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New Secunia Microsoft Patch Tuesday webinar - March 2011

15:30 CET, 10th March 2011 By Secunia.

The Secunia webinar covering Microsoft Patch Tuesday for March, hosted by Stefan Frei, Secunia’s Research Analyst Director, is now available.

View it on You Tube here.

Each monthly webinar provides a compact overview featuring quick facts, key issues, recommended prioritisation, and background information on the recent Microsoft patches and other significant vulnerabilities.

To briefly recap, for March Microsoft noted that there were only 3 patches for 4 vulnerabilities. However all vulnerabilities are highly critical and consistent exploit code is likely according to Microsoft.

Two vulnerabilities are of the "insecure library loading" type, which has been known since August 2010. This shows that the number of products prone to this type of vulnerability is still growing.

We hope that you find these webinars an easy and useful way to keep updated with the latest patch and vulnerability news.

Save the date: Register for the next LIVE webinar on Wednesday, 13th April.

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