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gwcrim Problems with Google Chrome and Google Earth
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I run Secunia on three machines, all with Windows 7 updated. Secunia, on scanning two of the machines, continually shows Google Chrome and Google Earth running and earlier version of the programs than are installed and show giving an end of life message for both programs. This has been going on for several weeks.

mogs RE: Problems with Google Chrome and Google Earth
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It is not usual for Chrome updates to remove the previous version/file at update.
Therefore Secunia still detects the presence of the older until removed.
Your post is under the heading of CSI and not PSI.....but the removal of the vulnerable files is what you need to achieve.....
For instance.....from what I can see.....Chrome Stable is at 15.0.874.12.....any versions earlier/ detected, can be removed.
Once you have deleted, you should be able to rescan to find all in order.

Hope the foregoing is of some help......regards,

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