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BÝrsen: Super Gazelle (Danish article)

14:20 CET, 25th October 2011 By Secunia.

In the article "Super Gazelle" Secunia is recognised as one of the few Danish companies that have experienced gazelle growth for five consecutive years – and is, therefore, being nominated as a Super Gazelle in 2011.

CEO Niels Henrik is interviewed on how this growth has been facilitated, and elaborates on the Secunia culture and DNA, “We have from day one tried to build an international DNA into the business”.

Niels Henrik also provides his top five points on how to create growth:

  1. Ensure a clear strategy that is aligned with management and targets,
  2. Think BIG and set ambitious goals with dedicated employees,
  3. Clear focus on doing the right things and not making compromises,
  4. Build a strong performance culture, where development is awarded, and
  5. IMPORTANT – have fun!

To read the article in full, click here.

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Subject: Børsen: Super Gazelle (Danish article)

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