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Secunia receives 'Frost & Sullivan's Global 2010 Customer Value Enhancement Award'

12:18 CET, 17th August 2010 By Niels Henrik Rasmussen.

I am very proud to announce that Secunia has been awarded with the Frost & Sullivan 2010 Global Award for Customer Value Enhancement, which will be handed over at the 2010 Growth Excellence Awards Banquets on September 14th in San Jose, California.

Frost & Sullivan has based their nomination of Secunia on the contributions of the Secunia Vulnerability Research and Intelligence service, providing an offering that has aided organisations and individuals world-wide to target the issue of vulnerabilities in an easy and effective way.

“Secunia's comprehensive and thorough level of research is unmatched in the vulnerability intelligence community. This has allowed Secunia to uncover the most valuable vulnerability intelligence available.”
- Frost and Sullivan

Further, Frost & Sullivan honours Secunia's vulnerability disclosure policy, and defines us as an industry-frontrunner that has “set the premier example for responsible and secure disclosure and research practices”, which provides “tremendous value for customers, as well as for software vendors and the overall state of security”.

The award illustrates what an organisation is capable of achieving when talented and dedicated people are on-board, supporting the attribution of this award to the outstanding work of the Secunia employees; I am confident that our nomination is the direct result of the fantastic work that the Secunia team carries out every single day.

Bringing great value to our customers is enabled by the efforts of our Research team (and great you are), the development team, as well as the sales and business development, ensuring the quality and usability of the final market offerings and the market-driven approach to operations.

Going forward, I would like to emphasise Secunia's continuous focus on the issue of vulnerabilities, investing in Research and Development to ensure that Secunia's offerings are the best in market and that Secunia maintains the position as the number one provider of reliable Vulnerability Intelligence.

As a final note, I would like to thank YOU, our thousands of customers, loyal partners, the community of researchers, and the PSI users for relying on Secunia's services, showing that these are truly valuable and do make a difference in the fight against vulnerabilities.

Stay Secure & Patch

Niels Henrik Rasmussen
CEO & Founder

To celebrate the award, Secunia offers all companies who are currently using free sources to collect vulnerability information a free 30-day trial of the company’s Enterprise Vulnerability Manager (Secunia EVM).

To request a free trial and download the Frost & Sullivan report, please visit:

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Subject: Secunia receives 'Frost & Sullivan's Global 2010 Customer Value Enhancement Award'

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Friends, thank you for your kind words and especially for your technical support over the last year. I had written a longer, more detailed letter, but it was hijacked by the tormentor who stole my identify. Right now, I am exhausted from the all-nighters and added stress. Much of my email has been intercepted (both sent and received. Thanks again and hoping for the best. The real Ron Hogue

Ron the real
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