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0-days, Interesting Vulnerabilities, Prizes, and More!

16:00 CET, 5th July 2012 By Chaitanya Sharma, Security Specialist.

The ResearchCast series hosted by the Secunia Research team provides an overview of the past quarter's vulnerability trends, reported 0-days, and a few of interesting vulnerabilities. The Secunia Research team gathers and processes information for multiple sources and sometimes just issuing advisories is not enough to share the information on some vulnerabilities.

We started our ResearchCast series for this very reason, where we can provide more information about what makes a particular vulnerability interesting or who was affected by a specific 0-day. While Secunia Advisories are factual and neutral, the Researchcasts provide a platform for us to, occasionally, express our views.

The last quarter saw a lot of 0-days being acknowledged by vendors and we discuss these 0-days and some very interesting vulnerabilities in this ResearchCast. Along with discussing evolving vulnerability trends, this time we put a twist in it and talk about a change in trend that we would like to see.

Later in the ResearchCast, we disclose some of the prizes we awarded to some researchers, who submit vulnerability reports to the SVCRP program.

For all this and more, please view our ResearchCast on Secunia's official YouTube channel here.


Stay Secure,

Chaitanya Sharma
Security Specialist

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Subject: 0-days, Interesting Vulnerabilities, Prizes, and More!

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