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fallachan I want to remove InterActual Player 2.x
Member 12th Aug, 2011 17:18
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InterActual 2.x has suddenly appeared as an insecure program on my latest Secunia scan. I've no idea where this program has come from, and I am sure that I don't need it.

I would like to get rid of it, however it doesn't appear in my 'add/remove programs' list so I can't delete it from there.

I have these two files:

C:\Program Files\PCFriendly\ITILANEN.DLL (InterActual Player
C:\Program Files\PCFriendly\syscheck.exp (InterActual Player

I noticed from another thread that there is a link to a version 2.70 (email, month & year of birth, post code details etc. are required to proceed to the free download!) although the scan result shows as 'No direct download link available'

What is the best way to remove these files if I can't do it from 'add/remove programs'? Any help would be much appreciated.

I use windows XP.

mogs RE: I want to remove InterActual Player 2.x
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There is a free upgrade available here :-

.......and more info about the prog. at Wikipedia here :-

If you still decide you wish to remove the files shown in psi : you will see a + sign alongside both files in Scan on that and you will see two folder icons....If you click on the right hand one ,without the dot, Explorer will take you to the file....which you can right click on and delete.
If you then carry out a full scan you should find the vulnerabilties gone.
Hope the foregoing is of some help.......regards,

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