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InformationWeek: Secunia’s findings discussed

11:00 CET, 7th July 2011 By Secunia.

The article ‘Do You Play Bug Patch Game Badly’ asks the question: should vulnerabilities be patched according to their severity or prevalence within an organisation?

InformationWeek therefore refers to analysis in the new Secunia white paper, 'How to Secure a Moving Target with Limited Resources'. Averaged over the last six years, Secunia found that patching the top 10 most critical programs remediates 71% of the total risk, whereas patching the top 10 most prevalent programs remediates 31% of the risk.

Secunia’s CSO Thomas Kristensen also talks about prioritising vulnerabilities that pose the highest risk, and also addresses concerns about zero-days.

To read the article in full, visit InformationWeek here.

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Subject: InformationWeek: Secunia’s findings discussed

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