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Secunia PSI for Android is now available in technology preview

14:00 CET, 27th February 2013 By Morten Stengaard, Director, Product Management & Quality Assurance.

Earlier this week, Secunia launched the Secunia SmallBusiness, a patch management solution for the SOHO/Small Business segment, and today it is a great pleasure to announce yet another new product, the Secunia PSI for Android, which we have just released in technology preview (you can download the app from Google Play).

With the exponential growth in smartphone usage during the past few years, and with the Android platform being the most used operating system with market share of more than 50%, cybercriminals are also beginning to target mobile devices. Reports from several security companies show how the number of attacks targeting Android devices has increased in 2012, (a 600% increase according to Blue Coat, for example) driven primarily by malicious apps, often installed via third-party app stores. Such attacks require that users unknowingly install malicious apps on their devices, but a cybercriminal could also choose to exploit vulnerabilities in already installed apps, such as an internet browser or a social media app with extensive privileges (e.g. that has access to your data on the device or to send text messages).

I therefore believe that it is only a matter of time before we will see the first attacks on Android devices that exploit app vulnerabilities, also because more and more vulnerabilities are being reported that affect these devices. Just last week for example, a new vulnerability was reported in Mozilla Firefox  and before that it was Google Chrome , which is why we have chosen to develop and launch the Secunia PSI for Android. More than 6 million people already use the free Secunia PSI (for Windows) to help them secure their Windows PCs by scanning for vulnerabilities and deploying patches.

The Secunia PSI for Android is available for free in the Google Play store in a technology preview. Our research team has started tracking the most popular apps, and new ones are being added every day. Right now, the Secunia PSI for Android will therefore probably not cover all of your apps, but our goal is to gradually extend the coverage, so that when we release the final version of the product later this year, most apps will be covered and vulnerabilities in any of these automatically brought to your attention.

Please download the Secunia PSI for Android from the Google Play store, and try it out yourself. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post these on the PSI forum or to email us at

Stay Secure,

Morten R Stengaard


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Subject: Secunia PSI for Android is now available in technology preview

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dante2428 RE: Secunia PSI for Android is now available in technology preview
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Last edited on 27th Feb, 2013 15:26
Which countries is this available for?
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E.Jeppesen RE: Secunia PSI for Android is now available in technology preview
Secunia Official 27th Feb, 2013 16:02
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Secunia PSI for Android is available to all countries. If you are referring to languages it is available in English.


RE: Secunia PSI for Android is now available in technology preview
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