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Secunia Vendor Replacement Program

11:00 CET, 27th October 2011 By Secunia.

As recent Secunia research has revealed, third party programs represent the greatest threat in terms of vulnerabilities. With the number of vulnerabilities affecting a typical PC rising by 71% in 2010 and with third party programs responsible for 69% of vulnerabilities on a typical PC, could your company’s network or any of your friends or colleagues be exposed to this risk?

Secunia is committed to eliminating vulnerabilities and helping our customers stay secure. We are proud of Secunia’s heritage and reputation of being second to none in vulnerability intelligence and vulnerability management.  This hasn’t happened by chance. This reputation has been built on, and supported by, the rock-solid pillars of Secunia: the industry’s best research, an award-winning product portfolio based on unique technology, continual investment in innovation, and trustworthy customer service.

Because we would like everyone to benefit from our history of successful elimination of vulnerabilities and stay secure, we have created the Secunia Vendor Replacement Program. This means that if you decide to choose Secunia as your vendor, we will compensate you for your remaining period with your current vendor, for free, whether three months or three years. 

We are not being arrogant or complacent, or putting any other vendor down; we are simply offering you a choice, which is always good to have, packed with many benefits.  

If you would like to discuss our Vendor Replacement Program further, click here.

We hope to be able to welcome you to Secunia soon and prove to you that you have made the right decision.

Stay Secure,


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Subject: Secunia Vendor Replacement Program

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