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Secunia & OTA: Avoid becoming a cybercriminal's April Fool's Day joke

11:37 CET, 31st March 2011 By Maria Eriksen Jensen.

No end-user wants to become the victim of a cybercriminal’s April Fool’s Day joke. In fact now is a good time to raise awareness about online safety. There are many users, both private and corporate, who are still unaware of, or maybe choose to ignore, the real threat of a cyber attack whenever they logon, perhaps thinking that it will never happen to them.  The reality is that the increasing threat from vulnerabilities in popular third-party (non-Microsoft) programs and plug-ins by well-known vendors such as Adobe, Apple, Google, HP, and IBM*, can put personal data at risk. However, handling this threat can be both tricky and time-consuming.

At Secunia, we are dedicated to raising awareness and simplifying the process of patch management for both private and corporate users, which is why we created the free Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) for private users, and the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) for corporate users.

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA), whose initiatives we support and work closely with, is also dedicated to helping users become more aware of the threat of unpatched programs, particularly on the potentially hazardous April Fool’s Day. Read the OTA’s list of top 10 recommendations for businesses to help protect their users, employees, and customers from being “Fooled”, here.

Please remember to spread the word to friends and family about the need to patch third-party programs.

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen Jensen
VP Business Development & Marketing

*Source: Secunia Yearly Report 2010.

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Subject: Secunia & OTA: Avoid becoming a cybercriminal's April Fool's Day joke

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I'm on record as always blowing the trumpet for Secunia PSI! It's fantastic and it's free! And your staff who look after the forum are so helpful.

Has Secunia any plans to do deals with e.g. banks so that they promote Secunia or provide links to instal it for their clients (as some already do with Trusteer Rapport)?

taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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