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A strategic and financial investor and a new strong board in Secunia

7:01 CET, 19th October 2010 By Niels Henrik Rasmussen.

Dear community, customers, partners, and Secunians,

I am thrilled to be able to announce that today Secunia has joined forces with the Danish private Equity Company Dansk Kapitalanlæg, buying a minority stake in Secunia of approximately 31%. The primary incentive for the partnership is to get a strategic and financial investor onboard to strengthen Secunia’s further development plans.

It is a very positive and natural step in Secunia’s development, and I am confident in the value that both Dansk Kapitalanlæg and the newly elected board will be able to provide to us as a company, as well as to you as customers and community members.

In total five high-profile and recognised individuals will be on the board, counting the following:

  • Jesper Johansen: Chairman of the Board in Secunia and Partner in Dansk Kapitalanlæg - Jesper has the overall strategic capacity and has several years of experience from growing businesses
  • Preben Damgaard: Deputy Chairman in Secunia and Owner of Damgaard – Preben has previous experience with building a partner channel, and a large associated network. Further, he has tried to undergo the transformation of making an entrepreneurial business into a corporate entity, understanding and working with a changing organisation
  • Lars Neupart: Member of the Board in Secunia and Founder & CEO of Neupart – Lars has extensive experience from the industry as well as from starting and developing businesses. He is recognised as a pioneer within the IT security industry and has a valuable network
  • Thomas Zeihlund: Member of the Board in Secunia – Thomas has a strong background within the sphere of financials, contributing in the areas of reporting, KPI development, and business intelligence set-up. He also has experience from companies similar to Secunia, and knowledge about internationalisation and partnerships
  • Niels Henrik Rasmussen: Member of the Board in Secunia and Founder and CEO of Secunia

It should be emphasised that Secunia will remain on the already set track, driven by the same vision, core values, and targets. We are still to maintain close professional relations with our customers and community members, ensuring that Secunia continues as a market-driven company, and we are still to focus on being the number one provider of reliable Vulnerability Intelligence and Vulnerability Management tools. This we will achieve through even better products and services.

Over the last eight years, Secunia has been on an incredible journey, experiencing strong growth and a continued intensified demand from the market; a development that has been recognised and awarded by industry peers such as Frost and Sullivan, stating that “Secunia has outshone competitors”. This is extremely impressive when considering that in 2002 we started as a small entrepreneurial company with ‘only’ our hard work to make a difference and prove the Secunia concept. But we succeeded and have now reached a stage where we are recognised with national as well as international awards; just last week Secunia was able to celebrate ‘HIGH FIVE’ having received five awards recognising Secunia as “unmatched”, having “outshone competitors”, and for its excellence and leadership; awards granted by Frost & Sullivan and Online Trust Alliance (OTA) respectively.

Finally, I would like to recognise that Secunia’s fantastic development is the result of our dedicated customers, our loyal community peers, and the many Secunia employees, who every day do their absolute best to ensure that Secunia is the number one vendor, providing the best solutions and services to the market. To that I would like to say – thank you!

As you can imagine, it is a very exciting day here at Secunia, and I am extremely happy to be able to finally share this news with you.

Stay Secure

Proud Secunian

Niels Henrik Rasmussen

CEO & Founder


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Subject: A strategic and financial investor and a new strong board in Secunia

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taffy078 RE: A strategic and financial investor and a new strong board in Secunia
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is it really only eight years ago that Mr Rasmussen founded Secunia? If so, that's an incredible achievement. Well done . . . . and thank you!

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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