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sourceforge is currently associated with 74 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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No user commentsAardvertiser 2.x (component for Joomla!)
No user commentsacpid 2.x
No user commentsAkelPad 4.x
No user commentsAnacron 1.x
No user commentsAnacron 2.x
No user commentsBristol 0.x
No user commentsBugTracker.NET 2.x
No user commentsCCMenu 1.x
No user commentsCEDET 1.x
No user commentsClassic Shell 2.x
No user commentsClassic Shell 3.x
No user commentsClassic Shell 4.x
No user commentsCOGRE 1.x
No user commentsCSSTidy 1.x
No user commentsDavMail 4.x
No user commentsDirectVobSub 2.x
No user commentsDouble Commander 0.x
No user commentsEmacs Code Browser 1.x
No user commentsEmacs Code Browser 2.x
No user commentsEntrans 0.x
No user commentsFink Commander 0.x
No user commentsFontForge 2x
No user commentsFrameByFrame 1.x
No user commentsFree Simple CMS 1.x
No user commentsFreeCAD 0.x
No user commentsFreeplane 1.x
No user commentsGeneric SCSI Target Subsystem for Linux (SCST) 1.x
No user commentsHastymail2 1.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 1.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 10.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 2.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 3.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 5.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 6.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 7.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 8.x
No user commentsHeirloom Mailx 9.x
No user commentsiSCSI Enterprise Target 1.x
No user commentslibHX 3.x
No user commentsLink Creation Extension 1.x
No user commentsMASS Music Player 2.x
No user commentsMednafen 0.x
No user commentsmeGUI 0.x
No user commentsMicroPlanet Gravity 3.x
No user commentsMini vMac 3.x
No user commentsNASM (Netwide Assembler) 1.x
No user commentsNet-SNMP 5.x
No user commentsNo Autorun 1.x
No user commentsNuSOAP 0.x
No user commentsphpBugTracker 1.x
No user commentsphpcrs 2.x
No user commentsphpcrs 3.x
No user commentsphpmyfamily 1.x
No user commentsphpmyfamily 2.x
No user commentsProject Jug 1.x
No user commentsrekonq 0.x
No user commentsSakura 1.x
No user commentsSax 2.x
No user commentsSeashore 0.x
No user commentsSimple Management for BIND 0.x
No user commentsSmallftpd 1.x
No user commentsSMplayer 0.x
No user commentsSnackAmp Music Player 3.x
No user commentsSteel bank common lisp 1.x
No user commentsstrace 4.x
No user commentsToastMount 2.x
No user commentsTween 0.x
No user commentsVisual Synapse HTTP Server 0.x
No user commentswebERP 3.x
No user commentswebERP 4.x
No user commentsWikidPad 1.x
No user commentsWikidPad 2.x
No user commentsWSDL4J 1.x
No user commentswxMaxima 8.x