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Secunia PSI Reaches Milestone

10:43 CET, 18th January 2008 By Jakob Balle.

Hello everybody!

Late yesterday evening the Secunia PSI reached an important milestone - a quarter of a million users!

To be exact, user number 250,000 installed the Secunia PSI at 17. Jan. 2008, 22:35:21 CET.

250,000 users - that's 250,000 different computers running the Secunia PSI, and we haven't even released the final version yet!

The Secunia PSI has been out for a good 6 months now, first as a BETA and currently as a Release Candidate. Less than one month ago we released the Secunia PSI Release Candidate 1 (RC1), ever since this date things have picked up pace. When we released the Secunia PSI RC1 (December 18) we had under 180,000 users, in less than one month, more than 70,000 new computers have had the Secunia PSI installed.

During the last week a daily average of 3,100 new users installed the Secunia PSI.

So what's next
Within a short period of time we expect to release the final version of the Secunia PSI and needless to say, the final version will continuously be available free of charge for private users.

To extend the user base for the Secunia PSI, localization is one of our primary focuses and we are currently planning on releasing the following localized versions within 4 months: German, Dutch, Danish , French, Spanish, and Italian.

Are you our next partner?
We are seeking non-commercial partners who can help us distribute the final version of the Secunia PSI to end-users. Basically, any partner who can see the benefit in providing their end-users with a free and easy-to-use solution that can help them secure their computers, such as e-commerce sites, medias, offline magazines, universities, download sites, forum communities, etc.

Are you such a partner? Let us know ( and we will be sure to include you in our Secunia PSI partner program.

About the Secunia PSI
The Secunia PSI is a free solution from Secunia that allows private users to map, patch, and secure the software installed on their computers. As of January 2008, the Secunia PSI has been installed on more than 250,000 computers, the Secunia PSI monitors more than 20 million applications, categorised as either Insecure, End-of-Life, or Patched.

The first version of the Secunia PSI was released in July 2007, it is currently in version (Release Candidate 1).

Join the many Secunia PSI users - download the PSI and secure your computer today:

Contact Secunia
Should you have any questions regarding Secunia, this blog, or the services we provide please feel free to contact Secunia support at

Press inquiries can be directed to Thomas Kristensen, CTO via email

Have a great weekend.

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager

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