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MP3 Rocket PRO 2.x

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swbono Incorrect patches
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The above Specific Program MP3 Rocket PRO 2.x should not specify the version number on it since the version changes after they update the software. Currently I am at version 6.1, and obviously it will change when updated, and Secunia is still indicating 2.x, when it should patch the current version of MP3 Rocket PRO.

In 1997 to reload the current version of MP3 Rocket PRO software, the folks at MP3 Rocket emailed this address, can this address be used to incorporate patches to MP3 Rocket Pro?:

After executing the above http: the software loads the current version of MP3 Rocket PRO.

Please email me if any questions.....

Thank You,
Stephen W Bono

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mogs RE: Incorrect patches
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Firstly, please note that it is inadvisable to show an e mail address on an open forum if you wish to avoid spam in your inbox.
Secunia psi monitors products for vulnerabilities : updates do not always contain security fixes.
If you are saying that you have a completely different version to that currently being monitored by will need to suggest it for monitoring. That you can do by clicking on Scan Results in psi 2 .....then on "Are you missing a program".(Top right above Detected Instances ) That will bring up a panel to fill in to suggest . Please be patient.
Having checked the Advisory for MP3 Rocket Pro 2.x.....there seem to be no vulnerabilities for the product outstanding.....see here :-

Hope the foregoing is of some help.......regards,

Edit......reading thro' your post again......could it be that you now have two versions of the program....but only the older version showing in psi Scan Results ?

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swbono RE: Incorrect patches
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Hello, Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions, and I will omit my email address from now on. When I try to use your suggestion, it keeps asking for a version number, and that can change the next day, and I thought that patches are just like updates to these programs. There is MP3 Rocket which is free, and I purchased a life membership to MP3 Rocket PRO, and the current version is 6.1.

Thank You,
Stephen W Bono
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