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InformationWeek: Password security advice

10:00 CET, 30th June 2011 By Secunia.

In the InformationWeek article, ‘Passwords: Tips for Better Security’, Matthew J. Schwartz talks about how to stay safe in the cloud by setting security policies and processes. One such safeguard is to make passwords more secure by following a few simple, yet effective rules such as not reusing passwords or making them too basic.

Thomas Kristensen, Secunia CSO says, "The best investment you can make is to go out and get a [digital] wallet to keep your passwords in. To reuse your password on different sites is just the worst thing you can do. Look at all of the compromises of websites this year – there's the risk that they'll lose your account, and once your password is out there and associated with your email address, you probably won't know it's been stolen until they've heisted something."

Read the InformationWeek article in full here.

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Subject: InformationWeek: Password security advice

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