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Vendor Overview: NirSoft

Vendor Homepage:
View here (Link to external site)

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Alerting you whenever a vulnerability affects any software on your network.

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NirSoft is currently associated with 57 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

Choose a product below and view a full report about Secunia advisories affecting it.


No user commentsAlternateStreamView 1.x
No user commentsAppCrashView 1.x
No user commentsAsterisk Logger 1.x
No user commentsBulkFileChanger 1.x
No user commentsBulletsPassView 1.x
No user commentsCleanAfterMe 1.x
No user commentsClipboardic 1.x
No user commentsContent Advisor Password Remover 1.x
No user commentsCurrPorts 1.x
No user commentsCurrPorts 2.x
No user commentsCurrProcess 1.x
No user commentsCustomizeIE 1.x
No user commentsDeviceIOView 1.x
No user commentsDevManView 1.x
No user commentsDialupass 3.x
No user commentsDiskCountersView 1.x
No user commentsDiskSmartView 1.x
No user commentsDLL Export Viewer 1.x
No user commentsDNSDataView 1.x
No user commentsDotNetResourcesExtract 1.x
No user commentsDownTester 1.x
No user commentsDriverView 1.x
No user commentsFastResolver 1.x
No user commentsFileTypesMan 1.x
No user commentsHashMyFiles 1.x
No user commentsHashMyFiles 2.x
No user commentsHTMLAsText 1.x
No user commentsIECookiesView 1.x
No user commentsIPNetInfo 1.x
No user commentsMyUninstaller 1.x
No user commentsNetworkTrafficView 1.x
No user commentsNirCmd 2.x
No user commentsNirLauncher 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft BlueScreenView 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft BluetoothCL 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft BluetoothView 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft FlashCookieView 1.x
No user commentsNirsoft FolderChangesView 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft SkypeLogView 1.x
No user commentsNirSoft USBDeview 2.x
No user commentsOpenedFilesView 1.x
No user commentsProduKey 1.x
No user commentsRegScanner 1.x
No user commentsRegScanner 2.x
No user commentsResourcesExtract 1.x
No user commentsShellExView 1.x
No user commentsShellMenuNew 1.x
No user commentsShellMenuView 1.x
No user commentsSmartSniff 1.x
No user commentsSysExporter 1.x
No user commentsVideoCacheView 2.x
No user commentsVolumouse 1.x
No user commentsVolumouse 2.x
No user commentsWifiInfoView 1.x
No user commentsWinUpdatesList 1.x
No user commentsWireless Network Watcher 1.x
No user commentsWirelessNetView 1.x

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