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About Secunia Forums

The Secunia Community Forum is the place where Secunia users and community members can share knowledge and discuss on topics such as - patching, product updates, vulnerability threats, exploits, and anything that is IT security related.

Forum handlers

Secunia officials can now promote selected users to become a “Handling Contributor”, a title which provides administrative privileges, such as the ability to move and close threads, as well as increased voting power.

Replies - relevancy score

Users can vote on replies with a positive or negative value, marking them as either relevant or irrelevant. An irrelevant post would be hidden/minimised by default, with the ability to display it at a click of a button. The votes that replies receive, will count towards the user's total vote score (Ranking), which in turn determines the user's title.

Member titles

Users will now have a title based on the vote score of positive/negative votes he/she has received. Higher level titles will allow a user to pass out more votes on a single reply to give the reply more value (a higher relevancy rating).

New Member Title: (New) Member
Badge color: Green
Requirements: 0 - 100 votes AND less than 1 month of membership
Vote Power: 1 vote
Member Title: Member
Badge color: Light Green
Requirements: 0 - 100 votes AND more than 1 month of membership
Vote Power: 1 vote
Contributor Title: Contributor
Badge color: Yellow
Requirements: 101 - 500 votes
Vote Power: 1-3 votes
Dedicated Contributor Title: Dedicated Contributor
Badge color: Orange
Requirements: 501 - 1500 votes
Vote Power: 1-5 votes
Expert Contributor Title: Expert Contributor
Badge color: Secunia Red
Requirements: 1501+ votes
Vote Power: 1-10 votes
Special titles
Secunia Official Title: Secunia Official
Badge color: Secunia Red
Vote Power: 1-100
Ability to administrate threads
Handling Contributor Title: Handling Contributor
Badge color: Secunia Red
Requirements: Specially promoted by Secunia
Vote Power: 1-25 votes
Ability to administrate threads
Security Researcher Title: Security Researcher
Badge color: Blue
Vote Power: 1-5 votes
Vendor Title: Vendor
Badge color: Blue
Vote Power: 1-5 votes
Statistics page

Various forum statistics such as: Most discussed products: Will show the most active product entries in the past 10 days, based on the number of ALL posts for that certain product. Top 10 hot threads: Will show the most active threads within the forum, in the past 10 days User rankings: Will show the top 10 forum users, including ranking and score

Login popup

When creating forum threads/replies/quotes a HTML login window well appear immediately, without navigating away from the current page.

Accept answer

The user who created a forum threads can select a posted reply as an accepted answer. The result would be that the forum thread will be marked as locked/resolved and the author of the selected reply will have their ranking increased by 5 votes.

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