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Can we get 20 people in nine days?

15:15 CET, 21st September 2011 By Thomas Zeihlund .

As you know, Secunia is a hyper-growth company and we constantly need more colleagues. Right now we are looking for about 20 new employees to be employed in the next nine days – and we are searching for them all over the world. Our new colleagues must be like ourselves: smart people in sales, clever developers, brilliant researchers, and friendly customer people – and we need them now!

To generate awareness of this, we have launched a Facebook campaign – 'Like' Secunia, recommend a successful candidate, and get an iPad2.

I hope that you will help me spread the word in your network by sharing the Facebook campaign. And if you think YOU are the right candidate, please send your CV to us today.

You can also watch our dedicated recruitment video here.

I will make a follow-up blog in the coming month and will hopefully be able to give out a large number of iPads.

Stay Secure,

Thomas Zeihlund
Interim CEO

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Subject: Can we get 20 people in nine days?

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