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Modification of the access to the Secunia Advisories

9:15 CET, 25th April 2014 By Morten R. Stengaard, Secunia CTO.

From Monday, 28th April 2014, we are modifying the access to the advisory information on Secunia’s website, and will therefore ask you to create a Secunia Community profile, to log in to the Secunia Advisories. Access to the Advisories remains otherwise unchanged, and continues to be free.

The change is part of our efforts to consolidate the different types of information broadcast to our users. The overall purpose of the change is to improve our community communication management, and will facilitate your ability to manage and customize the communication you wish to receive from Secunia.

After 28th April, you can access the Secunia Advisories and view descriptions of the vulnerabilities in full, by logging in with your Secunia community profile.

If you are not a member of the Secunia Community already, you can sign up here.
Creating a profile is free, and with the profile you will be able to view the same amount of information that is currently available for the advisories on the Secunia website.

You will still be able to discuss advisories in the Vulnerabilities Forum in our user community on
With your Secunia Community profile, you can also sign up to receive our weekly advisory update that provides a summary of the preceding week’s advisories.

Stay Secure!
Morten R. Stengaard
Secunia CTO

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Subject: Modification of the access to the Secunia Advisories

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