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A new face - The same reliable intelligence

15:59 CET, 5th September 2008 By Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO.

6 years ago the first user visited Secunia...

Now we have more than 5 million annual visitors and 70,000 daily users of the Software Inspector solutions.

Over the past two years Secunia has changed its business significantly and has entered new exciting business areas and missions by utilising the resources and knowledge from our Vulnerability Intelligence.

In 2006 we launched our Binary Analysis service where we provide in-depth vulnerability research spiced with PoCs and exploits to security vendors to help them improve and create IDS, IPS, and AV signatures. Read more

In 2006 and 2007 we launched the revolutionising free tools; Online Software Inspector and Personal Software Inspector as well as the commercial Network Software Inspector, which has changed the way private users and businesses identify unpatched programs and find the appropriate patches. Read more

My mission with the new website is to make it easier to use and that the information is more readily available. At the same time I wanted to bring more focus on our in-house competencies, the Binary Analysis service, as well as the extra verification and research that we conduct to add extra value - not only to our customers, but also to all of our users and the community as a whole.

I hope you all will enjoy the new website.

Stay Secure,

Niels Henrik Rasmussen

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Subject: A new face - The same reliable intelligence

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