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mogs Potential risk
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I've just run MBSA and have a potential risk.....there being found unexpiring passwords on user accounts.
In the ways to remedy panel, there is a Caution that lists three accounts that should not be meddled with, as it can result in breaking system; and beneath that, the method for rectifying. I'm a little confused.
I'm presuming the parameter was set prior to purchase.
Any help/advice......thanks.

Just thought it worthy of possible note.....I have run psi following the above....Scan.all okay......just that a panel popped up....which I've never noticed before...." something 'bout Error removing psi shortcut ".....about the same time as Verifying Internet.....which obviously proceeded okay.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Potential risk
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I would not worry too much about that aspect as a home user - it is more for IT professionals managing workgroups/stations.

That part of the report always gives me a very bad write up on my monthly check. I permanently run in full admin mode without a log on password.

Mrs Microsoft is not keen on that but so be it.

Hope this helps.


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mogs RE: Potential risk
Expert Contributor 14th Jan, 2012 23:37
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Thankyou very much Maurice ! Very comforting indeed....just before I retire for the night !

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