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Secunia Research Launches First Quarterly ResearchCast

15:40 CET, 13th February 2012 By Carsten Eiram.

Today, Secunia Research published a webcast as an introduction to our new, quarterly ResearchCast.

The intention of the quarterly ResearchCast is to spend about 20 minutes briefly discussing the recent quarter's vulnerability trends, reported 0-days, and a couple of interesting vulnerabilities - often disclosing new details uncovered during our extensive validation process. The ResearchCast may also discuss various new initiatives from Secunia Research.

Each ResearchCast is hosted by Chaitanya Sharma, Security Specialist, who may sometimes invite other team members to join the webcast to e.g. explain about a trend, upcoming initiative, or discuss an interesting vulnerability in great detail.

The introductory ResearchCast this time introduces Secunia Research, briefly discusses some of the 0-days and trends for 2011, explains our SVCRP initiative and highlights the 2011 winners, and finally encourages anyone attending RSA in San Francisco to attend the "Is it 0-day or 0-care?" panel discussion if interested in learning more about vulnerability trends.

The introductory ResearchCast can be viewed here.

Stay Secure,

Carsten Eiram
Chief Security Specialist

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Subject: Secunia Research Launches First Quarterly ResearchCast

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