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Vendor Overview: Apache Software Foundation

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Apache Software Foundation is currently associated with 199 pieces of software and operating systems in the Secunia database.

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Apache 1.3.x
Apache Abdera 1.x
Apache ActiveMQ 5.x
Apache ActiveMQ Apollo 1.x
Apache Ant 1.7.x
Apache Ant 1.8.x
Apache Ant 1.9.x
Apache APR 1.x
Apache APR-util 0.x
Apache APR-util 1.x
Apache Archiva 1.3.x
Apache Axiom 1.x
Apache Axis 1.x
Apache Axis2/Java 1.x
Apache Batik 1.x
Apache Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) 5.x
Apache Cactus 1.x
Apache Camel 1.x
Apache Camel 2.x
Apache Cassandra 1.x
Apache Chainsaw
Apache CloudStack 4.x
Apache Cocoon 1.x
Apache Cocoon 2.x
Apache Commons BeanUtils 1.x
Apache Commons Betwixt 0.x
Apache Commons Chain 1.x
Apache Commons CLI 1.x
Apache Commons Codec 1.x
Apache Commons Collections 2.x
Apache Commons Collections 3.2.x
Apache Commons Compress 1.x
Apache Commons Configuration 1.x
Apache Commons Daemon 1.x
Apache Commons DBCP 1.x
Apache Commons DbUtils 1.x
Apache Commons Digester 1.x
Apache Commons Discovery 0.x
Apache Commons Expression Language (EL) 1.x
Apache Commons FileUpload 1.x
Apache Commons HttpClient 3.x
Apache Commons Imaging (Sanselan) 0.x
Apache Commons IO 1.x
Apache Commons IO 2.x
Apache Commons Java Expression Language (JEXL) 2.x
Apache Commons JXPath 1.x
Apache Commons Lang 2.x
Apache Commons Lang 3.x
Apache Commons Logging 1.x
Apache Commons Net 1.x
Apache Commons Net 2.x
Apache Commons OGNL 2.x
Apache Commons OGNL 3.x
Apache Commons Pool 1.x
Apache Commons Validator 1.x
Apache Commons VFS 2.x
Apache Continuum 1.x
Apache Cordova 3.x
Apache Cordova InAppBrowser Plugin 0.x
Apache CouchDB 0.x
Apache CouchDB 1.x
Apache CXF 2.x
Apache DdlUtils 1.x
Apache Derby 10.x
Apache Directory Studio 1.x
Apache Excalibur 2.2.x
Apache Extras for Apache log4j 1.x
Apache Felix 1.x
Apache Felix 2.x
Apache Felix 3.x
Apache Felix 4.x
Apache Felix Configuration Admin 1.x
Apache Felix Event Admin 1.x
Apache Felix HTTP Service Bundle 2.x
Apache Felix Log 1.x
Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) 0.x
Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) 1.x
Apache FtpServer 1.x
Apache Geronimo 1.x
Apache Geronimo 2.0.x
Apache Geronimo 2.1.x
Apache Geronimo 2.2.x
Apache Geronimo 3.0.x
Apache Hadoop 0.20.x
Apache Hadoop 0.23.x
Apache Hadoop 1.x
Apache HBase 0.x
Apache Hive 0.x
Apache HiveMind 1.1.x
Apache HTTP Server 2.0.x
Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x
Apache HTTP Server 2.4.x
Apache HTTP Server 2.x
Apache HttpComponents HttpAsyncClient 4.x
Apache HttpComponents HttpClient 4.x
Apache HttpComponents HttpCore 4.x
Apache iBATIS for Java 2.x
Apache Jackrabbit 1.x
Apache Jakarta Commons Net 2.x
Apache Jakarta Slide 2.x
Apache Jetspeed 1.x
Apache Jetspeed 2.x
Apache Kafka 0.x
Apache Karaf 2.x
Apache Libcloud 0.x
Apache log4j 1.2.x
Apache Lucene 2.x
Apache Lucene 3.x
Apache Lucene 4.x
Apache Maven 2.2.x
Apache Maven 3.x
Apache Maven Wagon 2.x
Apache Mime4J 0.x
Apache MINA 1.x
Apache MINA 2.x
Apache MyFaces 1.1.x
Apache MyFaces 1.2.x
Apache MyFaces 2.0.x
Apache MyFaces 2.1.x
Apache MyFaces Tomahawk 1.x
Apache Neethi 2.x
Apache Neethi 3.x
Apache ODE (Orchestration Director Engine) 1.x
Apache OFBiz 10.x
Apache OFBiz 11.x
Apache OFBiz 12.x
Apache OFBiz 9.x
Apache OpenJPA 1.2.x
Apache OpenOffice SDK 3.x
Apache PDFBox 1.x
Apache Pluto 1.1.x
Apache POI 3.x
Apache Portable Runtime 0.x
Apache Portable Runtime 1.x
Apache Qpid 0.x
Apache Rampart (module for Apache Axis2) 1.x
Apache Roller 3.x
Apache Roller 4.x
Apache Roller 5.x
Apache Shale 1.0.x
Apache Shiro 1.x
Apache Sling Auth Core Component 1.x
Apache Sling Servlets Post Component 2.x
Apache Struts 1.2.x
Apache Struts 2.x
Apache Subversion 1.x
Apache Thrift 0.x
Apache Tika 1.x
Apache Tomcat 1.x
Apache Tomcat 3.x
Apache Tomcat 4.x
Apache Tomcat 5.x
Apache Tomcat 6.x
Apache Tomcat 7.x
Apache Tomcat JK Web Server Connector 1.x
Apache TomEE 1.x
Apache Traffic Server 2.0.x
Apache Traffic Server 3.0.x
Apache Traffic Server 3.1.x
Apache Traffic Server 3.2.x
Apache Traffic Server 4.2.x
Apache Traffic Server 5.0.x
Apache Velocity 1.x
Apache Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) 2.x
Apache Wicket 1.x
Apache Wicket 6.x
Apache WSS4J 1.x
Apache Xalan-Java 2.x
Apache XML Graphics Commons 1.x
Apache XML Security (C++) 1.x
Apache XML Security (Java) 1.x
Apache XML Security (Java) 2.x
Apache XML-RPC 3.x
Apache XMLBeans 2.x
Apache XMLSchema 1.x
Apache XMLSchema 2.x
Apache ZooKeeper 3.x
Apache-SSL 1.3.x
Hupa 0.x
Jakarta Commons Lang 2.x
Jakarta Lucene 1.x
Jakarta Standard Taglib 1.0.x
Jakarta Standard Taglib 1.1.x
Libapreq2 2.x
Log4net 1.x
mod_fcgid 2.x
mod_perl 1.x
mod_perl 2.x
Mod_python 3.x
scponly 3.x
SpamAssassin 3.x
Subversion 0.x
Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) 2.x
Xalan-C++ 10.x
Xerces Java Parser 1.x
Xerces-C++ 2.x
Xerces-C++ 3.x
Xerces2 Java Parser 2.x
xmltask 1.x

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