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Announcement of partnership with CERT.PT

16:15 CET, 24th November 2009 By Mikkel Winther.

Secunia is proud to announce a partnership with the Portuguese CERT,

For information in Portuguese, please refer to CERT.PT

CERT.PT translated the Secunia Personal Software Inspector to Portuguese as part of Secunia's big localisation project with the Secunia PSI.

Now CERT.PT will do an effort to ensure that even more Portuguese users  install and use the Secunia PSI. Patching is the best way to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure that you are not open to exploits. Patching is more important than having an Anti-Virus program and a personal firewall. Remember that the criminal needs only one unpatched program - one vulnerability - to compromise the system.

The CERT.PT mission is to contribute to efforts for national cyber security including processing and coordination of incident response, the production of warnings and safety advice and promoting a safety culture in Portugal. Secunia is proud to be able to help CERT.PT accomplish this task.

According to the PSI Worldmap, presently there are 7.454 PSI users in Portugal. CERT.PT and Secunia hope that this joint initiative will make even more users stay secure in Portugal.

It is remarkable that the Portuguese users are some of the most patched in Europe with a Average Secunia System Score of 95.31%, this number expresses the patching level and hence the security level for the Portuguese users.

CERT.PT is the incident response team operated by FCCN - National Foundation for Scientific Computing. FCCN is private, non-profit organization that operates the Portuguese National Research and Education Network, the DNS ccTLD and the Portuguese Internet Exchange Point. FCCN is also a member of the Portuguese Safer Internet Project.

Stay Secure

Mikkel Winther

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Subject: Announcement of partnership with CERT.PT

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