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BÝrsen interview with Secunia CEO

11:45 CET, 4th May 2011 By Secunia.

Niels Henrik Rasmussen, Secunia co-founder and CEO is interviewed by Peter Møller Christensen of Børsen – Denmark’s leading financial newspaper – in the article: ‘A well-conceived expansion’ (‘Snusfornuftig ekspansion’). 

In the interview, Niels Henrik Rasmussen discusses how Secunia has enjoyed significant international expansion in the Vulnerability Intelligence arena – originally established on an aggregate investment of DKK 125,000 and without borrowing a penny. He says, "The joy of seeing a company that you yourself have been part of creating, and see it grow, and assume a larger and larger position is what drives me."

Furthermore, Niels Henrik Rasmussen talks about the Secunia story, such as how Secunia’s IT services niche was defined after the dot-com crisis of the new millennium, how Secunia is the only company outside the U.S. working in the field of Vulnerability Intelligence (nine competitors are U.S.-based), and reveals how Secunia is in a prime position for further international growth.

To read the English translation of the complete Børsen article, click here.

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Subject: Børsen interview with Secunia CEO

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