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Blog from Niels Henrik Rasmussen - Change of management at Secunia

8:30 CET, 22nd November 2011 By Niels Henrik Rasmussen .

Dear Secunians and business partners,

Since the foundation of Secunia in Autumn 2002, I have had the privilege of serving Secunia as CEO and have enjoyed our fantastic development over more than 9 years. Since our foundation Secunia has, on a year-on-year basis, grown aggressively in our revenues with a strong and healthy EBITDA and scaled our organisation to more than 140 dedicated employees. We have built a strong strategic positioning and brand, a fantastic technology and offering for our customers, and a strong platform for the further hyper growth of our business.

During the last 6 months I have been on leave for the treatment of my hip, and it has been fantastic to follow Secunia's continuous success during these months. We have a great management team and fantastic Secunia employees. I am thankful for your commitment and dedication!

For me, my leave has also given me the chance to reflect and discuss with the board how we can establish the best possible platform for the further development of Secunia. During this dialogue we have had one single goal: to ensure that Secunia has the best management power for our further strategic development and further upscaling of our operations and organisation.

Our common thoughts and common conclusion was that the best way to ensure Secunia's continued strong growth is to implement the following changes to the senior management of Secunia:

- I, Niels Henrik Rasmussen have been appointed Corporate Executive President and Deputy Chairman to focus on the strategic corporate development of Secunia, strategic alliances, and strategic partnerships.

- Thomas Zeihlund has been appointed Chief Executive Officer to focus on the further development of Secunia's business development, organisation, and sales. Thomas has a strong background within management, upscaling businesses, and finance from NMT Group, Navision, and Telenor. During the last 6 months Thomas has been working as Interim CEO and he has done a great job together with the management group of Secunia. I am thankful for this and our co-sparring while I have been on leave.

The board and owners of Secunia have unanimously supported the proposal, and we are excited to begin our journey and our future endeavours together!

Stay Secure,

Niels Henrik Rasmussen
Founder & Corporate Executive President

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Subject: Blog from Niels Henrik Rasmussen - Change of management at Secunia

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