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Take a tour of Secunia

11:40 CET, 12th October 2011 By Thomas Zeihlund.

Secunia is currently in the process of a considerable scale-up to support our continuous growth – something that I have had the pleasure of communicating to you on several occasions. In times of financial turbulence on a global scale, this is something unique, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise as striving for excellence, exceeding milestones, and growth are all part of Secunia’s DNA. And growth will continue to be placed high on our agenda.

It is impossible to ‘bottle’ our dynamic corporate spirit and hunter environment, however we have created a brief introduction to Secunia video so that you can get a ‘taste’ of why Secunia is unique; and why working at Secunia is both challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

Take a guided tour with Secunia’s Founder and CEO Niels Henrik Rasmussen – watch our corporate video here.

As always, we are interested in brilliant individuals who constantly want to raise the bar and make an impact in their fields. If you or someone you know share our vision of being second to none and want to be a part of the world’s best vulnerability research and intelligence, then visit our careers page and get in touch today.

Stay Secure,

Thomas Zeihlund, Interim CEO

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Subject: Take a tour of Secunia

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