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16:50 CET, 12th January 2011 By Maria Eriksen Jensen.

We are pleased to say that we have received a lot of wonderful feedback from you. Many loyal PSI 2.0 users even offer donations. A big Secunia “Thank you” to everyone for these kind words and offers; we appreciate it. We are also delighted to hear that our solution is adding value and helping you protect your PCs against the daily threat of vulnerabilities.

At Secunia, we are committed to the cause of eliminating vulnerabilities and helping our private users worldwide benefit from enhanced security, for free. Therefore, instead of receiving donations for the Secunia PSI, we would appreciate that you “contribute” by raising awareness of the dangers posed by insecure programs and plug-ins, by spreading the message about the need for updating insecure programs to your friends, family, and colleagues. That is the best reward we could wish for.

Stay Updated, Stay Secure.

Maria Eriksen Jensen
Business Development Manager


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Subject: Spread the word

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IrishLad5150 RE: Spread the word
Member 15th Jan, 2011 04:08
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Last edited on 15th Jan, 2011 04:08
I have used PSI for a year now and I love it. The only thing it has shown bugs with is Java updates but what dosen't LOL.

James Mac
MSCE,CCNA,Security +, A+
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p_noot RE: Spread the word
Member 15th Jan, 2011 18:19
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It's much easier to keep a LINUX OS secure, but with PSI its also safe to use Microsoft Windows. But what about vulnerabilities without a solution, I asked myself when I had such a problem under Microsoft Internet Explorer? I decided to turn these vulnerabilities on or off on demand, using a LINUX live disk. I now have a 100 % Secunia score. I turned off the functionality of IE, so I have no insecure browser. My browser Firefox is in the green. I hope, in the future, it is possible to turn unsolved vulnerabilities on or off on demand from within PSI, without the need for a LINUX live disk. My Windows 7 computer is safe. Many thanks for PSI, it is a great tool!
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