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Vendor Overview: EMC Corporation

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EMC Corporation is currently associated with 163 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Operating Systems and Appliances

EMC Atmos 2.x
EMC Celerra Network Server 6.x
EMC Celerra Unified Storage Platforms Series
EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance 10.x
EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance 7.x
EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance 9.x
EMC Disk Library (EDL) 3.x
EMC Disk Library (EDL) 4.x
EMC Lifeline 2.x
EMC Lifeline 3.x
EMC RSA Security Analytics 10.x
EMC VNX Operating Environment for File 7.x
EMC VNXe 2.x


Captiva InputAccel Express
Captiva InputAccel Server 5.x
Dantz Retrospect Client 5.x
Documentum Administrator 5.x
Documentum ApplicationXtender 5.x
Documentum Desktop ActiveX Control 1.x
Documentum Records Manager 5.x
Documentum Webtop 5.x
Documentum WebXtender 5.x
EMC AlphaStor 3.x
EMC AlphaStor 4.x
EMC ApplicationXtender 6.x
EMC AutoStart 5.x
EMC Avamar 4.x
EMC Avamar 5.x
EMC Avamar 6.x
EMC Avamar 7.x
EMC Captiva ClaimPack 3.x
EMC Captiva Dispatcher 6.x
EMC Captiva eInput 1.x
EMC Captiva eInput 2.x
EMC Captiva FormWare 5.x
EMC Captiva InputAccel 6.x
EMC Captiva InputAccel for Invoices 3.x
EMC Captiva PixTools 8.x
EMC Captiva PixTools Distributed Imaging 2.x
EMC Captiva PixTools Distributed Imaging ActiveX 2.x
EMC Captiva QuickScan Pro 4.x
EMC Centera Universal Access 4.x
EMC CenterStage 1.x
EMC Connectrix Manager 11.x
EMC Connectrix Manager 12.x
EMC Connectrix Manager 9.x
EMC Control Center 5.x
EMC Control Center 6.x
EMC Data Protection Advisor 5.x
EMC DiskXtender 6.x
EMC Document Sciences xPression Documentum Edition 4.x
EMC Document Sciences xPression Enterprise Edition 4.x
EMC Documentum Administrator 6.x
EMC Documentum Capital Projects 1.x
EMC Documentum Capital Projects 6.x
EMC Documentum Content Server 6.x
EMC Documentum Content Server 7.x
EMC Documentum D2 3.x
EMC Documentum D2 4.x
EMC Documentum DFC 6.x
EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager 6.x
EMC Documentum eRoom 7.x
EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) 6.x
EMC Documentum Foundation Services (DFS) 7.x
EMC Documentum Interactive Delivery Services 6.x
EMC Documentum IRM Server 4.x
EMC Documentum IRM Server 5.x
EMC Documentum Records Management 6.x
EMC Documentum Site Caching Services 6.x
EMC Documentum Taskspace 6.x
EMC Documentum WDK 6.x
EMC Documentum Web Publisher 6.x
EMC Documentum Webtop 6.x
EMC Documentum xPlore 1.x
EMC EmailXaminer 2.x
EMC EmailXaminer 3.x
EMC EmailXtender 4.x
EMC HomeBase Server 6.x
EMC Ionix Adapter for Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM EMS (ASAM) 3.x
EMC Ionix Application Connectivity Monitor (ACM) 2.x
EMC Ionix ControlCenter SAN Advisor 6.x
EMC Ionix IP Management Suite 8.x
EMC Ionix IPv6 Management Suite 2.x
EMC Ionix MPLS Management Suite 4.x
EMC Ionix Multicast Manager (MCAST) 2.x
EMC Ionix Network Protocol Management Suite (NPM) 3.x
EMC Ionix Optical Transport Management Suite (OTM) 5.x
EMC Ionix Server Manager (EISM) 3.x
EMC Ionix Service Assurance Management Suite (SAM) 8.x
EMC Ionix Storage Insight for Availability Suite (SIA) 2.x
EMC Ionix VoIP Availability Management Suite (VoIP AM) 4.x
EMC Mirrorview 1.x
EMC My Documentum 6.x
EMC Navisphere CLI
EMC Navisphere Manager 6.x
EMC Navisphere Storage System Initialization Wizard 6.x
EMC NetWorker 7.x
EMC NetWorker 8.x
EMC NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications 1.x
EMC NetWorker Module for Meditech 2.x
EMC NetWorker Module for Microsoft Applications 2.x
EMC NetWorker Module for Microsoft Exchange Server 5.x
EMC NetWorker Module for MSSQL 5.x
EMC NetWorker Module for SAP with Oracle 4.x
EMC NetWorker PowerSnap Module 2.x
EMC PowerPath 3.x
EMC PowerPath 4.x
EMC PowerPath 5.x
EMC RecoverPoint 3.x
EMC Replication Manager 5.x
EMC RepliStor 6.x
EMC Retrospect 6.x
EMC Retrospect 7.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Linux 6.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Linux 7.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Macintosh 6.x
EMC Retrospect Client for NetWare 1.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Solaris 6.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Solaris 7.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Windows 6.x
EMC Retrospect Client for Windows 7.x
EMC RSA Archer GRC 5.x
EMC RSA Archer SmartSuite Framework 4.x
EMC Secure Remote Support Gateway 1.x
EMC Secure Remote Support Gateway 2.x
EMC Smarts IP Availability Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts IP Management Suite 7.x
EMC Smarts MPLS Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts Network Configuration Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts Network Protocol Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts Server Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts Service Assurance Management (SAM) Suite 7.x
EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager 9.x
EMC Smarts VoIP Manager 9.x
EMC Solutions Enabler 6.x
EMC Solutions Enabler 7.x
EMC SourceOne Email Management 6.x
EMC Symmetrix DMX-3 Storage System 5.x
EMC Symmetrix Management Console 7.x
EMC Symmetrix Performance Analyzer 2.x
EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) 7.x
EMC TimeFinder clone 7.x
EMC TimeFinder Snap 7.x
EMC Unisphere 1.x
MozyHome Online Backup 2.x
Navisphere Server Utility (AX) 6.x
Retrospect Express HD 2.x
RSA Adaptive Authentication 7.x
RSA Authentication Agent for Web for Apache Web Server 7.x
RSA Authentication Agent for Web for IIS 7.x
RSA Authentication Client 2.x
RSA Authentication Client 3.x
RSA Authentication Manager 8.x
RSA Data Loss Prevention 9.x
RSA SecurID Software Token Converter 2.x
RSA Security Analytics 10.x
TimeFinder VP Snap 7.x
WdkPlugin 6.x

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