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Secunia PSI Wins OTA 2010 Excellence Award for Desktop Security

16:48 CET, 27th September 2010 By Jakob Balle.

The Secunia PSI has been recognised for its excellence in desktop security, representing a significant achievement towards enhancing online trust and “a critical component in the arsenal to fighting online abuse and the promise of end-to-end trust” (OTA 2010).

It is the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) that has awarded Secunia, and I am happy that the Secunia PSI receives this endorsement as the Secunia PSI is, and has always been, intended as a tool for the private users to aid in enhancing online trust and their security.

At the award ceremony in Washington DC last week, the founder & president of OTA, Craig Spiezle, shared an anecdote of how he had bought a brand new computer, and when he ran the PSI it showed more than 70 vulnerabilities! His advice to the audience was therefore “make sure that you have the PSI installed”; a claim which I of course fully support.

Considering the enhancements that we are currently working on with the PSI 2.0 Beta, I am confident that the Secunia PSI will find its way to an even greater number of private users, and help them in the fight against vulnerabilities.

Remember to join the Secunia PSI 2.0 Beta if you have not already signed-up.

Stay Secure,

Jakob Balle

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Subject: Secunia PSI Wins OTA 2010 Excellence Award for Desktop Security

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