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Your security: 1 in 5 applications are not patched!

14:53 CET, 21st December 2007 By Jakob Balle.


Data pulled from our freely available Secunia PSI shows that users have a 1 in 5 ratio of Insecure applications installed on their computers!

"More than 20% of all applications installed on users PC's have known security flaws but the user have yet to install the patch provided by the vendor of product"

The 1 in 5 ratio/20% is based on the first scan of more than 14,500,000 actual applications installed on end-user computers. It is not a number taken out of thin air nor generated by a marketing department.

On the 18th of December we launched a new, revised, and much improved version of the free Secunia PSI, which makes it much easier for both novice and expert users to patch their computers.

We invite you to try it out today or during the upcoming holidays (it is a less than 500kb download). Get an assessment of your applications and use the direct download links and advice provided to patch and secure your computer.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to bring the security of your computer to another level.

Secunia PSI

Merry Christmas everybody!

Jakob Balle
IT Development Manager

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Subject: Your security: 1 in 5 applications are not patched!

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