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ECB_user Secunia Community Profile <unregistered user>
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Configuration > Secunia Community Profile > Recover Existing Secunia Profile. No returns confirmation to my mail.

Secunia PSI ( show me:

Secunia Community Profile <unregistered user>

Anyone else have this problem.?


mogs RE: Secunia Community Profile <unregistered user>
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The following seems to be the latest regarding the issue on the forum :-

Thank you for contacting Secunia Support.

We currently have an issue with the Recover Profile feature in the PSI so you may not be able to use that feature at the moment.

Please note that registering the PSI is not required and will not affect its functionality in any way.

Kind regards,

Emil Jeppesen
Secunia PSI Support"

I have asked for an update on the issue internally but I currently do not have any ETA on when the Recover Profile feature will become available.

Feel free to post on the community.

Kind regards,

Emil Jeppesen
Secunia PSI Support"

The above is a copy extract from the following recent thread :-

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