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mexicanw Auto-update - Preferred language
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I'm using the latest version of PSI 2.0 on a Windows XP Pro 32-bit and Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I would like Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird to be updated in French instead of the default language English. I saw in this forum several threads mentionning a "Preferred language" box in auto-update settings (when I double-click on a program name in the results list). This drop-down menu never appears in PSI whatever the program I selected.

Any ideas?

Anthony Wells RE: Auto-update - Preferred language
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Bonjour ,

My PSI on XP is set to Auto-Update with prompt . My Ff 6.0.2 display is not currently offering/displaying (AU) in the "Install Solution" column on the rhs of the Scan Results page . As there is also no (AU) offered in the splash window (doble click entry) there is no language selection offered , the two are interlinked/dependent .

I do not know when the AU was removed from my Ff display , it definitely used to be there ; however , I never use it as it is much less hassle to update using Firefox's internal updater found in the browser's Help menu ->About Firefox .

Both the vendors and Secunia tend to agree that where possible using a/the/any programme's internal updater is the preferred/first choice solution when updating (for any reason) .

I am not using T'Bird atm , but on checking my Google Earth and Chrome displays which offer AU facility , there is no language selection offered for either of these programmes .

We will need to wait for support to comment on whether this is a "normal" turn of events or not ; if they do not respond tomorrow (CET) you could draw their attention to the problem by emailing them at .

Take care

A bientôt .



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