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CIO: Security needs “more informed patching”

13:45 CET, 1st July 2011 By Secunia.

The CIO article, ‘Better Security Needs “More Informed Patching”' draws on findings from the new Secunia white paper 'How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources'. For example, knowing what to patch pays off – implementing an intelligent patching strategy could result in an 80% reduction in risk.

The article concludes that patching is an effective defence strategy combined with other defence technologies. According to Secunia’s Research Analyst Director, Stefan Frei, this is because "Everybody does antivirus protection but we have to be aware of the limitation of those techniques. With a patch you essentially stop this arms race. Once you install the patch, no matter how many variants the cybercriminals push out, you are safe."

To read the article in full, visit CIO online here.

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Subject: CIO: Security needs “more informed patching”

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