5.x
Nortel IP Address Domain Manager
Nortel IP Softphone 2050
Nortel IP Trunk and Internet Telephony Gateway 1.x
Nortel IP Trunk and Internet Telephony Gateway 2.x
Nortel IP Trunk and Internet Telephony Gateway 3.x
Nortel Media Application Server 1.x
Nortel Media Application Server 2.x
Nortel Mobile Voice Client 2050
Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100 3.x
Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100 4.x
Nortel Net Direct Client for Linux 6.x
Nortel Remote Access Manager
Nortel SIP Multimedia PC Client 4.x
Nortel VPN Client 10.x
Nortel WLAN Management Software Client
Nortel WLAN Management Software Services
Optivity Telephony Manager (OTM) 2.x
Symposium TAPI 2.3.x Service Provider (for Meridian 1)
WSEColorText ActiveX Control 6.x

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