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Secunia PSI - Release Candidate 1

16:24 CET, 18th December 2007 By Jakob Balle.

Hello everybody!

Today is a great day! We have finished several months of development on the Secunia PSI and we are now ready with what we are proud to call the 1. Release Candidate.

Since the very first day we launched the Secunia PSI BETA the feedback has been extremely positive - obviously with the Secunia PSI being the first security solution of its kind, we have also learnt a lot since the initial BETA release.

Close to 180,000 users have installed the Secunia PSI BETA and more than 14,300,000 applications are now monitored. PSI - Live Stats

Among the highlights for this release are:

* Completely re-designed user interface

* Track your patch performance week by week

* Improved user friendliness for less-technical users

* For each detected application there is now a "Toolbox" of features available

* Scan progress and details page

* New PSI application settings

* Secunia Profile

* Detection of even more applications

The PSI Changelog contains the full details.

We hope that you will have a chance to try out this new release and provide us with your valuable feedback!

Secunia PSI RC1:

Best regards,

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager

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Subject: Secunia PSI - Release Candidate 1

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