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Secunia recognises Comcast’s efforts in raising awareness of online safety

13:12 CET, 21st February 2011 By Maria Eriksen Jensen.

We would like to bring to your attention the great work that Comcast are doing to actively raise awareness about IT security issues. We share the same philosophy: encouraging private and corporate PC users everywhere to keep their systems secure.

Comcast is a leading provider of communication and Internet services in the USA, with 16.7 million high-speed Internet customers. They regularly reach out to communities all over America, promoting the important steps that everyone can take to increase their PC protection. This includes their recommended four security steps for Windows users:

1. Downloading any missing Microsoft security updates.

2. Making sure the customer has some kind of up-to-date anti-virus software running.

3. Downloading and running Microsoft’s malicious software removal tool

4. Downloading and installing Secunia‘s free Personal Software Inspector tool, a program that periodically scans the user’s computer for missing security updates for commonly used third party applications, such as Adobe Reader, Flash, and Java, and QuickTime.

Initiatives driven by Comcast include investing in local community programs and participating in government and school meetings. They are also a member of Project Online Safety – educating parents and children about the importance of online safety.

“Comcast is passionate about helping users protect their computers, themselves, and their families against the dangers of online crime. We are driven to ensure that communities are aware of the small, yet important steps they need to take to achieve this. This is a passion and a drive that Comcast shares with Secunia. We applaud Secunia’s efforts in making the regular updating of software programs automated, unified, and easy to manage, and endorse their Personal Software Inspector (PSI) and Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) tools for private and corporate users.”

- Jay Opperman, Comcast.

For more information about Comcast,click here

Stay Secure,

Maria Eriksen Jensen
VP Business Development & Marketing

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Subject: Secunia recognises Comcast’s efforts in raising awareness of online safety

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