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This user no longer exists Somehow I managed to break PSI...
Member 5th Dec, 2011 20:22
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I do not know how, but the splash screen gets stuck on 'waiting for data to load...', with some other text flashing so quickly I cannot read it.

In order to restore functionality, a full uninstall and re-install is required.

I believe it something particular to my system, and I realize that no-one is probably able or willing to help, I just thought I would mention it.

Thanks for reading.

mogs RE: Somehow I managed to break PSI...
Expert Contributor 5th Dec, 2011 20:53
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Your post seems somewhat ambiguous to me........are you saying that you have managed to resolve the problem by moving from psi to ...the latest version ? Or are you somehow still using 3003......incidentally, I always found that version more dependable.
If you are still having problems...have you checked your settings/configurations here ?

Hope the foregoing is of some help........regards,

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